GT-6150 Single Channel Rework Station

GT-6150 Single Channel Rework Station


  • Highly compatible features, compatible with various type of soldering tools, utility model with multiple functions.
  • Max Power is 150W.
  • Big silicone buttons operate comfortable and reliable.
  • All kinds of parameter data and information in the form of graphics display with its large graphic display.
  • Can automatically recognize the soldering tools that you connected and upload the corresponding parameters.
  •  Provide quick three groups preset temperature parameters to simplify operations.

AT937 50W CNC Soldering Station

    MCU controlled temperature calibration with PID system equipped.
  • Imported heat-resistant materials heater with long life.
  • The heater using low voltage AC source to ensure the antistatic and no leakage, no interference.
  • Steady temperature setting with 200~480℃.
  • Rapid heating-up.
  • Legerity handle suitable for long time operation.
  • Unique temperature locks setting to avoid adjusting temperature.
  • Using split design, easy to place.

All you need to know about towbars

A tow baris a tool joined to the chassis of a car for towing, or anynose gear aircraft. It may take the shape of any tow ball to let articulation& swivelling of a tow pin or trailer, or a towing hook with a trailer hoop, frequently used for big or farming vehicles where slack in the swivel pin lets similar actions. Another type is the towing pintle used worldwideon military vehicles.Towbarsplay a very important role in towing vehicles

In Brisbane the vehicle attachment is called as the trailing hitch. Theyare available in two main designs:fixed-drawbar and receiver type. Receiver-type hooks be composed of a portion whichsteeds to the frame of the vehicle which has a backward -facing opening and accepts hitch mounted accessories, detachable ball mounts, hitch bike racks, or cargo carriers. Towbars Brisbane have fixed-drawbar hooks which are normally built as one piece, have joined holes for the trailer balls, and are usually not well-matched with aftermarket hitch equipment.

In towbarsnerang, the ball fixes to a ballmount. Fixed-drawbar-type hitches have joined ball mounts while theReceiver-type hitches utilize removable ball mount. The ball mountsshouldfit the SAE hitch class. In a receiver-type hitch theballmount is a square bar whichfixes into a receiver fixed to the vehicle. Removable ball mount ispresented with adjusting drop or rise to adjust changes in the height of the vehicle & trailer to offer for towinglevel.

To safely tow the rightarrangement of vehicle & trailer should be attached with proper loading vertically &horizontally on the tow ball. Towbar Installation suggestion must be taken to prevent problems.

The vehicle mounting for tow balls is termed as tow bracket. The fitting points for all latest passenger vehicles are stated by the vehicle manufacturer & the tow-bracket company should use this mount points & prove the efficiency of their support for all vehicles by a greatest rig-based fatigue trial.

Towbars Gold Coasthitches are evenextensively used in pickup trucks &big size SUVs for numerous purposes. A front-mounted hook can hold extra truck equipment for instance fishing / hunting equipment, snow plows,front mount bike carriers, step plates, winches, and more. It evenlets thechauffeur to temporarily manoeuvre a trailer with improved visibility in any well-located place. Front trailer hitch isdirectly mounted to the frame of the vehicle to guarantee a reliable joining. Front hitch isnormally prepared with normal size receiver tubes to hold a range of hitch mount gear.

For more information about towbarsnerang, please visit TowbarsCoomera.

Elektrické vozíky pro seniory a handicapované

Rodinná společnost se zabývá zakázkovým dovozem, prodejem a renovací elektrických skútrů, mechanických vozíků a kompenzačních pomůcek pro seniory a handicapované. Společnost zajišťuje také servis elektrických skútrů a půjčovnu elektrických vozíků (Skutr bazar).

