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How to improve the efficiency of Tractor Mounted Reaper Binder Price in China?

When the harvester binders installed in large tractors in China did not appear, the harvesting of peanuts was carried out by manpower. In order to improve production efficiency, a peanut picker was developed to replace the traditional artificial harvest. The structural shape of the claws of the large peanut picker and the arrangement on the drum are reasonable, which has a great influence on the quality and production efficiency of the peanut picking. The large peanut picking machine adopts closed-shaped drum and knife-shaped nail teeth, and the fruit is broken, the stolon’s integrity rate is poor, and the production efficiency is low. Through repeated practice, the knife-shaped nails have been changed to cylindrical picking claws. At the same time, in order to reduce the forced impact on the stolons and avoid hanging, the claws are made slightly curved backward. This improvement has resulted in a significant increase in the quality of the picked fruit. So how to improve the efficiency of Tractor Mounted Reaper Binder Price in China?

Regularly inspect large peanut pickers and regularly inspect the components of large peanut pickers. If parts with severe natural wear and tear are to be replaced, strive to eliminate all kinds of safety hazards in time and extend the use of large peanut pickers. life. Frequent refueling can effectively reduce the degree of machine wear, thus extending the work efficiency and increasing the use time.

When a large peanut picker has a small fault, we can solve it by ourselves. Simple, for example, adding grease, repair welding, etc.; when the picker is clogged with a roller, check the amount of feed, peanut dryness, The tightness of the motor V-belt, the power supply voltage, etc.; the gap between the hobbing and the bottom of the screen should be adjusted when the large peanut picker is not clean. When the gap between the hobbing and the bottom of the screen is large, it is easy to pick up the net; when the peanut fruit contains many impurities and the peanut fruit is sucked out, the suction port should be properly adjusted. When the sundries are sucked out, the suction port is raised.


Color steel sheet installation steps

If you need to buy PPGI corrugated roofing sheet, you should first understand how to install color steel plates.

1. Fixed aluminum slot: Before fixing the aluminum slot, the wire must be positioned first. The deviation should not exceed 5mm. The slotted aluminum should be fixed with M5x30 core aluminum rivet, indirect not exceeding 300mm. Double rivets should be provided at the door opening position, and the interval should not exceed 50mm.

2. T-shaped lifting beam fixing: the lifting code is positioned along the position of the pay-off line, and the spacing is not more than 1.20m. When the T-shaped beam and the connecting cheap color corrugated steel sheet in stock is fixed, it must be pressed with angle aluminum or angle iron, no gap is left, and the solid must be in the Two color steel plates are connected above the seam.

3. Tuyere installation: the installation of the tuyere on the ceiling should be constructed according to the drawings, avoiding the T-beam. The row and return air outlets on the wall should be installed 200mm from the ground.

4. Appearance requirements: the overall installation of China color-coated corrugated roofing sheet needs to be straight and beautiful, there must be no collision scratch marks, to the end to tear the protective film, the seam connection is flat, the seam spacing is 3-4mm, the glue should be full seam straight, not There are gaps.

5. There must be 3 drill-end screws for fixing between each top plate and the retaining plate. There is a pull-and-pin at the joint between the retaining plate and the vertical plate, which is fixed at the side of construction and the joint must be vertical.

6. Door and window installation: The installation position and the opening direction of the door and window are determined according to the requirements of the drawings. The single door should be placed on the same color steel plate as much as possible. The center line of the double door should be at the joint of the plate as much as possible so that the cut color steel plate can be used as the door panel, door, and window. The profile connection needs to be tight, there must be no gaps, and the overall door turn retention size must be uniform.

7. The inner and outer arc fixed: the connection with the color steel plate must be strict, the outer arc column is not connected, the inner arc connection point is not bad, the gap is strict.

in denen beinhaltet eine Vielzahl von Modellen sein

Wichtige Kleid voller Pailletten Heirat und Röcke sind nicht besonders hoch unter den wichtigsten Trends für das Jahr 2014 Die königlichen Stil Brautkleider scheint, für den Moment, um seine Sternstunde zu beenden, um Platz für d machen anderen Modelltypen, die mehr natürlichen Formen und Schnitte abendkleider kaufen online, nachdem der Körper der Frau, die Verbesserung Weiblichkeit bevorzugen.

