Erik Asla: five Things To find out About Tyra Banks’   Boyfriend

Erik Asla and Tyra body shapewear Banking institutions are new parents to a beautiful selecting! The few surprised everybody when Tyra announced these were parents, yet we’re all questioning – who will be Erik? This 5 factors to know regarding Tyra’s guy! Congrats to Erik Asla, 51, and Tyra Banking institutions, 42! The couple made welcome a baby son via surrogate, and wish so content for the brand new family. Read the first picture HERE! However, you may questioning who Erik is and what he is up to. Have no dread! Here’s five key things need to know regarding Erik!

1 ) He’s Norwegian

! We how to start much regarding Tyra’s partner, but all Latex Waist Wrainer of us do know he could be from Norwegian. We have to state, Tyra’s online dating one scorching man!  

two. He’s a photographer! 

When he reached Los Angeles costume manufacturer , this individual was employed as a picture assistant to renowned professional photographer Herb Ritts, according to his site. On his Tweets account, this individual describes himself as a „photographer, father, dreamer. “ This individual adorably captioned an Instagram photo launching the birthday of his boy, „Witnessing the dawn of life is potentially life’s finest gift. inch

3. His work continues to be published in countless mags.

His photos have been released in mags such because Allure, Bazaar, ELLE, Glamour, GQ Sydney, Interview, The brand new York Instances Magazine and Vanity Reasonable. What a resume! All of us bet this individual loves Tyra’s smize!

four. He’s been dating Tyra for over two years.

Back in September. 2015, Erik and Tyra had been online dating for over 2 yrs. Tyra and Erik possess wanted to begin a family, and she battled with male fertility issues prior to Tyra and Erik made welcome their boy via surrogate.

Jedinečná ochrana pro oblečení

Každý z nás si potrpí na pěkné a stylové oblečení. O tyto kousky se třeba patřičně starat, aby si zachovaly svou barvu, hebkost či tvar. Nejběžnějším procesem čištění je praní. Tento způsob už znali i naši předkové. Věda se ale posouvá dál a každý den přináší nové poznatky.

Technologie, která fascinuje stále více lidí se nazývá nanotechnologie. Používají ji v mnoha odvětvích a dostala se i do textilního průmyslu. Nano impregnace textilu a obuvi s sebou přináší mnoho výhod. Skvrny od vína, kávy, bláta a jiné fleky jsou minulostí.

Po nanesení nano ochrany se na povrchu vytvoří velmi tenká, neviditelná nano vrstva, která zajistí jedinečné a předtím nevídané vlastnosti. Ošetřený povrch bude odpuzovat vodu, oleje a jiné tekutiny. Ochranná vrstva zabrání nečistotám, aby se navázaly na vlákna textilu a tím se i na první pohled zažraná špína jednoduše odstraní. Jelikož je povrch chráněn neviditelnou vrstvou, nezmění se na pohled, dotek a jeho prodyšnost zůstane také zachována.

Nano impregnací textilu se dají ošetřit pouze dostatečně savé povrchy, které jsou schopny do sebe nasáknout potřebné množství impregnace. Kde všude se dá nano ochrana použít?

1. Impregnace oblečení (kabáty, bundy, šaty, rukavice, košile, kravaty, sportovní kombinézy).
2. Impregnace textilních a semišových bot.
3. Impregnace čalounění v autě.
4. Impregnace bytového textilu a látek (polštářky, koberce, ubrusy, sedačky, čalounění).
5. Nepoužívejte na nylon a na podobný hladký umělý materiál.

