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Compared to wearing sexy clothes for dolls

We will use this article to discuss why you should allow your husband to buy real sex dolls. This article will also show you how to avoid sex dolls from negatively affecting your relationships. When you are not ready, you can replace your man. First of all, when you do not want to have sex, have no time, are sick or pregnant, sex dolls can provide a good choice. Allowing your husband to have a sex doll can prevent him from cheating you. People must wonder why? In a sense, sex dolls mean sex, ready to obey and satisfy. Studies have shown that men ’s partners are more likely to wander when they are sick, pregnant or away from home because their sexual needs are not being met. Therefore, having a husband with a sex doll can greatly reduce the chance of cheating. Because when your husband wants to have sex, sex dolls can meet his needs. It also prevents you from being deceived.

Men often dream of having sex with another woman, and having sex with another woman … she may be the date of his predecessor, or some other woman having sex with him. There is no need to see a psychiatrist, because men often imagine having sex with a new woman, but this does not always mean that men now have no feelings for their girlfriends. Fantasy can excite sex. It is not wise women to ask men for fantasies during sex. If jealousy is just because a man fantasizes having sex with another woman, it is a stupid woman.

Hair is an important aspect that needs to be organized and maintained well. You need to keep it clean, silky, not tangled and look like real girl’s hair. You can also give her different hairstyles as needed. Compared to wearing sexy clothes for dolls, this requires more work, but can make a difference. Real girls spend a lot of time on makeup, usually you do n’t have to do this for dolls, but using simple water-soluble cosmetics can actually improve the life of dolls, just like dolls.

From the perspective of many customers, life-size sex dolls with heights of 150 cm and 166 cm are the most popular. Because they are closer to the height of real women. These tall dolls are imitations of fully developed women, so they usually have perfect body curves. Customers can think of them as life partners or girlfriends. If you do not look at them carefully, it is not easy to distinguish them from real people.

TPE sex dolls

Sex dolls will not destroy your marital relationship. If you go to prostitution to meet your sexual needs, it is deceiving your wife. It makes your marital relationship discordant. But there is no all sex dolls. It is an object, not a real person. It can bring you happiness without deceiving your wife, so it will not affect your relationship.

Many women increase the number of bed calls when they have sex. Because they know in depth that men like to conquer, men also need to learn to “repay” and report their performance in time. Women are eager to discuss skills with their partners. Obviously, there is no single-sex skill applicable to all women, so communication between the two parties is very important. However, it is a little difficult for a woman to take the initiative to speak out her requirements, so the patience and understanding of the man is very necessary to guide her to speak at an appropriate time. Even if this may damage his self-esteem, the man should not overreact. After all, it takes a lot of courage for a woman to do this, but this is the first step towards a harmonious sex life

Large buttocks help pregnancy and childbirth. The female forms a curve with a 45-degree angle to the rear of the buttocks, and the pulse axis will have a backward curve with a certain angle. This angle can help women to bear more weight during pregnancy, move more flexibly and reduce back pain. Because women with such curves have a higher percentage of successful pregnancy and childbirth, the gene can be retained and developed, so after a long period of evolution, men usually prefer women with hips raised.

Closed eyes, pensive beautiful woman. In your spare time or leisure time, close your eyes and sit still, what would you think? Imagine having sex with a beautiful woman or a woman you miss so much that you cannot even imagine specific details. Although this daydream is fictitious, it does increase the secretion of androgens in the body and makes less movement of sex-related organs, thereby greatly improving the quality of life. Sexual sensitivity.

Sex dolls have become more and more realistic, styles have become richer and smarter, and people can customize sex dolls according to their preferences. More and more people joined the team of doll collectors. According to our statistics, half of the customers have more than one true love doll. People are increasingly welcoming sex dolls.

A recent survey revealed that one in four Americans admitted that they were willing to have sex with robots. At the same time, if there is a chance, one-third of American adults will date robots. Another survey of more than 2,000 sexually active Americans over the age of 18 found that many people were satisfied with the idea of ​​robot companionship. As technology advances, human porn stars are often replaced by sex dolls and “virtual actors.” People’s minds are becoming more and more open, and people’s choices are becoming more and more diverse, not limited to real people.

The good news is that silicone sex dolls cleaning is a relatively simple process, with good results in about 10 minutes. Moreover, if you want to enjoy your love doll at many lively meetings, then time is worth it.

TPE sex dolls

Admittedly, the factor that affects women ’s psychological satisfaction is that the size of the penis is the same as the height of the man, which is an important factor that affects the attractiveness of men to women. Get more and more unfavorable. The higher he is, the bigger the penis is, the more attractive it is. But as it gets higher and higher, there is less attractiveness for women, and neither the height nor the size of the penis are attractive for men. Women are emotional animals and value the atmosphere and emotional connections of the sexual process, such as foreplay time, stimulating sexual contact, sexual skills and sexual time. Too big a penis can also increase women’s sense of pain, leading to a discordant sex life.

Brown is 64 years old and his wife died of stomach cancer 10 years ago. In the past few years, he has tried to live with other women several times, but it is difficult for everyone to maintain because of his personality, property or children. Last year, he stumbled upon a simulated sex doll. This cute sexy TPE doll looks a lot like his young wife. Brown feels that his wife is back in his life, so he bought her house and he does n’t need to look for reality. Life is now broken up, Angela is the one, there is no family conflict and quarrel.

If a couple live together for a long time, how to meet sexual needs? If you can meet once every two or three months, you can use zero deposit and one-time withdrawal. When you are not together, you need to communicate more, which may be psychologically gratifying; when you are together, you can have more sex. For such couples, you should appropriately reduce sexual stimulation on the day you are unable to reunite. Because of sight, hearing can make a person’s sexual tension significantly increase in the short term, men are particularly sensitive, reducing the chance of sexual impulses, and can also maintain the level of sexual desire in a moderate state.

Using a condom can help you save a lot of cleaning troubles, although you should not forget to rinse her with a little water to remove the lubricant. For those who do n’t want condoms to maximize their happiness, you must take care of your tpe sex dolls ’s vagina. Rinse ball foam cleaner is ideal for cleaning dolls. You just need to sit her up and insert the cleaner, the rest is done by gravity.