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Walkthrough: To start go speak to the Wise Old Man

New spells: This can be simple, either a new rune above blood dropped only by slayer monsters. Magics very own abby whip or black bow. In case this may hit 40s individuals would use it. Another one I thought would be fine is a spell which uses all 4 ancients at the RS gold same time. Poisons, weakens, saps and freezes. It would need balancing but could do the job. If you guys enjoy this I shall detail this one. Subtly change ancients: This is simple, alter ancients a little. This is a simple one to change the mages battle magical. The changes would be easy, adding on to ancients.

The Elite Explorer Quest.

Walkthrough: To start go speak to the Wise Old Man, who resides in a house in Draynor. Talk to him about his explorations and he will show you a special cape that only Elite Explorers can have. He’ll state to make the cape, you must do some certain requirements; Retrieve a Ghast in a jar from Mortyania. Slay a mighty demon. Locate and retrieve a southeasterly wind. Mine from the very core of this Gielenor. Travel to an opposite measurement.

He’ll say once you finish this quest, he will reward you handsomly. Thus, you venture out with this quest. The very first on the list would be to retrieve a Ghast. Talk to Drezel about capturing Ghasts. He will say it’s near impossible, but with the right spell and potion, you can grab one. He’ll say to mix a Fire Berry (a rare berry found in lava) plus some Blemish Snail Slime from the Heroes’ Quest. Then hold the jar open and talk the words’Deom formnai sylimairel esintry!’ . Once you do this, you’ll have a Ghast in a Bottle. But be careful–if you don’t get it to the Wise Old Man within 90 minutes, then it is going to escape and take its’ revenge on you! To locate the demon, you have to find Glough, in the Grand Tree. He will say he left ANOTHER demon, a more powerful one, but doesn’t know where it is. What you don’t know is that you need to walk to Eagle’s Peak and you will find it in a secret cave. You will slay it and select up its head. Bring this into the Wise Old Man within 180 seconds or it will desinigrate!

Then, you must capture a wind. This sounds impossible, but actually functions. Talk to the Archaeologist out of Desert Treasure. He will be pleased to help. He will provide you a slate using a seemingly unreadable spell. Take this to the man at the Varrock Museum and he will say it signifies’Ay Masnay Formoasay Beatleay’. Use this using a Bottle and you’ll get an Enchanted Bottle. Proceed to the desert and once you walk in, a breeze will fill your jar. Bring it into the Wise Old Man within 120 seconds or it’s going to be published.

The mighty experience makes his method to the closest fairy ring and dials up Yu’Biusk. After in Yu’Biusk the adventure makes his/her means to the sarcophagus, and trys to start it. This triggers a cut scean in which we see a ghostly form of Zanik reaching out and OSRS buy gold calling that your personality’s name, you reach out to Zanik, but your hand passes right through her and she mumbles something about early magick of the fairies until she awakens.

Since busting my Madden NFL 21 duck before in the year

“NBA 2K21” for console and cloud can be obtained now. This game brings genuine drama styles and Madden nfl 21 coins realistic controls into the already wildly successful game series.

The console version of”Star Wars: Squadrons” will be accessible through EA Play after this month. Play with your friends or people on the internet because you dogfight your way through distance in this heavenly experience.

“NHL 21″ will also be available on EA Play. With new moves and”Make a Guru” mode, you will nail all things hockey very quickly. The first 3 titles on this listing can be found now. “Star Wars: Squadrons” doesn’t have a set date yet and”NHL 21″ is coming in April.

Since busting my Madden NFL 21 duck before in the year, I’ve traded handegg for soccer, because I paid full-price for FIFA 21 at start and I figured I should get my money’s worth.

But, honestly, I have been buy mut coins madden 21 warm-and-cold using the FIFA games for well over a generation now: I think that the gameplay lacks the authenticity of the current PES series, and the demonstration is miles off NBA 2K21 and MLB The Display 21. Yes, the series is in a better state than Madden NFL 21 — which, presumably due to its lack of global appeal, gets a fraction of FIFA’s funding — but lately I’ve struggled to really get”into” it.