Už víme, na jaké povrchy je vhodná Nano impregnace textilu. Nyní si jmenujme, jaké výhody získáte použitím tohoto produktu:

1. Naimpregnovaný povrch bude odolný vůči vodě, olejům a jiným tekutinám.
2. Vlákna vašeho oblečení nebo látkového příslušenství jsou chráněny neviditelnou nano vrstvou.
3. Textil změní své povrchové vlastnosti aniž by změnil vzhled nebo prodyšnost.
4. Na povrchu textilu se vytvoří efekt lotosového květu.
5. Životnost impregnace je dlouhodobá ve srovnání s běžnými produkty na impregnaci textilu.
6. Impregnace je UV stabilní a odolná vůči běžným pracím prostředkem.
7. Ušetříte čas a peníze v podobě menší frekvencí čištění a snížené spotřebě pracích prostředků.
8. Díky nižší spotřebě čisticích prostředků a menší frekvencí praní přispíváte k ochraně životního prostředí.

Z výše uvedeného je zřejmé, že nanotechnologie v sobě skrývá mnoho výhod. Nano impregnaci textilu najdete v nabídce společnosti NanoProm. Na výběr máte různé objemy. Vyzkoušejte tento inovativní produkt a užívejte si výhody, které Vám nabízí.

Je me souviens quand je m’attendais à un pétrolier montre guess

Mais pourraient-ils couple du moment burlesque relativement souffrir un debout expérimenté? Je me souviens quand je m’attendais à un pétrolier montre guess , l’un des derniers frères et sœurs à employer une entreprise, comment faire la différence entre un vrai sac Guess et un duplicata. La formule d’un individu? Les principales discussions de modèle de logiciel de Guess se rapportant à nouveau, prêt maintenant pour la valeur. Avec la classe de la marchandise réelle le particulier celui qui détient peut-on distinguer si elle est réelle.

Je m’assure que lié à l’indication de votre prochaine prochaine fois que je choisis un équilibre ayant honorable et chic limité aren mutuellement! Je parle du sanctuaire associé aux conditions étaient connus. J’ai sur la punition carrément quelques sac guess noir malgré le fait que je me réjouis d’eux et donc être confirmation de situation raisonnablement personnelle, Ils semblent soutenir et en plus ces sacs à main qui étaient ensemble de ménage synthétique naturel.

Un joli vêtement jaune, montre guess blanche femme actuel ou quelques Manolos peut bien augmenter votre confiance en soi, mais il Il n’est pas nécessaire que le costume vous aide à blesser vos sentiments Presque tous étrangers Vous pouvez éventuellement trouver des suggestions Utilisé, touches de finition essentielles naturelles attachées aux atours, Pour élever tous ces sentiments sur les vôtres, De plus, tout est lié à gâter, Exactement là où l’apparence des vêtements, les lunettes de couleur ont tendance à être un must, puis pas cher élégant ne pas oublier d’effectuer. https://www.letsbuildtomorrow.com/montres-guess.html

Issues to Remember When Giving Clothes As a Present

Clothing is among Cheap Shapewear Cheap Shapewear the most well-known gifts that individuals give for all those kinds of events. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas, baby showers, you name it and also you might be enticed to give somebody an article of clothing of some kind for almost any one of those events. There are a few things should bear in mind when you do provide apparel or accessories because gifts to ensure that the person you are providing them with to to actually be able to utilize them.

Before you purchase Cheap Sexy Clothes really personal items of clothes for somebody, like under garments or nighties, you really need to become on a fairly intimate basis. Items like these types of should really just be given to a spouse or perhaps a partner or sweetheart, unless maybe you have a boy going away to college in serious require of a few new boxers!

For anyone otherwise Cheap Shapewear you might desire to give issues sweaters, t shirts or even pants, you must know the actual sizes to provide and an understanding of their particular taste in clothing is generally a good thing to find out too. If you opt to give a product like individuals to somebody, the best thing to accomplish is retain it simple. Buying simple designs in solid colors implies that it will have simply no weird style or printing that they will could actually dislike. Keep the product sales receipt in case they need to come back it since it does not match or they will still simply do not enjoy it. If you are going to provide personal things like clothing to get a gift, be ready to be upset unless you are absolutely sure they will like it. In case you are gifting somebody with a particular hobby like cooking or painting, aprons or smocks can be a wise decision.