Viele Designer, die im Jahr 2014 mit diesem Kleid Muster gespielt, schlagen wir vor zehn.

Immer von der Annahme, dass die Braut sollte ihr Kleid nach Ihrem Geschmack und Persönlichkeit zu wählen, 2014 scheint das Jahr des Hochzeitskleid mit engen Rock, in denen beinhaltet eine Vielzahl von Modellen sein: die Röcke vom Empire Menschen mit Leben, das von unterhalb der Brust, meerjungfrau Röcke geht, eng an den Seiten und unten breiter, Petticoat Kleider und streicheln wie der Körper der Frau.

Angesichts dieser Vielzahl von Modellen wird ganz einfach, das Hochzeitskleid, die am besten geeignet etuikleider hochzeit, um die körperlichen Bedürfnisse der Braut ist zu finden. In der Galerie bieten wir Ihnen hier gibt es zehn Modelle von Hochzeitskleidern 2014 mit dem engen Rock, ausgewählt aus der Sammlung der wichtigsten italienischen und internationalen Designern.

coves Jason Spezza Womens Jersey

In north La Palma near Barlovento are a series of natural rock pools and caves that have been adapted to create sun bathing areas and sea-water swimming pools called Piscinas La Fajana.

Puerto de Tazacorte has the longest beach on the west side sporting a large fishing harbor and deep sea fishing vessels and cruisers. Be sure to sample the local restaurants which are supplied with the catch of the day.

Puerto Naos, a traditional fishing village, also offers a good beach with a local diving base offering viewing trips to see the wealth of marine life this area has to offer. Exotic fish, black coral reefs Alexander Radulov Womens Jersey , volcanic caves and underwater arches are part of the everyday here. Excursions from Puerto Naos or Santa Cruz will give you the opportunity to see dolphins, sea turtles and whales.

La Palma’s version of an amusement park does not include traditional entertainments such as rides and arcades. Instead, these natural theme parks provide great wildlife and tropical vegetation. One of these, Maroparque is home to 300 exotic animal species that live in a diversity of vegetation Ben Bishop Womens Jersey , rocks and a waterfall.

If you’re a shopper, you will revel in La Palma’s tradition of craftsmanship in skills ranging from silk fabrics, embroidery, tapestry Stephen Johns Womens Jersey , woodwork, straw weaving, wickerwork and earthenware.Author’s Resource Box

Susan is the marketing director for the UKs leading Flight comparison portal, which includes detailed information on Flights to Palma

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Vodafone prepaid recharge

Online vodafone prepaid recharge is so simple and is on the similar lines to that of offline vodafone recharge. Customers need to browse for a trusted website which has online recharge vodafone facility. Submit both vodafone prepaid mobile number and amount to be recharged in the web application. Once done credit transfer have to be done online and these steps are discussed below.

Online recharge vodafone
For online recharge vodafone prepaid mobile the mobile number and amount to be recharged need to be entered in the online web application. Few websites do have user logins to safe transactions. To recharge quickly one need not login. Just need to give a valid email id and the mobile no along with the amount. After giving the above details the web application would show the vendor details and the circle of the given mobile number where customer need to verify them.

After submitting the necessary details for vodafone recharge online the web application asks for online payment. There are two types of web applications in accepting the payment. The first one is directly the amount is recharged to the given account number and the other is credit is transferred to the website and from there the requested credit is transferred as a recharge to the customer mobiles.

The advantage with the later approach is that customers can at once transfer some amount to the web application and recharge whenever required without accessing creditdebit card for every transaction.

Online credit payment can be done in three ways – through either credit card or debit card and via net banking. All the three modes of payment are safe and fast. Customers need not worry about the credit transfers.

Vodafone free recharge

Once the credit is transferred the vodafone free recharge is done. All the prepaid mobile recharges done online are free they neither charge extra amount to that of offline recharges nor put hidden charges.

The above steps shows how easily online vodafone recharge can be done by anyone. Not only with vodafone but the other major vendors in the market like Reliance Brett Ritchie Womens Jersey , Idea, Vodafone, BSNL, and uninor too can be recharged online.