Top tips to buy towbars

No matter how frequently you tow a vehicle, you need to be assured your towbar can do the task. The team at Advanced towbarsnerang, are skilled installers who offer quality fixtures to all vehicles. knowledge matters while fixing the suitable towbar.
Decide if a tow bar is your best choice. For few Recreational Vehicle owners, the installation of tow bar works best, though you could in addition choose to tow your car using a towing dolly. Although a towing dolly supports your vehicle on two wheels, the towbar will pull your vehicle on all 4 wheelers.
If your vehicle can be pulled with all 4 wheelers down, after that the tow bar will be your best choice. Attaching your tow bar normally calls for modifications to your vehicle, however, you can’t attach a tow bar to a vehicle under service contract.The universal cost of both dragging approaches is rather similar, so it boils down to your selection aside from needs as a Recreational Vehicle owner.
Before you confront the problem of fixing a tow bar, you’ll expect to assure that your preferred towing vehicle could transfer your numerous other tons. Depends on exactly what your towing vehicle is, that car will have a different weight control, in addition to it is important that you’re aware exactly just how much load your huger automobile can hold. TowbarsCoomera deals in all kinds of towing tools.
If you can’tfind your owners guide book for what ever reason, you canalso turn to your conformity authorisation tag, which is placed somewhere near the door of vehicle driver mostly. If you can’t find this tag, try inspecting near your door sill. It should appear when you open front door of your vehicle.
Advanced Towbars offers mobile towbars fitting services for those who cannot get to the workshop. Just contact them, and their staff will coordinate to get your towbar fixed at your home or office. They even visit nearby areas.
Whether you require a routine towbar fitted or an extra automotive fixture, they are here to guide you. Towbars Gold Coast also offer help with personalised towbars or new towbars. No work is too difficult. Their staff will gladly talk over all possible fittings and parts your trailer will need.
Choose a towbar installation style. After choosing a tow bar design, you’ll be struggling to locate either a car-mounted towbar or motor home-mounted tow bar. Ensure that you have all the required security &safety equipment for towing.

For more information about mobile towbars, please visit Towbars Gold Coast.

AT852D Hot Air Rework Station

●Closed-loop and MCU zero crossing design for achieving fast heating-up, accurate and stable control.
●Knob control and LED display make work easy.
●High power diaphragm pump with high pressure make it suitable for various nozzles.
●Patented heater for obtaining fast heating-up and extending lifespan.
●Intelligence cooling system and deferred power-off function to extend hand piece lifespan


kerui alarm

Soldering iron

freewing rc airplane

fms rc airplane

dynam rc airplane

skyflighthobby rc airplane

100W Intelligent & Lead-free Soldering Station

● Smart recognition of working or non-working status.
● Automatic standby, shutdown with smart time setting.
● High quality silver alloy heater to achieve quicker heating-up
● Temperature locking.
● Beep alarm function available.
● Temperature read out in ℃ and ℉
● MCU controlled temperature calibration.
● Simulate bar indicating heating up status.
● User-friendly menu enables system setting easier.
● Separate iron stand to save room and to make easier deposit.
● New design with LCD display screen making control visualization.
● Buttons(1,2,3) for pre-setting or switching frequently used temperature.
● Low-voltage heater separated from power supply to keep soldering work safer.
● Soldering tip designed separate from heater and using 
● Exchangeable AT800 series to save use-cost.

kerui alarm

Soldering iron

freewing rc airplane

fms rc airplane

dynam rc airplane

skyflighthobby rc airplane

Advantages of using towbars

Action towbar is a critical safety thing. If you are unfamiliar to towing enroll and try a course on towing. These are easily obtainable either from private teaching providers or from the camping clubs and major caravans.

Make sure that the towbars Nerang is free from grease and clean if you are using a friction stabilizer. Any paint must be taken out from it before you use it. Be careful while hooking up. Make certain that the connection head is rightly locked and located on the tow ball and that the separate cable is fastened. Check that all of the trailer lights are functioning correctly. Don’t let electrical cables to creep on the floor.

If towing anything bigger than your car make sure you have long mirrors fixed on both sides of the vehicle to make sure you have both sides clear view down. Make certain weights are firmly tied down and even the weight is uniformly spread across the load. Make certain that on both the towing vehicle tire pressures and trailer are right.

A detachableTowbarsBenowacan be separated from the vehicle if it’s not in use, to maintain the beautiful look of the vehicle. The towing ability even called as the cargo, is the heaviness of load you can lawfully tow. This info can be obtained from your vehicle manual. If you are skeptical about the towing capacity of your vehicle talks to your area installing Partner.

With attachable systems, the towbar needs to be fixed when required so that it does not detract from the appearance of the vehicle. Automatic systems are recognized for being simple to use. To join the tow bar, it needs only be added into the receiving tow and it automatically gets a lock. When the tow bar is not joined, it can be collected in the boot of your car, for instance. Another benefit of this system is that you can fasten the tow bar using this integrated locking system.