The best components of clothing to provide as presents to people that you will be not really sure about are basic things that many people may always use. Basic t-shirts, clothes, hats and gloves, jewelry, sweatshirts, connections and issues of that character are usually great gifts specifically for Christmas or occasions that occur throughout the winter time. They are everyday attire items that everybody uses and may be purchased in solid colours that they will not very likely object to. When you go to the problem of providing someone a present, you want to be fairly sure it really is something they are going to use which the trouble you went to as well as the money you devoted will not be for free.

Mens Clothing — How To Retain it Casually Professional?

Oh summers are nearing really fast, wholesale Christmas costumes Cheap Shapewear don’t you believe so? It truly is high you start your summer time preparations that wont make repent later on. A big change in time of year also provides with this some unease and doubt. Right now most likely confident with the clothing that you put on to work – that trusty dark blue your reliable overcoat, those black Derbies and blazer. However, it is time to modify according to the raising temperatures and humid climate conditions. Does it scare you to finish up from the safe place?

This post Cheap Sexy Clothes discusses just how you is going regarding the conversion from the chilly to the sizzling and yet retain it subtly stylish with mens clothing on the.

Sophistication Cheap Shapewear could be the virtue

Classiness in other words can also be referred to as performing the most basic of most things (ofcourse not talking about mens under clothing here). You mustn’t over-think regarding obtaining the content articles of mens clothes correct. You require not really purchase clothing to conserve to get your workplace anyhow. Therefore, what ever you purchase, select something which may be worth the cash and also the put on. Simply by efficiency the options, happened just make this easier upon yourself however there’s a few confidence that is included with simplicity. The clothing content articles that talk about simplicity, versatility and classiness work plus they always will certainly.

Let us right now look at the items that’ll allow you to spend a comfortably stylish summer months at the office.

1 . Personalized pieces

Perhaps you have ever clubbed your match jacket including other person pair of trouser? That’s exactly what calls for ‚professionally casual‘ dressing. These are the keys towards the guy’s important success. You mustn’t spend a great deal in fits as they are costly and inquire to get high maintenance as well. Try to purchase sets apart. For instance, a navy blue blazer, a few middle gray pants and maybe some thing within a pattern this type of as Royal prince of Wales check or a chalk stripe to exhibit that summer’s a time to get play, not only work. What things to say? Are you able to think about another thing?

two. T-shirts

Launched connected with summers, this gets extremely important happened just obtain the match right however also the colors. You have to feel happy with what you put on and not unpleasant. Having joy in your head may lead you to peppy colors or pastel shades that are perfect for the months. You can look at everything from reddish and blue to yellow-colored and lilac. Pair these a style textured natural tie and jacket. In fact you can also try to do the particular opposite from the. Try to obtain a design t-shirt in materials like natural cotton, madras, bed linen or chambray that provides a nice contact to your professional dressing. Remember in the event that they possess a strong pattern or colour, stage them with a good neutral connect.

3. Trousers

Denims may be a must have for all your males. However, you ought to stay with basic solid trousers instead of choosing adorned or shimmery pairs. However, you may also choose beige chinos. They may be flexible and might enhance your Oxford white-colored t-shirt or other things. In the event that this appears a little bit too much from then on, invest in a group of darker chinos in dark blue, olive or brown. Most likely even have all of them in bed bed linen – the material drapes amazingly well and, if you acknowledge the wrinkles, can appear even better because the day continues.

4. Sneakers and add-ons

If you are planning to fetch a few new pairs of sneakers, they have to become suede. The style can be anything at all from Derby to shoes. You must also choose instructors that are extremely much a occurring point nowadays. Vehicles or Speak, choose whatever you prefer.

five. Mens under clothing

The last however, not the least of all the clothing content articles for men is usually their mens underwear. You have to opt for breathable and exposing pairs of apparel styles such because men’s thong underwear or bikini below garments that retains you comfy day-in and day-out.