gli assistenti indicheranno che hai trovato l’abito perfetto

La scelta dell’abito da sposa a volte richiede rinforzi. Avere alcuni amici o familiari fidati che vengono a fare shopping con te può aiutarti a trovare l’abito dei tuoi sogni. Possono offrire opinioni su tutti quelli che stai provando e possono anche sfogliare gli innumerevoli scaffali di abiti disponibili e scegliere abiti da provare.
Molte spose sanno subito di aver scelto l’abito da sposa giusto quando lo indossano, ma avere amici e familiari fidati può confermare quella sensazione. Quando esci dallo spogliatoio e scopri il vestito che indossi, puoi vedere immediatamente la conferma che è il vestito perfetto. Le reazioni dei tuoi assistenti indicheranno che hai trovato l’abito perfetto.
Quando hai trovato il miglior abito da sposa che saprai, questo è anche il momento di comprare l’abito. Niente è più importante della tua intuizione e delle reazioni dei tuoi partner commerciali vestito da sposa, quindi se sai di avere il perfetto tra le mani, non rischiare di perdere l’abito scegliendo di pensarci qualche giorno prima di effettuare l’acquisto . C’è sempre la possibilità che venga venduto l’ultimo abito disponibile o che la compagnia rinuncia all’abito, quindi non perdere l’acquisto dell’abito perfetto non comprandolo quando ti rendi conto che è quello che ti serve.
L’abito da sposa è una parte essenziale di un matrimonio. Questo è ciò che distingue davvero una sposa ed è importante che la sposa si assicuri di aver scelto l’abito da sposa perfetto. Nel momento in cui entra una futura sposa, saprà immediatamente se è l’abito perfetto o meno. È importante fidarsi di questa reazione intestinale e agire di conseguenza nella scelta dell’abito da sposa perfetto. 
Abiti da cocktail per matrimoni sono indossati a cocktail party o in qualsiasi evento semi-formale. Se non sai quali sono gli abiti da cocktail più caldi per i matrimoni o come scegliere il migliore abiti da damigella, ecco alcuni consigli di moda per aiutarti a diventare una bellezza!

Es sind einige dazugehörige hübsche Brautkleider in Richtung

Es sind einige dazugehörige hübsche Brautkleider in Richtung der heißesten Trends für formelle und fabelhafte Brautjungfernkleider. Zuallererst könnte eine formelle Brautjungfernkleidung möglicherweise genauso schick und trendy sein wie eine für fast jede viel entspanntere Hochzeit.

Sie hören viele Farbnamen wie Zinn, Holzkohle, Schiefer, Schokolade sowie Schwarz. Was auch immer Sie nicht finden, es sind wirklich ein paar Brautjungfern-Outfits in milden oder lebendigen Farben, schöne Brautkleider für formelle Hochzeiten. Es ist nicht zu sagen, dass Sie einfach keine apfelfreundliche Kleidung für die Begleiter besitzen können, wenn Abschlussball-Brautjungfernkleider Ihr Herzenswunsch sind, aber sie könnten möglicherweise wie ein schmerzender Daumen unter den Smoking und Freunden in einem herausragen extrem ganz viel viel gedämpfter Farben. Die Stile der formellen Brautjungfern-Outfits sind heutzutage schlank und schick – ein Petticoat ist nicht wirklich in Sicht! Zwei, die in Richtung der meistgesuchten Stoffe gehören, sind Seidenchiffon und Gewebetaft.
Ein Kleid sollte eine Braut zuversichtlich machen und ihre alltägliche Persönlichkeit widerspiegeln. Wenn das Kleid in irgendeiner Weise unbequem erscheint, ist es wahrscheinlich nicht das richtige Kleid für Sie. Hören Sie auf Ihren eigenen Instinkt für ein Kleid und Sie werden das finden, das perfekt ist. Halten Sie sich nach dem Kauf eines Kleides von Brautmagazinen und Hochzeitsshows fern. Kündigen Sie Ihr Abonnement, wenn Sie eines haben hochzeitskleid rückenfrei, recyceln Sie das Abonnement und holen Sie nach dem Kauf Ihres Kleides überhaupt kein Brautmagazin ab! Dies könnte dazu führen, dass Sie das Bedauern des Käufers haben und die von Ihnen getroffene Wahl erraten. Vertrauen Sie auf Ihre Entscheidung über Ihr Kleid ballkleid, bleiben Sie in das Kleid verliebt und genießen Sie, wie Sie sich an Ihrem besonderen Tag fühlen.
Homecoming ist eine Veranstaltung, um den Schul- und College-Geist wiederzubeleben, wenn die ehemaligen Schüler die Erstsemester treffen. Für die Alumni ist es nicht sehr schwierig zu entscheiden, was sie anziehen sollen, da ihr Kleid normalerweise das darstellt, was sie tun, aber für die Erstsemester ist der Fall anders. Die meisten Neulinge sind sehr aufgeregt darüber und sie befragen viel, um etwas Besonderes zu kaufen, das sie zu diesem Anlass tragen können. Die Schüler besuchen Kaufhäuser, Billigmärkte und Rabattverkäufe, um die neuesten Stile zu prüfen. Erstsemester haben nicht viel Erfahrung und Geld, um Kleider für diese besonderen Anlässe in Schule und Hochschule zu kaufen.

Dinge zu tun, bevor Sie Ihr Hochzeitskleid anziehen

Ein guter Zeitpunkt zum Anziehen ist gekommen, aber bevor Sie es anziehen, befolgen Sie diese Tipps, um Unfälle zu vermeiden und sich auf Ihren Hochzeitstag vorzubereiten!

Nach langen zwei Wochen intensiver Forschung und Entdeckung, die Ihre Erwartungen übertroffen haben, ist es endlich soweit, es ist Zeit, Ihr Hochzeitskleid anzuziehen! Ja, aber wir werden Sie sofort stoppen, damit Ihre Vorbereitung nicht dramatisch wird. Befolgen Sie diese Schritte. An solch einem magischen Tag von A bis Z gibt es viele gute Tipps.