All the towbars are available with the fasteners and full assembling instructions. Assemblage times stated are only for guidance and will depend on the vehicle condition and the experience and capabilities of the expert gathering the towbar.

Towbarsareparticularly developed for estate cars and trucks. The width and height of these are flexible, making them applicable universally. As a choice, you can opt for either the ball or open-end towbar. Towbars are developed in close collaboration with the automotive industry to make sure they fit all make and model of vehicles. They are extremely economical, user-friendly, & flexible.

For more information about mobile towbars, please visit towbarsnerang.

The amazing benefits of beard oil

With a vast majority of men turning to beards over the past few years, the significance of beard oils has increased incredibly! Today over 60% men believe that a quality beard oil can get men what they deserve – machismo and the alpha male beard vibes!

But what exactly is it about a beard oil that men love so much? What can it do to you?

Let’s find out!

Gets rid of itchiness

Beard oil is used by millions of men out there for one very important reason – it helps them get rid of the itchy feeling during the initial stages of growing a beard. The process is hard, somewhat but worth it with your good pal – a beard oil.

Bye bye patchiness!

Patchy beard is a common problem for men on their journey of growing a beard. Patchiness can not only lead to an incomplete looking beard but a rather shabby one! This happens due to unhealthy skin surface and facial hair follicle system. Beard oil is packed with all the nutrition to ensure follicles don’t act up and force you to withdraw your decision of growing a massive beard.

Your best friend during summers

During summers, along with pollution and grime deposition in your beard during your everyday hustle, sweat starts accumulating in your beard as well. This gives you a shabby and “smelly” personality. Beard oils are packed with not just nutrition but also natural fragrances. This ensures that during those hot summer days you can be at your best, no matter what!

Wooing the ladies!

An undeniable fact – women love men with a full-grown beard! We cannot keep stressing enough on this fact. What a beard oil does is that it provides you a base or a foundation that will help you grow the beard of your dreams. A fuller, manly beard is something women love, which can be achieved with the help of a beard oil.


Beard oil is not just another beard care product, it has innumerable benefits to it. You just need to take that plunge!

Happy beards to you!


GAIL activities in Uttarakhand

GAIL (India) Ltd. gave its support for the renovation & reconstruction of abundant buildings/public utilities that upgraded living standards not just for a family or individual but for the entire villages where the projects were carried out.GAIL India was awarded on 1 Feb 2013 with the status Maharatna, by Government of India.

In terms of the instructions declared by the Public Enterprises Department, GAIL has shared a yearly budget of 2 percent for CSR activities of the last year’s profit after tax that is effectually used for wisely selected programmes. Publicly informative programmes have been accepted in GAIL later its start in and around the regions bordering its main work centers under the TSP/SCP Plans.

Across the world, the corporate sector is positively responding and compelling itself for doing business with accountability towards Environment &Society which leads for a global movement, known to cooperate social responsibility. CSR project in Uttarakhand is associated with practices such as Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) that impacts the sustainability of Society &Business as an integrated system.

„Empowering women empowerment in Uttarakhand economically as well as educationally is the key intention of the policy which they have conceptualized for their welfare,“ informs the secretary women’s commission of state-the panel that is helping the creation of the devoted strategy for the welfare of women. Guaranteeing women property &land ownership privileges and offering them lawful protection against sexual harassment &domestic violence are few of the main features of a devoted policy for women soon to be devised by the government of Uttarakhand.

In Uttarakhand, Non-Governmental Organisations and Non-Profit Organisations are a part of welfare & social development of the state citizens. The best NGO in Uttarakhand has been working actively for legitimate welfare activities and social development programmes of rural & urban societies. NGOs in Uttarakhand are contributing to charitable issues &Social development organized by welfare groups. NGOs in Uttarakhand are forever ready to help to work for the betterment and upliftment of the kids, Social awareness, Development of women, Education, and other purposes.

In 2013 several individuals died near temple because of the natural Kedarnath disaster. The misfortune was that the individuals who died were largely devoted, devotees. They came on a visit to give respects to their favorite God, Shiva, without realizing that it would be their last trip and their breaths would be destroyed in the anger of Nature. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was considered a tool for incorporating environmental, social, and human development anxieties in the whole value chain of corporate businesses.

For more information about CSR project in uttarakhand, please visit rehabilitation work in uttarakhand.

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