Zahia Dahar’s Lacy, Racy World

“If I’m sad, it’s impossible to think about pretty things,” Shapewear Tank Tops says the eveningwear and lingerie designer Zahia Dehar. “If I’m not feeling good, my job takes longer.” So, in the interest of productivity, Dehar, who is 21, has transformed her atelier on Paris’s Rue François 1er, just down the street from Christian Dior, into a resolutely cheerful place. The parlor, where she receives couture clients and displays pieces from the four collections she has thus far produced, is outfitted with heart-shaped pillows and chairs, and carpets meant to look like puffy clouds—all of them Dehar’s designs. The walls are trimmed with giant bows. It’s less a buzzing hive of garmentos than a Barbie Dream House. “I live the dreams now that I had when I was a little girl,” she tells me in a breathy coo.

On the surface Arm Shaper , Dehar’s life looks very “pretty princess”: She spends three hours each morning getting ready for work, her big blonde hair and dramatic makeup professionally done. Her eyes are so enormous and doe-like that the temptation to frame them with extravagant false lashes is impossible to resist. Business casual for her is a circulation-threatening pencil dress from Prada, Victoria Beckham, or Dolce & Gabbana, paired with stilettos. Her two dogs—Enzo, a German spitz, and Miyuki, a shih tzu—accompany her everywhere she goes. At her spring 2013 show, she traveled down the runway for her bow in a horse-drawn carriage framed by a heart-shaped garland of flowers while petting a newborn lamb. “Sometimes I still think I am 6,” she says, laughing. “Except my body has changed.”

Her body did indeed change, and that’s when her troubles began. Dehar was born in a small town in Algeria and moved at age 10 to France with her younger brother and mother. Obsessed with glamour, Dehar was out on the town as soon as she was able to fill out a micromini, snaring suitors with belly-dance moves she’d picked up from campy Egyptian films of the ’70s. By 16, she was a fixture at posh clubs around the 8th arrondissement and was charging wealthy men thousands of euros for her considerable charms. And then, in 2010, just after her 18th birthday, she was busted in an underage-prostitution sting that nabbed several high-level players from the French national soccer team. (Prostitution is legal in France, but only if both parties are over the age of 18.) Threatened by the police with deportation to Algeria (a country not known for its kind treatment of “fallen women”), Dehar became known across France as la scandaleuse.

It’s easy to understand how one might barricade oneself behind hearts and furry animals after such an ordeal. But Dehar did not get where she is now—set up in a 6,500-square-foot office; enlisting Karl Lagerfeld, Ellen von Unwerth, and Terry Richardson to shoot her look books; posing for David LaChapelle and Pierre et Gilles; about to launch a ready-to-wear lingerie line meant to compete with Agent Provocateur—by playing My Little Pony and wishing for a brighter tomorrow. No, she has managed her situation quite ably. To begin with, after one painfully honest interview with Paris Match in April 2010—she spilled about being bought “as a gift” for the 26th birthday of her former client, the soccer star Franck Ribéry, and added that he was “neither particularly gallant nor well mannered nor even very nice”—she disappeared for more than a year. “I just hid out and cried all day and thought, What has become of my life?” she recalls.

Then, as many a scandal queen has done before her, Dehar hired a lawyer and began to plot her next move. “I couldn’t get a normal job, because what could I do? Take a meeting and have people say, ‘Oh, look, it’s you!’?” she says. So rather than fight her household-name status, Dehar used it to propel the fashion dreams she’d nurtured since childhood. Her pitch was to combine risqué designs and a desire to “help women who want to have fun with their bodies” with the know-how of respected couture ateliers like Jean-Pierre Ollier and Eric-Charles Donatien. Through her lawyer, she netted a Hong Kong backer, who wishes to remain anonymous. After a year of development and securing her artisans, she was ready to launch her first collection.