With the advancement of internet technologies ecommerce industry have changed a lot and had witnessed deep growth in the last couple of years. Even the Indian shopping style has been changed significantly. From kid stuff to household groceries & latest electronic gadgets can be ordered online. And even the bill payment inc. Cheap Air Max Cheap Nike Air Max Cheap Air Max Mens Cheap Asics Black Shoes Asics Gel Kayano Shoes Clearance Cheap Asics Gel Lyte III Shoes Cheap Asics Tiger Shoes Cheap Asics Kids Shoes Online Cheap Mens Puma Suede Cheap Puma Platform White

discomfort Jim Brown Jersey

Celebrate families and togetherness this Thanksgiving Day with some time honored traditions David Njoku Shirt , which give us a sense of family identity and meaningfulness that can last for generations.

Here are nine ideas for starting new family traditions, and for revering the old ones:

1. Sit down with your family and reminisce about your childhood celebrations. What do you remember most about Thanksgiving and the days that follow? Thanksgiving traditions can be much more than just food and recipes. In what ways did your childhood traditions symbolize particular values, such as abundance, generosity Jabrill Peppers Shirt , the importance of family? What would you like to do that is the same? What would you do like to do differently?

2. Make a small booklet or a mini scrapbook album (which you can either make or purchase.) Write „Five Things I Love About My Family and Friends“ and keep it out on the table during your Thanksgiving celebration. Each guest can come and record thoughts and insights. Other themes to try: „Five Things I am Thankful For“ or „Five Wishes for my Family and Friends.“ An even simpler approach would be to put one sheet of cardstock out for each year, and combine them together over the years in a Thanksgiving Gratitude Scrapbook.

3. Keep a Family Gratitude Journal throughout the year. Each night, a family member can share something that they are grateful for. Share the highlights of this family tradition at the dinner table on Thanksgiving Day.

4. Make a Gratitude Circle. Before the Thanksgiving meal, everyone stands and holds hands in a circle. Guests each take a turn sharing what they are grateful for. Or Myles Garrett Shirt , if your guests are on the shy side, ask everyone to write down their blessings on a piece of paper, which you can read before or after dinner.

5. Designate a particular tablecloth for your family Thanksgiving celebrations. Provide fabric markers where guests can record their „gratitudes“ or special prayers for the year ahead. Ask your guests to sign and date each message, as you will be using the same tablecloth year after year.

6. Involve the entire family in Thanksgiving decorations. Family Fun magazine posts lots of creative ideas for the entire family at familyfun.go

7. Make a hostess gift for the person who is cooking this year. Purchase an apron or a T shirt or a gift album with sentiments of thanks from each guest. Present the gift after dinner.

8. Show your gratitude to an unsung hero. Get together with your family and decide on a person or a group in your community who could use an extra pat on the back Nick Chubb Shirt , ie. firefighters, soldiers, police officers, volunteers. Put together a special plate of goodies and deliver it (or pack it up for shipping) as a family.

9. Preserve your traditions. After the meal Denzel Ward Shirt , record the favorite activities of each family member. Appoint one person to be the scribe, or ask everyone to jot down a few thoughts. Remember to take lots of photos. It is fun to place disposable cameras throughout the house so everyone can capture bits of the action.Author’s Resource Box

Susie Cortright is the founder of Momscape and Susies-Coupons, where she hand-picks only the very best online coupons and products, including online coupons for childrens clothes.

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Most lease car companies include strict rules pertaining to car rentals Baker Mayfield Shirt , only allowing individuals older than 25 to hire cars. It truly is the time to implement all that modern day technology to our day-to-day life.

The State Council approved the role of Horgos, the largest land port on the border with Kazakhstan, in July.

Soon, Nong had gathered twenty other residents to make a video of the latest performances, and sent it, with their best wishes to the old couple.4 Opportunities
4. It is one of the largest integrated fashion retail companies in Republic of Korea operating fashion outlets, department stores and hypermarkets
The report utilizes a wide range of primary and secondary sources Joe Thomas Jersey , which are analyzed and presented in a consistent and easily accessible format. I know there are some people available who genuinely don’t like the word and all of the products related with it but it is wrong.6 percent. We make some mistakes along the way. Everyone wants to get the fat away fast as if it were an item of clothing that you can take when you want.

