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630W CMH Grow Light Fixture

Overview of 630W CMH Grow Light Fixture

Runs 2pcs of 315W CMH lamps

High efficiency electronic ballast

Works on 120V/240V

High output and improved spectrum

Warranty: 3 years

ETL certified

The Details of 630 watt cmh grow light

German aluminum reflector with high reflectivity >98%

Low frequency ballast that’s highly efficient and reliable without electromagnetic interference

Compatible with two pcs of ceramic metal halide 315W lamp

Two pcs of 315 cosmo lamphoders

Matched power cord included

The Advantages of 630w cmh light

offers a superior PAR value and CRI

CMH lamps run much cooler than other HID lamps

The light delivered much closer to sunlight, good for both vegetative and bloom stages

No acoustic resonance

The Specification of 630W CMH Grow Lamps Fixture

Lamp Number 2
Watts 315W
InputVolts 240V
Input Current 2.86A
Input Power 686W
Min Power Factor 0.95
THD <15%
Crest Factor <1.7
Performance Requirements
Rated mains voltage: 240V
Voltage range (+/-10%): 216-264V
Mains frequency: 50/60HZ
Operation frequency: 140-220HZ























The Application of 630W Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Light Fixture

Commercial Greenhouse for flowers to extend the time of growth by providing supplemental light when there’s no enough natrually occuring light. The flowers look glossier and more vivid with the application of 630W CMH grow light fixture.

Case Length 549mm 10.81″
Case Width 240mm 7.15″
Height 275mm 4.02″
Weight 3.5kg 7.121b









AZ Lighting is a professional supplier of greenhouse fixtures. We sincerely invite and welcome people from all around the world to invest and create more values together.

850 Wheel loader

Product features

  1. High performance environmental protection engine imported from Japan
  2. Whole hood can be overturned,maintenance more convenient
  3. Safety and comfortable driver protection guard/Cab
  4. Advanced ergonomic engineering design
  5. Hydrostatic transmission system,provide two-speed motor to choose,the performance is better
  6. Quick change with various attachments


We have articulated front end loader for sale! ATTACK ASSISTANT is a professional manufacturer specializing in material handling machinery for more than 10 years. If you are looking for articulated forklift truck for sale, please contact us!

Water Well

At the drilling site, ANBIT provides all drilling equipment and a complete set of well engineering equipment design scheme. If you need to contact us, please.


The water meter helps you determine the optimum drilling position and water depth. Air compressor, drill rig, drill pipe, air pipe, impactor and drill bit constitute a complete set of equipment to help you drill safely and steadily, and reduce costs. Foam agents and fishing tools can improve the success rate of your drilling. We have crawler rigs, wheel rigs and automobile rigs to deal with all kinds of complex terrain. There are many kinds of bits for different rock structures to improve efficiency. If there is any problem in drilling, please feel free to contact our engineer.


With the global climate change, the groundwater level has gradually declined in recent years. There is a lack of drinking water in many parts of the world. Irrigation water seriously affects the lives of local people. With human activities, surface water pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the deterioration of water quality is not suitable for human drinking. People need to use deep underground water through the surface strata. The whole set of drilling equipment can well realize the water source within 1000 meters underground at a low cost.


ABT has served well engineering for more than ten years. Have detailed professional preparation for all situations of well engineering. We provide all the equipment of water supply well engineering, which runs through the whole process of water well engineering. We also provide a complete set of well engineering equipment design, if necessary, please contact us.


Before digging wells, we provide groundwater detectors to detect address structures. Groundwater detectors work with the Earth’s magnetic field. It can help you find a good outlet and improve the success rate of well engineering.


We have crawler rigs, wheel rigs and automobile rigs to deal with all kinds of complex terrain. For high hardness strata, there are air compressors to provide sufficient power for DTH drills, and for soft strata, there are water circulation drills equipped with mud pumps.


We have a variety of drills for different rock structures, improve efficiency and reduce costs. We constantly improve the process to provide more durable equipment. ABT drill pipe and air duct are proved to be reliable and trustworthy in the field.


During drilling, we have chemicals to help remove waste. Aiming at the accident of equipment breakage, we also have the salvage device. We summarized the problems in drilling process and developed corresponding solutions to provide your success rate and reduce losses.


If there are problems in the water well air compressor, please feel free to contact our engineers. We have rich field experience and diversified equipment to help you.


You may use: mobile air compressor, well drill, auxiliary parts, impactor, drill bit


As a professional drilling equipment supplier, ABT Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly provides drill bit, holistic drilling solutions, serving the mining, stone crushing, water conservancy drilling industry, to help you solve the problem of drilling at high efficiency and low cost. If you want to know more details or want a quotation, just feel free to contact us!

