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Curator Of The Students And Show The Object Share A Passion

A new exhibition in Whitley Gallery of Sweet Briar Museum offers an intimate view of a noble life in the late 19th century – and brings to vivid life a character that sometimes seems more legendary than real.

„Dressing Miss Daisy“ opens Wednesday, January 18, with a reception of light refreshments at 16:15 The performance is a consequence of the high ambitions of Jade Smith for a marketing career with a big fashion company. Smith is an important business from Lynchburg to work toward her Arts Management Certificate as part of his plan to get there.
For his project practicum arts management in the fall, Smith co-curated the exhibition with art director Karol Lawson museums and galleries. It displays and interprets clothing and accessories belonging to Daisy Williams (1867-1884) – whose mother founded Sweet Briar in his memory. The show was inspired by the Smith Research completed for the spring 2016 class of museum studies.

There are 28 items displayed with interpretive texts including excerpts from Daisy’s diaries and letters written in 1882 and 1883. A period map, glossary and lists of local names and explain the many references in his writing department stores in New York, boutiques and seamstresses. Some, like Macy’s and Lord & Taylor, are still around today.

Lawson suspected that one or two of the articles are mentioned in the texts, including a striped dress shown in the foreground in the exhibition.

The May 17, 1883, Daisy wrote to his mother, Indiana Fletcher Williams, in New York: „Yesterday I drove to Aunt Lils, he wore my passionate and blue dress, and I had a little ‘real daisys Lil thought they were artificial, and in my hat artificial buttercups and she thought they were real. … “
Because Indiana, a grieving mother kept a lot of things to Daisy, it is easy to track its progression from child to teenager. This is true for his comment, even as it moves from delighting in beautiful dresses to tip opinions on fashion. His writings are full of details of his daily activities and clothing – both his own and others.

From New York, she corresponds with the family housekeeper, Martha Taylor Penn, reporting in February 1882, „The fashion is to wear a great big artificial sunflower on my shoulders, but I do not think that’s quite enough.“

In November of the same year, on a return trip, he wrote back to Taylor, noting New York women are donning fur coats and winter.

„The style is to wear a stuffed bird hat, but I do not like, as I always think how cruel it is to kill them,“ he wrote.

Smith’s goal was to „show and tell the personality Daisy“ and that the period of time through her clothes and style choices.

„The part ‘easy’ and also the most fun was doing research on how clothing has played such an important role in society during the eighteen hundreds, and what could be said of a person, their status in the community, and sometimes their own beliefs personal. Another fun part was looking through all the clothes! „Says Smith.

Deciding what to include and put together to create the exhibition was the hardest part. Discovery of what a museum director is not really a revelation.

„As a major company, I went into this project with the mind of a CEO and I quickly found out that is not the case! An art curator wears many hats and is involved in many different aspects of an exhibition and does not just monitor everything. “

Smith has embraced the role, says Lawson. You are not simply choosing what you want to see, explains. There is a process of determining whether the physical condition of an item allows you to be seen in a secure, search, and then decide whether and how a story is told.
linen blouses
The search for Smith on brown jacket Daisy in museum studies class the previous semester Lawson gave the idea for the show, which he then suggested that his project practicum.

„Through the eyes of jade, I began to realize there’s more to it than do stupid shopping with her mother,“ said Lawson. „It ‘s become clear that it would attract people to the story of Daisy through her clothing. These are not just clothes every child. The thing that is fascinating – and I believe that Jade also heard this – is that this child of all our stories and myths was a real girl. He played in these clothes, visited his friends in these clothes. “

Lawson sees the project as a real collaboration between students and teacher and an original theory in the classroom and experiential learning that come together. evident enjoyment of Smith’s work – even during its boring moments – lifted its appreciation for it as well, says Lawson.

„It ‘was a real pleasure to watch Giada, as a student move from mere admiration of a beautiful garment for a more complete understanding that one, these garments can be used to reveal interesting aspects of social history, and two, these are fragile relics of our shared history that require close attention. “

The exhibition also created opportunities for Abigail Grace Schutte and Culley, both high art history majors, to help with the installation as a work-study assistants.

Now, Smith looks ahead to take Business seminar I have this semester, another class that requires students to apply the theory in practice.

„I’m really excited to see how I can merge what I learned during this project – the creative aspect – with the literal business side of things,“ he says.

After graduation, she hopes to study for in luxury brand marketing of a master and management in France. It’s all part of his plan.

7 Comfortable Trousers Feel Better

Not everyone thinks that jeans are comfortable. Even if you have read all the advice on finding your perfect pair of jeans, you may not think they look or feel good. And even learning essential tips for choosing denim that will not turn you into a puddle of sweat and regret during the hottest months of the year may not be enough to turn a pair of jeans into your go to pants. And that’s fine.

In fact, there are plenty of alternatives to jeans, if you just do not like the way the denim looks or is looking for something more comfortable when it is hot outside. Go ahead, we have rounded off our favorite denim alternatives, plus an example of each style to start you out in the right direction. If you hate jeans or are looking for something that looks and feels more appropriate for a hot summer, the seven choices lie ahead.