Workers set up large flower terrace on Tian’anmen Square in Beijing

Scenery of high-speed rail networks in south China’s Guangxi

Military drill held near Turkish-Iraqi border in Sirnak

Autumn scenery of paddy fields in SW China’s Guizhou

In pics: paddy fields across China

Scenery of high-speed rail networks in south China’s Guangxi

Autumn scenery of Kanas scenic area in NW China’s Xinjiang

10th Pink Ribbon Charity Walk held in Switzerland

MILAN, Italy, June 15 (Xinhua) — Italian Serie A club Roma revealed proposals of establishing a new stadium on Monday.

According to the CDC mosquito control is becoming more important. The diseases mosquitoes carry are on the rise, and mosquitoes can not only cause discomfort Jim Brown Jersey , but severe illness and even death to humans and their pets. Transplant recipients are at an even higher risk. Only a small percentage of mosquitoes in the United States carry and transmit disease. Most often, mosquitoes are a major source of outdoor discomfort.

The most effective residential mosquito control is through the installation and use of a fully automatic residential mosquito control system.

The system unit is placed anywhere that is convenient to an outdoor water faucet and a source of electric. If a water source is not available, tank units are available in 55 gallon and 125 gallon sizes.

High pressure nozzles are placed strate. Phillip Lindsay Jersey Odell Beckham Jr Jersey Authentic Myles Jack Jersey Mitchell Trubisky Womens Jersey Minkah Fitzpatrick Youth Jersey Michael Thomas Youth Jersey Le’Veon Bell Youth Jersey Leighton Vander Esch Cowboys Jersey Lamar Jackson Ravens Jersey Khalil Mack Bears Jersey

Tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper Binder manufacturer to tell the collection of seeds

The seeds of the crops should be dried before storage to avoid the occurrence of moisture, which makes the seeds appear germinated. Improve seed clarity, remove impurities and unripe fruit, diseased fruit, and broken fruit. Today, Tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper Binder manufacturer to tell you about the seed collection method.

Storage sites should be strictly disinfected and sterilized. Keep it ventilated and dry.

The storage utensils are preferably woven bags or sacks and are not stored in an airtight plastic bag. The storage of seeds in plastic bags tends to cause air to circulate, causing the seeds to undergo anaerobic respiration, poisoning the embryos, and at the same time, the moisture and heat generated by the breathing are not easily dissipated, and the seeds are heated and mildewed.

Peanut seeds cannot be stored in the same house as pesticides and fertilizers. Many pesticides and fertilizers have certain volatility and corrosiveness. Over time, they have damage to the cells and embryos of the seeds.

During the storage of the seeds, regular inspections should be carried out to see if the seeds are damp, harmed by the insects, and the germination rate of the seeds is treated in time to ensure the safe storage of the seeds.


The Benefits of Prepainted Galvanized Steel Sheet

Metal buildings account for almost half of the low-rise non-residential buildings, and a large number of these buildings use high quality prepainted color galvanized coil plates for roofs and wallboards. The painted steel sheet is a cost-effective and durable product.

In many applications, proper selection of paint systems (pretreatment, primer and finish) can provide galvanized steel roofs and walls with a service life of 20 years or longer. However, in order to achieve this long service life, China PPGI corrugated roofing sheet factory must also consider many other issues, including the nature of the use environment, the thickness and conditions of galvanized steel sheets, and the coating of coated coils. Process and panel design and rolling process. Construction site problems, such as storage and treatment of rolled sheets, architectural design, installation practice and on-site maintenance, also affect the service life of pre-painted metal building components.

Pre-coated galvanized steel sheets have been successfully used for decades under various climatic conditions on roofs and walls.

Converse Outlet taught us t

15. Your gallbladder is a small pearshaped organ in the abdomen and holds the digestive fluid bile. While there are plenty of reasons to get in better shape after 60, fitting someone else’s idea of an „ideal“ body isn’t one of them. „Mandela taught us the power of action, but he also taught us the power of ideas; the importance of reason and arguments; the need to study not only those who you agree with, but also those who you don’t agree with,“ Obama explained, before insisting that Mandela’s achievements were „chiseled into law and institutions.“

The courthouse records indicate that Jimmy and Frances Swaggart borrowed $650,000 from the ministry in May, 1980, apparently to buy land to build their home, which was completed in 1984. Kass was asked to describe his experience as White House chef during the Obama administration.