DIN 3202 2 Piece Internal Threaded Ball Valve

Are you looking for din 3202 m3  ?





21, DIN259 / 2999.JIS.130202 / 130203












Huande Steel Valve is specialized in producing stainless steel floating ball valves. Recent years we are committed to developing new products. This is our DIN 3202 standard 2 PC internal thread ball valve. This product consists of the valve body and valve cover. We call is the two-piece type, the one-piece type is an integral structure, two-piece internal thread ball valve in the improved one-piece valve flow is less, easy to leak, increase the pressure cover to prevent leakage. We apply wax injection and de-wax craftwork to produce this product. The valve body casting adopts advanced technology, and the two-piece internal thread ball valve has a reasonable structure and attractive appearance. Valve seat adopts the elastic sealing structure, reliable sealing and easy opening and closing. The DIN 3202 standard 2PC internal thread ball valve is suitable for PN1.0~4.0MPa, working temperature is -29~180°C or -29~300° C. On the various pipelines used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline. The use of different materials, the two-piece ball valve can be used for water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid and other media.


The details of our product are as follows:

Size of DIN 3202 2 Piece Internal Threaded Ball Valve:

Specification of DIN 3202 2 Piece Internal Threaded Ball Valve:

To learn more about the din 3202 standard pdf, please contact us!

630W Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps With High PAR Value

Performance Data of 630W cmh lamp

Initial lumens at rated    
watts after 100 hours 72000 lm
Rated average life 10000 Hours
Correlated color temperature 3000 TO
Color rendering index 90+  
Operating Position H〇R  
BY Value 1200 μmol/s













Electrical Characteristics of 630W ceramic metal halide fixture

Nominal lamp wattage 630 IN
Nominal lamp voltage 195 V
Nominal lamp current 3.2 A






Physical Descritpion of 630W Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp

Maximum overall length 394 mm
Light center length / mm
Bulb diameter 33 mm
Bulb designation T32.5
Bulb material UV block quartz
Arc tube material PCA
Bulb finish Clear
Base designation Double ended













The Application of 630w ceramic metal halide Ideal for horticultural lighitng, good for both vegetative and bloom stages

AZ Lighting is a professional supplier of greenhouse fixtures. We sincerely invite and welcome people from all around the world to invest and create more values together.

800 Mini Wheel loader

Features of mini articulating loader

  1. Driven by four separated gerotor motors which can bring great gradeability and road adaptability.
  2. The dimension of machine is small and flexible. Height is under 1950mm and width is under 980mm, ground clearance is 180mm.
  3. Adopt forerunner foot valve, which can adjust the discharge capacity of main pump and control the forward and reverse of machine.
  4. Apply entire GRP on bonnet, which owns character of beautiful appearance and easy maintains.
  5. Quick change with various attachments.


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Urban Construction

In urban construction equipment limited, we need some small portable tools to deal with small-scale repair, we provide portable and efficient small equipment to deal with drilling and road maintenance. Hand-held rock drill, small mobile air compressor is the most commonly used road repair. It covers a small area, is easy to operate, and has a small body with great power. It is a good helper for maintenance workers.


Guardrail road construction instruments    can help you quickly install highway guardrail, piling and installation of guardrail together, improve the construction progress.


In case of power failure, our diesel generators can provide the necessary power supply. Mobile light trucks provide some lighting for field work and work.


In modern cities, all kinds of pipelines are like urban blood vessels, which bear the normal operation of the city. Pipeline leakage is a common phenomenon. In the face of leakage, we can only rely on experience to judge, and then excavate. If the judgment is wrong, repeat it in another place. Damage to the ground or wall surface is very great, and later repair is very troublesome or simply not repairable. Now, ABT leak detector, pipeline meter and infrared meter can help you find the leak point accurately, locate the leak to a very small position, repair the pipeline with the smallest excavation area, reduce the workload and damage to existing pavement and wall.


Sewage treatment in cities is essential. The swirl station of ABT is used in sewage treatment plants to separate sediments from wastewater. It has the advantages of small land occupation and less energy consumption. It uses centrifugal force to separate slurry and sewage for preliminary separation to separate clearer and heavier slurry, so as to facilitate subsequent treatment.


You may use: air compressors, hand-held rock drills, leak detectors, cyclone stations, generators


ABT Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly provides abt machine tools to help you solve the problem of drilling at high efficiency and low cost. If you want to know more details or want a quotation of drill bit, just feel free to contact us!

Plastic Lotion Bottles

Product Name: Plastic Lotion Bottles


Material: PET materials


Capacity: 5ml-500ml


Slogan:Lotion bottles in a variety of forms and materials to care for your skin



This series of empty lotion containers are mainly used for packaging and dispensing lotion, body lotion and other skin care products. Some lotion bottles can also be used for shampoo, conditioner, body wash and other toiletries or washing products. And it also can package detergents, hand sanitizers, etc. This range of plastic lotion bottles are available in a variety of shapes, including cylindrical bottles, thin waist bottles, square bottles and oval bottles.