1. Chinos

The Chinese are lightweight, so they are more comfortable than jeans in hot and humid weather. And like jeans, they are made in a variety of cuts. From a slim cut to a cut style to a fit boyfriend, you can find Chinos in any style that is comfortable and flattering for you. You can branch out when it comes to color, too. There are a lot of Chinos tanned, but if khaki is not your color, why not try navy blue, white or green? A great place to start your search for the right pair of Chinos is the Brooks Brothers, which stores these flattering Chinos made of a twill cotton blend, with a stitched seam and comfortable but flattering tongue clasp.

2. Linen trousers
Stylish Oversize Linen Women Long Wide Leg Pants
Linen is a classic summer fabric. But many women have not given it a chance, as it is more commonly used in men’s shirting than in women’s clothing. Try this summer with a pair of light linen pants, which will feel light and windy even in the middle of a hot summer. The Ralph Lauren straight linen trousers, for example, looks sleek and elegant in white, but feels lighter and brighter than a pair of jeans, even in the same cut.

3. Printed Pants
Printed Pants
Another warm weather style you have to try is a pair of printed trousers. More commonly featured in a slim, cropped silhouette, these pants are the perfect way to look polished even when the temperature rises well above the range that most people would consider reasonable. These pair easily with anything from a front button down shirt to a cotton t-shirt, and are one of your best bets to tailor-made and classic even in the middle of summer. There are floral prints, geometric prints, and a virtually infinite series of other patterns to try. But if you want to start simple, try on a pair like Banana Republic striped cropped pants.

4. Wide Leg Pants
Loose-Fitting Two Layer Linen Women Wide Leg Pants
If you loose and drapey are your favorite adjectives for your summer clothes, then you are going to love a pair of wide leg pants. They are typically soft and swishy, ​​and while it seems dramatic paired with something as simple as a tee, they are also airy and comfortable for warm weather. And if you wear them with heels, they will make your legs look even longer than they really are – a major plus if you want to walk down Broadway or the promenade looking particularly model-esque. Vince’s wide-leg pleated pants are a great example of style, and will look equally polished for weekend errands or important meetings in the office. These also transition perfectly for the beginning of autumn.

5. Covered Trousers

From harem pants to silk trousers, there are plenty of pants styles that combine swishy fabrics with a slimmer silhouette than you would with a wide leg trouser. Look for draped details at the waist and choose a solid color or a subtle pattern to maximize the number of suits you can get with them. After all, these are probably the most comfortable pair of pants in your wardrobe. A great style to try is a slouchy pair with a pleated waistband, like this pair of Eileen Fisher.

6. Lace Pants

If you think laces are only acceptable in pajama pants, or other pants you would not use to get out of the house, guess again. An elegant pair of lace trousers is not only comfortable on a hot day but also looks stylish and polished with a pair of heels. Caslon’s cord trousers are a great example. They are cut into a windy, relaxed setting that would look good at home on the beach, but can be easily dressed for dinner and drinks with a couple of wedges.

7. Monkeys

Even if you’ve never worn a monkey before, now is a good time to give it a try. Particularly if you choose one with a relaxed fit, a monkey is a comfortable (and complete) outfit for even the hottest days. Monkeys are also very easy to dress up or down with a change of shoes and accessories, and can be great pieces to take to the beach if you are not in linen sundresses. This monkey print Sanctuary diamond is a great example of a flattering outfit that will make you want to leave your jeans forever.

Perfect Beach Wedding

Newlyweds Ellie McIver and Wilmer Carcamo South Sound married before 30 of their closest friends and family members in a ceremony held at the Beach Tiki Beach.
E ‘was thanks to an introduction by their mutual friend, Meli, the couple met for the first time. Ellie native of Northumberland, in England, is a nurse veterinary and Wilmer, a native of La Ceiba, Honduras, is a shop assistant.

Weeks after the meeting, they found themselves messaging each other and make plans to meet again. When they did, the place just so happened to be where they met before, Royal Palms.

According to the husband, a meeting that was the second time when the magic started.

The groom said that day he found the most incredible woman, beautiful and unique in the world, who made every day an adventure full of joy and love.

After eight months together, Ellie ventured to Spain to attend the wedding of a friend for a couple of weeks.

It ‘was during his absence abroad Wilmer realized that Ellie was.

Eager for his return, „As the children wait for Christmas Day to open their gifts,“ Wilmer had planned to propose to Ellie on Royal Palms beach, exactly a year after they met.

Ellie, completely unaware of his intention, came down with a migraine and foiled his plans.

Wilmer, however, was not to be discouraged.

He eventually found his moment, he got down on one knee and proposed to Ellie – she was in pajamas. The couple continued to celebrate their engagement during the pizza.

The decision to go light on the wedding day, Ellie was wearing a linen shift dress and top with sequins as her wedding dress.

Wilmer was met by Ellie the altar, which was given away by her father, Fred McIver.

Wilmer said his favorite part of the wedding was listening to his wife-to-be reciting the vows in Spanish, while Ellie, having all his friends and family present was unforgettable. Leaving her husband to choose the faiths, that she did not see until the day, it was also one of Ellie’s favorite things that happened.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds enjoyed dancing salsa and ride a motorcycle, with a reception at the pier.

The wedding planner included friends Jessica Manson, Lisa Hunter, Courtney peddle and Alison Thorburn. The ceremony was organized by Simply weddings.

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