On Cheap Converse Shoes est loin des 10% de ppins acceptables dans un service qui fonctionne. and if you put it in to a Morse code translator it comes out as TSM4A what I think it means it „Tower of Silence Middle 4A“ the middle of the tower of silence is REISDRO also known as Doubt which is also one of the most connected Converse Shoes songs to this whole thing.

Known as the „Paris of the East“, the luxury real estate development in Zhejiang province was designed to evoke classical European charm. Its residents have their own Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elys main square, French neoclassicalstyle buildings, a fountain from the Luxembourg Gardens, and the centerpiece of the city: the second largest replica of the Eiffel Tower in the world after Converse Outlet the Paris Las Vegas Hotel in Nevada.


fake hublot

Cheapest HUBLOT MP-09 TOURBILLON BI-AXIS KING GOLD 909.OX.1120.RX replica watch online

Brand Hublot
Item Type replica Hublot Masterpiece watches
Movement Self-winding
Case King Gold
Strap Rubber
Dial color Multi-layered Black and Red dial
Clasp Type Deployant Buckle Clasp
Diameter 49mm
Thickness 17.95mm
Glass Sapphire
Gender Men
Boxes common box
Functions Hours, Minutes, Power Reserve, Tourbillon, Date
Model Number 909.OX.1120.RX

fake patek philippe The Classic Fusion case is made from black ceramic and measures in at 45 mm wide. A polished ceramic crown and ceramic caseback (exhibition of course) coincides nicely with the rest of the ceramic features. The skeletonized manual-wind movement runs at 3 Hz and consists of 155 components, 19 of which are jewels and it’s power reserve will keep it ticking for 5 full days. A black alligator strap with red stitching is included with this one of kind piece.

Aside from the bright red ceramic bezel, which is a tribute to the red of Monaco where the Only Watch auction is held, this watch also boasts a fully skeletonized tourbillon movement that’s been completely designed and manufactured in-house by Hublot.But with these manufactures all racing to be first across the finish line, pending patents in hand, it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing more and more colored bezels arriving on our favorite timepieces (and dare I say perhaps even bi-colored ceramic bezels).

At this year’s Baselworld, Hublot introduced eight new Classic Fusion Skull Pavé replica models. We presented you first seven, and finally here is the latest, but no less impressive new Classic Fusion Skull Pavé. Measuring 45 mm in diameter, this Hublot watch is the surprisingly perfect fusion of a modern rebellious spirit with the grand tradition of setting. It features 1168 diamonds, totalling over 5 carat. It’s dignified companion of the Classic Fusion Tourbillon Skull. For this model, the watchmaker has managed to inject a modern twist and the lives of rock stars. jacob & co replica

Hublot, Official Timekeeper of the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 created a watch in honor of the coach of the English national football team, Roy Hodgson. The idea was hatched from Roy’s son Christopher who also collaborated with Hublot on the design of this amazing piece. The presentation was followed by a tour and a dinner at the House of Commons that was attended by Hublot VIP customers. The timepiece has 48 mm of carbon case and King Gold bezel with rubber fiber and titanium box. It is waterproof up to 100 meters.Hublot and the Watch Gallery have joined forces once again to create the Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph replica watch. The new watch features new color as well as material use, with the introduction of a blue-black color-scheme and a vertical satin-finished black ceramic bezel. This new model, equipped with the brand’s iconic HUB1155 movement, follows on from the success of last year’s two Classic Fusion limited edition models.

Hublot has released a new ref. 504.QX.0110.LR version of its very interesting Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Cathedral Minute Repeater replica watch, this time as a limited edition in an all carbon fiber Classic Fusion case. Minute repeaters are mechanisms that sound out the current time on demand when activating the system using a series of chimes. What separates a “good” from not-so-great minute repeater is the quality of the sound, as well as the complexity of the notes.Minute repeaters are becoming trendy again, as watch makers seek to wow luxury buyers with high-end timepieces that have functions they can see and hear. fake luxury watches

mens fake Ulysse Nardin The dial tells the story of this heroine of modern times with ‘Lipstick’, an iconic work by the artist. Enigmatic behind her dark glasses, she remains majestic in the face of the unexpected and affirms her femininity, armed with her lipstick. Spinels in shades of red, topazes for the turquoise version, and forty two fine stones decorate the bezel of the new 39-mm case, which is adjusted to her feminine wrists.