American readers should forget about how post-scandal rebirth is done in the United States. Dehar issued no empty “How did you get my sex tape?” denials, nor did she attempt to blanche the carnality from French minds. (This is a country, after all, with a centuries-old courtesan tradition.) A far, far cry from Monica Lewinsky’s chaste little handbag line, Dehar’s debut collection included bra-and-underwear sets made to look like very revealing gift-wrapping. She’s also designed feather-trimmed G-strings, abbreviated see-through peasant tops, and rafia baby-doll dresses meant to suggest, she says, that “the woman was naked, rolling around in hay, and the hay stuck to her body.”

Dehar’s own body, meanwhile, has been front and center from day one. Thanks to a magazine spread in which she wore skimpy Chanel looks, Karl Lagerfeld came calling. He was so struck by her story, and her figure—which is astonishing, with a habitually arched back and a J. Lo–worthy derriere—that he agreed to shoot her first look book. Though he is careful to mention that he has nothing to do with her designs, he has said that he finds her “extraordinary,” in the spirit of a Coco Chanel or courtesans like Liane de Pougy or Belle Otéro. “Only a doll comes close to the shape of her body,” says Ellen von Unwerth, who photographed Dehar’s fall 2012 look book. “She is very clever and knows very much what she wants.”

After her first couture show, Dehar was the subject of an in-depth documentary, Zahia de Z à A. In it, she models pieces for some highly revealing photo shoots—just as she does at the end of her shows, when she comes out as the bride. Dehar creates each look for herself first, then adapts it for fit models. “I can judge best what I think is pretty on myself,” she says.

Though Dehar will not reveal her client list, actresses like Emmanuelle Béart and Béatrice Dalle have turned up for her shows. Vintage-fashion king Cameron Silver is so taken with her work that, this fall, he’s carrying her pieces at his Los Angeles emporium Decades, where members of Dehar’s team will be on hand for fittings. “We’re so Puritan in America, but it’s not like she murdered anyone,” Silver notes. “And this is not a vanity project; there’s far too much investment and work involved.”

Indeed, Dehar’s attention to detail is impressive. Many of her designs—like a bustier dress made to resemble a stack of pleated cupcake wrappers, with “frosting” covering the breasts—are as clever as they are over-the-top. A pastry-themed group from fall 2012 gave rise to a capsule ready-to-wear lingerie collection, which launched this summer at the Parisian boutique L’Eclaireur in a space designed to look like a pastry shop. Cake-shaped minaudières, latex “whipped cream” pasties, and other wearable confections were sold alongside their edible inspirations. “It’s fun to have women ordering cake and lingerie from the same place,” Dehar says.

Fun indeed, but running an honest-to-goodness business is not a piece of gâteau, especially with Dehar’s preening needs making her chronically late. “I don’t go out much anymore,” she confesses. She has no boyfriend, and “on the weekends, I prefer to stay at home with my dogs.” But in spite of this comparatively low-key setup, Dehar is happy—a very important factor, after all, in the bottom line. “I may be more restrained now in my personal life, but doing this work really makes me feel free.”

Males Underwear — What to Opt for?

When it comes to clothes, or ought to that end up being, underwear especially, the question is what you should go for.. in the event that anything at all that is.

Sure, you can go o, comm and but after a while that’s going to end up being seriously sore after some time and generally there can’t be several things worse than being organic down under, therefore really, you have no choice but to decorate something.

Therefore.. boxers, briefs, hipsters, slacks? So much choice in style, style therefore many different makes. Individually I’m a boxers kind of man, but , hey, not all people are the same, and what functions for one might not be comfortable another, and exactly who am i actually to argue.

There are numerous different makes/brands out generally there as well, perform you go developer or high-street, expensive or cheap? Well, i guess that depends on your finances, but is certainly buying a pricey pair of boxers, for example , actually going to end up being significantly much better than a cheap set, i mean, they will both the actual same work and, except if someone will probably see all of them, and Now i am assuming right here that just for ninety 9 percent people that’s a simply no, then I simply don’t view the point.

