Networking events: hate them or love them, they are a necessary part of life as business professionals. They let you meet like-minded people and make meaningful business connections; they may even get you a much-needed job or contracts.

With the potential benefits of networking, few of us plan ahead and think about how we can make the most of the opportunity. But below are fivetips that successful networkers use to connect and impress at business events.

Be True To Yourself

Thissimply means don’t try to be someone else. You will need to know your potential in order to be present, otherwise going to a networking event will be useless for you. Besides, you are the best person to represent you, no one else qualifies. No one can represent you better than yourself. Which means if you are on a path and know who you are, know your brand, and want to get started marketing yourself, networking is the next step.

Plan Your First Impression

Plan this first impression carefully, know that first impressions are very important, and you only get one chance to present yourself as you want the people you meet to remember. Keeping in mind that you don’t need to be decked out in your best suit or dress, but present yourself professionally. After all, you never know who you are going to meet. Show up with nothing less than the best version of you at each event.

Keep Business Cards Separated

Put the ones you hand out in one pocket and the cards you collect in another. If you mix your business cards with the ones you receive, you will end up shuffling a deck before long. This gives people the wrong impression that you are an indiscriminate and serial collector of business cards, and that you are disorganized.

Show Interest

So you have made the connection with those you would like to do business with, and everything is going great, they know about you, you know about their business and what challenges they face. Be sure to focus on the business professionals you meet, asking thoughtful questions, doing this gives you information to develop a strategy to work with them. Networking means that you value the person you are talking with, and you show a sincere interest in them rather than promoting yourself.

Follow Up

The is one strategy that needs to be implemented to attract the kind of clients you want to work with. The professionals that you connected with at the event need to hear from you. If you are not following up, you are not networking. Again, do not wait to be contacted, get those emails out. Stay in touch with any potential clients for future business dealings, which means work for you.

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Let’s face it; It’s never easy to stand out above the competition but having a unique and well-designed business card can give you, and your company the edge it needs. The following tips will help you create a new business card that will amaze anyone lucky enough to get it;

Keep it Simple

You might want to use an uncommon material for your business card. Although this may certainly be memorable, bear in mind the realism of your chosen medium. People usually write additional details on business cards such as where they got the card. This is much harder to do on metal and even wood.

Make it Readable

If you have a lot of information to display, you may be tempted to reducethe size of your text. Small texts often look readable onscreen but turn into a faint smudge when printed. Also, don’t forget about the font, keep it simple and professional and don’t be tempted to use the Comic Sans or a detailed calligraphic font which is impossible to read.

Decide on your Concept

Your brand values can be turned into a business card design by considering the customer you are trying to impress, and deciding on what would tell the story of your business to that customer. Your images, textures,and colors should all be consistent with your currentmarketing materials, and all these should be right in agreement with the brand values that distinguish your business from everyone else.

Include the Right Info in the Right Place

A lot ofpeople take a business card and put it in a folio or Rolodex after admiring your awesome design. Therefore, most designers will recommend that you include vital information on the front of your business card, and use the back of the card to give it some flavor.

Color Choice

It’s smart to keep your business cards consistent with the rest of your company’s branding. If you have company colors, use them. Obviously, if you don’t have any particular color scheme to work with, you will have free reign on your business cards. However, be careful to choose complementary colors because clashing colors can look unprofessional on a business card. If you are in doubt, use an online color matching tool.

The Visual Content

For business cards, it’s true that pictures speak louder than words. While you need to have content written on the front side of the card, think about saving the back side for something more visual. Maybe you could use the space to display a picture of your product, or something related to your business. Otherwise, put your company’s logo on the back of the card. Whatsoever you do, do not leave it blank. It’s often said that people don’tusually look at the back of business cards, but that’s just not true.

Break Away From the Usual

For many businesses, one of the main challenges of designing cards is coming up with something original. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to break away from the standard and create something truly outstanding. In essence, your business card has to be unique. However, the first impressions last and you’ve got seconds to ensure that the first and lasting impression is positive.The above tips will help you get a well-designed, unique business card, which is a fantastic way to make a strong impression.

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Things to do in Entebbe

Entebbe town has got a variety of interesting sceneries and waters of Lake Victoria almost surrounding the whole town to make your visit to Uganda a memorable one. Entebbe town has a very interesting history.

You can visit places like;

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC)

In UWEC you get see beautiful animals rescued from and learn about the Uganda Wildlife Education Center, This sanctuary has three ecosystems for rehabilitating different animals. It was opened way back in 1952 by colonialists, and this sanctuary rehabilitates chimpanzees, cheetahs, baby elephants and primates like varvet monkeys, plus avian species like giant kingfishers and African eagles. This center has a herbarium with approximately 250 plant species commonly found in most Ugandan homes. Teaching on their medicinal properties, UWEC justifies the African wildlife education and gives other services like on site accommodation for business conferences.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Have yourself relaxed for leisure and beautiful evergreen sceneries at Entebbe Botanical Gardens the oldest botanical gardens in Uganda, A clear view to Lake Victoria with a variety sections such as eagle owls, view of hornbills, marabou storks and a rainforest zone where they shot the first ‘Tarzan’ movie and long tailed cormorant on the shores of the lake. Watch Squirrels, varvet monkeys and black and colobus monkeys in the trees neighboring the lake. Have a glance at pretty birds such as red chased sun bird and orange tufted.

Visiting Sesse Islands

Discover the Sesse Island in Lake Victoria, get to see water surrounding you from either sides yet standing on a dry land, how breathtaking this sounds. Beautiful islands counting to 80 small landmasses surrounded by lake Victoria, These Islands have got different water activities like swimming in safer sites because the lake has dangerous animals such as crocodile and hippos, can go fishing. And explore off water and go trekking in the forests, tasty our tradition yummy foods from the restaurant. Watch the sunset at Sesse island, take a picture of the beautiful climate color the sun creates when setting at the lake shores.

Visit the reptile Village

The reptile Village was established in 2003, and now it protects approximately 50 critters signifying some of 20 species such as cobras, skinks, boom slangs, tortoises and monitor lizards. And here you can always take a very close glance at very dangerous reptiles like crocodiles, deadly snakes, chameleons and Lizards and the most poisonous snake in African ‘Gabon Viper’. Experience pythons and chameleons just in your hands only at Reptile Village Entebbe. This conservation is for rare reptiles. Want to have a visit to this historical site.

Entebbe Golf Club

Funs of Golf and players, Entebbe Golf Club is the most beautiful and calm golf course with the great History of way back in 19th century. You may carry your own gear if you wand but rental gears are always available on site. Their restaurant has a record in serving the best traditional fish specialties.

Things to do in Jinja

Jinja has got many amazing activities to make your Safari or Vacation a memorable one. You can do activities like River rifting and tubing, Stand up and paddle boating on the River Nile, Kayaking and Canoeing, Boat tours, Source of the Nile Speke monument (Historic site) and visit the Itanda water falls, Griffin falls, enjoy ATV,,4WD and off road tours, Nature and wild tours, Horseback riding tours, visiting the Nile reptile park and get lto see amazing tortoises, visiting game and entertainment center, Adrenaline and extreme tours, source of the Nile museum, Bars and clubs, Gift and specialty shops. Just imagine how fun this is.
You can’t afford to miss out this fun.

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