You can choose from them. The design of the bottle mouth is also rich and colorful, including the cap shape, the clamshell type, the thousand-autumn cover type and the pump head type. Among them, the pump head types are divided into a beak type pump head, a cylindrical pressing type pump head, a tip pressing type pump head and a disposable snap type pump head. Some of the lotion bottle has inner or outer cover and cover in cover design.


The bottle body is mostly made of PET material, and the material of the bottle cap is available in various categories, including AS material, MS material, PET material, PP material and electrochemical aluminum material. The plastic lotion bottles of different inclinations are equipped with caps of different materials to improve the quality as much as possible. The bottle has a round shoulder design or a flat shoulder design to enhance the value of the lotion bottle and cater to the preferences of different customers.


The common features of this series of plastic emulsion bottles are: good air tightness, thickened bottle body, strong and resistant to fall off, and accurate liquid output. At the same time, XINRUN provides a variety of customized services for this series of plastic bottles, including colors, specifications, tangential, hot stamping, hot silver, silk screen, frosting and other customized services to ensure that you are satisfied.


Are you looking for empty lotion bottles wholesale ? Please contact us!

empty lotion containers


DIN 3202 1 Piece Internal Threaded Ball Valve

What is din 3202 f6 and din 3202 f1?















Huande Steel Valve is a famous global valve manufacturer who specialized in producing stainless steel ball valves. This is our DIN 3202 one piece internal threaded ball valve. Recent year we are providing high-quality, high-performance, high-standard and price-constrained German standard ball valve for the majority of users.


The German standard one piece internal thread ball valve only needs to be rotated tightly with a 90 degree rotation and a small rotational torque. The fully equal valve body cavity provides media with very low resistance, straight flow path.The main features of this product are its compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, suitable for general working media such as water, solvent, acid and natural gas, and also suitable for working medium with poor working conditions such as oxygen peroxide, methane and ethylene.


The details of this product are as follows:

Size of DIN 3202 1 Piece Internal Threaded Ball Valve:

DN 8 10 15 20 25 32 40 50
RC 1/4 3/8 1/2 3/4 1 11/4 11/2 2
ΦD 5 7 9.2 12.6 16 20 25 32
The 46.5 49.5 59 64 75 83 90.5 108
THE 67 67 93 93 101 101 125 125
H 29.9 31.5 39.37 44 54 59 67.5 73.5


Specification of DIN 3202 1 Piece Internal Threaded Ball Valve:

No. Drawing.No. Name Material QTY
1 V1-T Body CF8M 1
2 V1-G None CF8M 1
3 V1-FG Stem 316 1
4 V1-Q Ball CF8M 1
5 V1-2 Seat PTFE+3%GF 2
6 V1-MF Gasket PTFE 1
7 V1-ZTD Thrust.washer PTFE 1
8 V1-TL Stem.packing PTFE 1
9 V1-JLM Nut 304 1
10 GB93-87 Spring.washer 304 1
11 GB6172-86 Nut 304 1
12 V1-XS Stopper 304 1
13 V1-BS Handle 304 1
14 V1 BT Handle.sleeve Rubber 1

600W Reflector HPS Lamps

Performance Data of 600W Reflector HPS Lamp

Light Output(Lumens 100Hrs) 90000
Lamp Lumens Per Watt (Lumens / att) 150
Rated Life(Hrs. 10 Hr. 1Strat) 32000
Color Temperature(k) 2000K
Chromaticity(CIE-xly 0.52,0.42
COLOR Rendering Index(CRI) twenty two
Burning Position Universal
Hot Restart Time(min) 3–5
Photon Flux PAR 400-700 (umol / s) 1190
















Electrical Characteristics of 600W Reflector HPS Lamp

Nominal power (w) 600
Nominal lamp voltage (v) 200
Tube Current(Amps) 3.5A
Dimmable YES







Physical Descritpion of 600W Reflector HPS Lamp

Base Designation E40
Bulb Designation T46
Bulb Diameter mm(D) 46max
Max Overall Length(MOL)mm(A)292max 292max
Light Center Length(LCL)mm (B)175 175
Effective Arc Length /
Max Base Temperature(C) 250 ℃
max Bulb Temperature (C) 500 ℃
Typical fixture ENCLOSE/OPEN
Socket Pulse Rating(KV) 5
















Application of 600 watt hid grow light

Ideal for horticultural lighting and greenhouse lighting

AZ Lighting is a professional supplier of greenhouse fixtures. We sincerely invite and welcome people from all around the world to invest and create more values together.

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