After that there the just plain incorrect Cheap Shapewear, the type that, definitely no one inside right brain would significantly wear.. yes, i mean you, Mr Ergowear, look at the site below and you should see the reason. How anyone could in fact wear these products is outside of me- revealing, look, irritating to this! Its said to be, I guess, ergonomically designed, yet is it bejesus! You didn’t want to wear these under anything at all, could you!? In fact, thinking about it, and I’ve believed long and hard, simply no pun designed, about it, i’d rather risk the organic, commando seem as mentioned in the beginning of this article than the usual piece of material designed to display my, of course, non-existent addendum.

There are, obviously lots of various other weird and wonderful styles out generally there from Waxx, great name by the way, have got a you know what you’re intended to before placing these beyond, to Gregg Homme and on. And, eventually, each to there very own, if the designer that you simply after a wide options are out generally there for you, other than, from my extensive analysis of course , can not expect to find anything at all too useful, mind you, not really everyone considers like me and wants functionality i guess.

Information parfaites idées de tenues de soirée abordables pour les jeunes

Dès le plus jeune âge, on enseigne aux jeunes enfants des conseils sur la façon d’être à l’aise avec le style. Cela transpire consciemment et inconsciemment. La leçon consciente prend place lorsqu’ils regardent la télévision, leurs mères et leurs pères les emmènent faire des courses, les habillent pour les événements et font de minuscules corrections et recommandations sur leur façon de s’habiller. L’élément inconscient prendra l’emplacement à partir des observations qu’ils font sur le chemin, le type et la manière de l’habillage de leurs parents qu’ils ont tendance à reproduire. Quoi qu’il en soit, les robes de soirée pour les juniors sont très courantes aux Etats-Unis et même dans d’autres pays du monde.
Robe cocktail courte devant longue derrière en satin
À l’heure actuelle, c’est une réalité que l’enfant moyen comprend beaucoup mieux la mode que ce que ses parents savaient quand ils avaient son âge. En tant que tel et afin de ne pas être considéré comme naïf, chaque parent devrait savoir quelques choses au sujet des robes pour les juniors. Il n‘ y a pas de déclencheur d’alarme d’autre part; le sujet est assez facile après tout, ce n’est pas de la science des fusées. Certes, les jeunes enfants jouissent d’une grande liberté à l’heure actuelle que ce qui était réalisable auparavant, mais il incombe toujours à la mère et au père de veiller à ce que les jeunes soient habillés de façon responsable et à la mode. C’est certainement le point le plus crucial à prendre en compte quand on parle de robes cérémonie pour les juniors.
Il y a de nombreuses robes de soirée disponibles pour les juniors; vous pouvez les découvrir dans les boutiques de votre communauté et chez les détaillants de vêtements en ligne. Cherchez le bal de fin d’études, les robes de bal pour fin d’études, les robes de rentrée et les catégories junior robe de demoiselle d’honneur et vous allez rapidement rétrécir le tableau. Renseignez-vous auprès de vos amis et des membres de la famille o proposez des détaillants réputés; leurs recommandations vous aideront beaucoup.
Maintenant, il est temps d’opter pour l’une des plus précieuses robe de soirée. Vous devez penser à la forme du corps, au teint de votre peau ainsi qu‘ à d’autres choses lorsque vous regardez le type de robe flatteur. Êtes-vous actuellement clair au sujet de sa silhouette? Savez-vous quelle est la silhouette qui lui correspond le mieux ? Parlons-en effectivement entre nous.
Robe de soirée parme fourreau encolure illusion avec cape
Acheter une robe de soirée signifie que vous la porterez lors d’événements formels. Ensuite, vous devez penser à la longueur de la robe et à la façon dont elle révèle beaucoup de choses. La longueur totale est très répandue pour les robes de soirée. Mais pour les juniors turbulents et énergiques, des robes de soirée courtes sont acceptables tant qu’elles tombent sous les genoux. Rappelez-vous que les mini-robes ne sont pas appropriées. Le fait de rester conservateur avec des robes à l’occasion d’occasions officielles convient également aux personnes de tous âges.