With one touch of its “One Click” patented fastening system, the leather strap makes way for a version in alligator and rubber, a touch of sophistication appropriate for the moment. Available in red and turquoise, the special series will be available in 50 copies of each tone.Hublot has also revealed its new friend of the brand: former England captain Michael Vaughan OBE. Leading England between 2003 and 2008, Vaughan won a record 26 Test matches, most famously winning 2005’s Ashes competition between England and Australia, England’s first Ashes victorysince 1987. A world-class batsman and tactician, Michael Vaughan remains today one of the most respected and influential commentators on the game.

To celebrate this new collaboration, Hublot will shortly reveal on its social media channels a preview of the official watch of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. A new special edition modeled around the ICC brand, the watch will be available in a limited series in Hublot boutiques from the start of the event. replica audemars piguet

Hublot’s love of detail is evident. For example, each one of the screws is three-dimensionally designed with a polished ring rising above a matte surface and topped by a unique head with a stylized “H.” Rich details continue in the rest of the case, which appears to be built in five layers when viewed from the side. Two matte black strata of artificial resin separate the bead-blasted titanium levels. The crown, which is coated with rubber on its sides, continues the case’s contrasting black and gray color scheme.

The slate in the Big Bang Zermatt is extracted from the rocky seam of the Alps that surround the Matterhorn. Two models sport the bezel in carbon and slate composite. The Big Bang 44 mm in stainless steel or 5N gold, which, under their rock, also contains the HUB4100 chronograph movement, visible beneath a sapphire back.For women, the steel bezel is set with a carat of diamonds and, beneath the engraving of the Matterhorn, its micro-blasted steel and sapphire back houses the HUB 4300 self-winding movement, with its 42-hour power reserve. The three models have a blue slate dial to perfect their Alpine look.The Matterhorn is engraved at 9 o’clock on the small seconds counter for the 44-m models and at 3 o’clock for the set version, distinguished by its unique silhouette, its 4 faces coming together in a high pyramid called the “roof”. richard mille replica

The rarity of the stones are matched only by the difficulty of applying the baguette cut to them. Baguette cutting requires stones of perfectly uniform color, a restriction that necessitated five times more raw material than usual for the initial stone selection. Even after each of the selected stones was baguette-cut, only 70 percent of this much smaller pool could be set into cases, with the other 30 percent rejected due to breakage or inconsistent quality or color. More fragile than even emerald, Paraíba stones require an elite level of expertise and dexterity in both the cutting and setting stages – not to mention patience, as the process can take up to three times longer than for diamonds.

The Big Bang Paraíba collection consists of two models and four references. The larger and more complicated piece is the Big Bang Unico Paraiba, offered in 45-mm cases of either white gold or King Gold, the latter a proprietary Hublot alloy made by combining 18k gold with copper and platinum. The cases are stunningly set with 48 baguette-cut stones on the bezel and 388 brilliant-cut stones on the rest of the case components. The watch is outfitted with Hublot’s HUB1242 Unico Caliber, a self-winding in-house movement that includes an integrated flyback chronograph function and a date display at 3 o’clock. The front of the movement, which stores a 72-hour power reserve and uses a column wheel to drive the stopwatch, is on full display through the openworked dial, while the rear side can be admired through a sapphire exhibition caseback. The Unico Paraiba models are attached to turquoise-blue alligator leather straps that harmonize with the stones and similarly colored elements on the dial. The price is $274,000 in both white gold and King Gold.

Nous sommes des photographes de mariage raffinés et

Light & Lace Photography a commencé lorsque Jo a pris un congé sabbatique, a acheté son premier appareil photo reflex numérique et s’est lancée dans une tournée mondiale. Julie a vite emboîté le pas, a attrapé le virus et les sœurs ont finalement abandonné leur emploi à temps plein pour poursuivre leur rêve.

«Nous n’avons pas regardé en arrière depuis!» Dit Jo. «Nous nous sentons si chanceux de pouvoir faire ce que nous aimons bien gagner notre vie. Nous sommes des photographes de mariage raffinés et notre style d’utilisation d’une lumière douce et naturelle ainsi que d’une palette de couleurs subtiles et distinctives de tons pastel clairs et chauds créent des photos magnifiques et amusantes. Que vous nous réserviez pour une séance de portrait de famille ou le jour de votre mariage, notre approche est la même: détendue courte robe, amusante et naturelle. ”

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