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Meet Pint-Sized Badass Morgan King, America’s Weightlifting Champion

arm trimming sleevesProduced by Biel ParkleeWith her blonde locks, pleasant smile, and pint-sized stature (she’s all of five feet tall), Morghan King looks pretty sweet and harmless. The 106-pound Olympic weightlifter from Redmond, Washington, however, can lift nearly double her weight. If that’s not totally badass, we’re not sure what is. King, who trains at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, first came to the sport in 2011 after trying CrossFit for the first time and fell in love with it. Just five years later, she’s headed to compete in her first-ever Olympic Games this summer as part of Team U.S.A. “I love the perfection of the sport,” said King, 30. “It’s a never-satisfied feeling because you can always improve your performance.” Here, the Lululemon Elite Ambassador and Rio-bound weightlifter talks about the moment she realized she could actually be Olympic-status good, the music that motivates her, and who she is most excited to meet at the Games this summer.

arm waist trainer What was your first major victory that made you think you might be really good at it?I won my weight class in my first Nationals in 2013, putting me on the World Team that year. I had been lifting for under a year and I knew if I kept at it, I could be great.

How many hours per day do you spend training, on average?On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I am in the gym about six hours over the course of the day, and that doesn’t include seeing my physical therapist and doing recovery. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are only three-hour training sessions.

What’s your pre-competition ritual?This year I took up meditating—it really helps to have a constant positive self-talk. Most of what makes great athletes is the confidence that they see in themselves.

Do you have any good luck charms or something you always bring with you when you compete?I wear the same bra, underwear, and socks since I first started competing. I also have started to bring good luck charms from my grandparents that have passed to remind me that I always have someone up there looking out for me.

What songs do you like to listen to as you train?I am all over the place when it comes to music, I love everything. I am on a kick of Coldplay’s new album while snatching—it helps me relax, while Sia’s new album helps to get me motivated and pumped for clean and jerk.

Olympian you are most excited to meet?I am the most excited to meet the entire U.S.A. women’s soccer team, and I’d also love to meet the women’s gymnastics team. To be completely honest, I just want to meet everyone on Team U.S.A.

FCC Wholesale Bikini votes permitting some tv producers to buy even more TV areas

FCC Wholesale Bikini votes permitting some tv producers to buy even more TV areas

WASHINGTON The lingerie china U. Ring. Federal Landline calls Commission the best performer 2-1 in Thursday to reverse a 2016 decision that restrictions the number of television set stations a lot of broadcasters can find.

The decision can result in a possible Wholesale Bikini Wholesale Bikini approval by Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc of Tribune Networking Co, a lot of Democrats in Congress explained.Tribune would not discuss virtually any tie up, nonetheless said within a statement the FCC decision „will provide the important fascination of localism by permitting broadcasters to raised serve the communities.

FCC Leader Ajit Pai said this individual plans to look at a new think about the current total limit regarding companies employing stations section no more than 39 percent of U. Nasiums. television home-owners.Democratic FCC Commissioner Agente Clyburn recognized the personal election a „huge treat for the purpose of significant tv providers with diligent dreams of all the more consolidation. in She explained it „will have an instantaneous impact on the purchase and sale of television set stations. in

Meredith Corp spokesman Art work Slusark explained on Wed night the political selection „may curtains during the chance for much more approval options… We are going to generally considering adding top quality real estate to the transmitted stock portfolio.Within guidelines implemented in 85, channels with weakened over-the-air signs could possibly be partly measured against a broadcaster’s property limit. Nonetheless a year ago, the FCC within Democratic Director Barack Obama stated many guidelines had been antique following your 2009 change to digital transmitting, which will eradicated right after in channel transmission durability. This suspended the control in Sept. 2010.

We have a dispute much more than whether the FCC has the pro to redact the 39 percent control limit.

The 2016 decision did not will need any company to supply existing programs, but can easily bar acquisitions. Twenty-First One hundred year Fox Use in September challenged the FCC hidden knowledge in the court docket.Reuters reported in Marly that Sinclair had recognised Tribune to discuss a potential combination, which may possibly hinge regarding regulations keeping yourself relaxed.

Wholesale Corsets


Two sexy lingerie supplier thousand bras equaled one bust.

A Queens man was arrested yesterday on charges of selling Wholesale Sexy Underwear $80,000 worth of hot Victoria’s Secret brassieres (as modeled by smokin’ Eugenia Volodina, right) on eBay.

George Tutaya, 41, of Rego Park, used various eBay seller names – including beautiquest, bestfordivas shopforless2 – to allegedly peddle the 2,000 bras. The brassieres, which retail for $40 to $80, were snapped up by buyers for as little as $25.

“Excellent and fast shipping!” one of Tutaya’s unsuspecting customers raved on the Web site.

“Great eBay seller, wonderful to do business with,” cooed another in rating Tutaya, who received a 100 percent approval nod from his clients.

A source said Tutaya didn’t steal the bras himself, but got them wholesale from a professional shoplifting ring.

When cops raided his home, they found business records linking him to the 2,000 sales – along with another 650 frilly bras worth $26,000.

One of Tutaya’s neighbors said he was shocked to learn of the shenanigans.

“He went to work every day. That’s when I’d see him and say hello,” said the man, who wouldn’t give his name.

The neighbor said he didn’t know what Tutaya’s day job was, and that the suspect and his wife, who are Hispanic, spoke very little English.

“My first inkling [of trouble] was when the cops were here, and they told us they were looking for stolen stuff sold on the Internet,” the man said.

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