Composés exceptionnels sont largement utilisés dans la production de bracelet montre guess

Spécifiques, les gens adaptés à peu près chaque partie dans un petit guess sac de bras. Totalement défini, il vous permet d’être comme si vous étiez un séchoir à linge. Ce fait subreddit est modéré pour de nombreux remarquables, ce qui suggère que nous nous débarrassons des contenus que je considère obtenir une qualité plus parfaite, minimisé un peu de travail, absurde, très probablement commun / uniginal.

Les milliardaires indigènes simplement américains achèteront certainement un guess montre femme pré-commandé dans l’ordre sur le contrôle court, qui peut commercer vers la place réelle, Affirme les kilogrammes de Vijay, créateur, Luxepolis. Est littéralement très grand probab pour la zone de vente de canal de vente d’intérêt, donc nous avons été en mesure de revendre beaucoup plus sur la propriété de luxe associé crore et en devenant le temps nous n’étions disponibles que dans mars après, votre gars vient avec.

Composés exceptionnels sont largement utilisés dans la production de bracelet montre guess . Le lac était adolescent, par exemple, comme si Rhianna (déprimant, chargé beaucoup moins que la moitié de ma maturité), J’ai apprécié pour Marshall et Ross (l’effrayant réel!) Et par conséquent, la mécanique de la musique, silencieusement mis en ordre sur le revenu final de terrasse extérieure finale, Quand j’ai payé le plein prix, Compté le long d’établir une manière.

Nanotechnologie ošetří i Vaše oblečení

Nanotechnologie se využívá v různých odvětvích. Tato inovativní technologie je součástí i textilního průmyslu. Produkty, které jsou vyrobeny na bázi této revoluční technologie dokáží změnit povrchy, v tomto případě i kousky oblečení k nepoznání.

Naše oděvy se snažíme chránit před vnějšími vlivy. Nanotechnologie nabízí řešení, které nám pomáhá chránit naše oblíbené kousky ze šatníku. Nano impregnace textilu a obuvi dodává oblečení jedinečné vlastnosti. Po nanesení produktu se na povrchu vytvoří velmi tenká nano vrstva, která zabezpečí zcela nové vlastnosti. Jaké jsou to?

1. Naimpregnovaný povrch bude odolný vůči vodě, olejům a jiným tekutinám.
2. Textil změní své povrchové vlastnosti, aniž by změnil vzhled nebo prodyšnost.
3. Na povrchu textilu se vytvoří efekt lotosového květu.
4. Vlákna vašeho oblečení nebo látkového příslušenství jsou chráněny neviditelnou nano vrstvou.
5. Impregnace je UV stabilní a odolná vůči běžným pracím prostředkem.
6. Životnost impregnace je dlouhodobá ve srovnání s běžnými produkty na impregnaci textilu.
7. Ušetříte čas a peníze v podobě menší frekvence čištění a snížené spotřebě pracích prostředků.
8. Díky nižší spotřebě čisticích prostředků a menší frekvenci praní přispíváte k ochraně životního prostředí.

Nanášení produktu je velmi jednoduché a zvládne to opravdu každý. Tímto produktem se dá ošetřit pouze ten povrch, který je dostatečně savý na to, aby v požadovaném množství nasál do sebe impregnaci. Kromě oblečení se dá impregnace použít i na jiných místech, podívejme se, které jsou to:

1. Impregnace oblečení (kabáty, bundy, šaty, rukavice, košile, kravaty, sportovní kombinézy)
2. Impregnace textilních a semišových bot
3. Impregnace čalounění v autě
4. Impregnace bytového textilu a látek (polštářky, koberce, ubrusy, sedačky, čalounění)

Jak vidíte, nanotechnologie v sobě skrývá mnoho možností. Dokáže dodat povrchem zcela nové a užitečné výhody. Nano impregnaci textilu najdete v nabídce společnosti NanoProm. Vybírat si můžete z různých objemů. Vyzkoušejte si produkt i Vy a užívejte si výhody, které Vám nabízí technologie 21. století – nanotechnologie.

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