Um zu vermeiden, dass Croissants an den Wasserbohrern der Kleidung haften bleiben, wird empfohlen, im Voraus zu frühstücken. Obwohl Sie einige Stunden vor dem Verlassen des Rathauses nicht sehr hungrig waren, sollten Sie sich an diesem Tag von hochwertigem Kaffee befreien und voller Energie werden.

Um zu vermeiden, dass der Lidschatten von Ihrem Rock fällt, haben wir einen Moment vor dem Schicksal einen Termin mit ihrer Maskenbildnerin vereinbart Einfache Brautkleider . Entgegen der landläufigen Meinung ist der Prozess in diesem Sinne viel weniger riskant. Es besteht kein Zweifel, dass Sie vollständig umzingelt sind und Ihre Kleidung sanft und spurlos anziehen können. Also ziehen wir unsere Bademäntel an und lassen uns verwöhnen!
Einfache Brautkleider

Vergessen Sie nicht, die “Badezimmer” -Box zu durchsuchen, um Bürokratie beim Tragen eines Prinzessinkleides zu vermeiden. Ihre Brautjungfern werden beauftragt, ihre Brautkleider für den Rest des Tages wieder zu tragen und werden dankbar sein!

Um nicht versiegelbare Flecken innerhalb weniger Minuten zu vermeiden, keine Panik, wir nutzen alle Möglichkeiten um uns herum, indem wir den Boden vorbereiten. Kaffee, Kosmetik oder andere Schokolade … Alles muss getan werden. Wenn Ihre Kleidung erst am frühen Morgen intakt bleibt, können Sie sicher sein, dass das erste Foto perfekt ist!

Befolgen Sie alle diese Empfehlungen? Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Ihre Hochzeit kann endlich unter der besten Schirmherrschaft beginnen! Befolgen Sie alle Ratschläge unserer Fachleute, um Ihr Hochzeitskleid vor, während und nach Ihrer Hochzeit aufzubewahren. Wenn Sie noch kein passendes Kleid gefunden haben, besuchen Sie bitte:

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WeTV | ABS CBN Primetime Bida Series “Init Sa Magdamag”

ABS CBN “Primetime Bida” series Init Sa Magdamag delivers in spades that now streaming on WeTV and iflix, it is a show that brings on all the drama and the intrigue that surrounds a complicated love triangle.

The actors leading this new play are the three most talented actors today – Gerald Anderson, Yam Concepcion and JM de Guzman (JM de Guzman), they told a story about love, ambition and betrayal.

Concepcion and De Guzman play the roles of the famous political couple Rita and Peterson. They are located in the center of Init Sa Magdamag and their marriage is on the verge of collapse. Due to an accident in his youth, Peterson was unable to have children, which further exacerbated their marital difficulties.

Rita firmly believes that if a child is born through IVF, she can save their relationship. Despite the opposition of the family, the couple decided to continue their plan.

When Peterson came up with a different plan, things became more complicated—letting Tupe, the male-power doctor, played by Gerald Anderson, be their sperm donor. He didn’t know that Rita and Tupe had ever been in a relationship. The question now is, can Rita keep her Tupe past as Peterson’s secret? “Init Sa Magdamag” is directed by Ian Lorenos and Raymond Ocampo.

When the trailer was released on Youtube by ABS CBN Star Creatives, in just a few days after the first release, the number of views exceeded 12 million, and it quickly became a hot topic on social media.

You can also watch other ABS CBN “Primetime Bida” programs first on the WeTV with WeTV VIP Accounts and iflix VIP levels. FPJ’s new episode of Ang Probinsyano can be aired 50 hours earlier than other platforms and TV shows, while the inspiring episode Huwag Kang Mangamba can be watched 46 hours after airing on TV. Two to three hours after the broadcast, supplementary episodes of these two programs will be broadcast on WeTV and iflix.

To play the best content among the top Asian and Filipino content, just download the WeTV app from the App Store and Google Play and start watching! The monthly buy WeTV VIP Subscription price is cheap on 5mmo.

Performance Benefits of In-situ Polymerization Nylon 6 Black Chips

Knitted fabrics processed by spinning nylon 6 chips have good elasticity and form no pills. In winter, its warmth and wearing comfort is much more than woven fabrics. In addition, the knitted fabrics have shorter processing procedures, less space, less investment, and operating costs, which is used in the processing of sportswear, underwear, socks, and outerwear. As a result it seems that it has a tendency to replace woven fabrics. However, it also has its own problems.

At present, the price of the double-sided circular knitting machine used for nylon 6 knitted fabric processing is significantly lower than that of a few years ago, and the degree of automation and intelligence is higher. It can be processed with nylon 6 black dye-free silk without post-dyeing and finishing, which is welcomed by most companies. However, the loss caused by the damage of the crochet hook and its replacement and maintenance are still a problem.

According to professionals, a circular knitting machine for nylon 6 knitted fabrics has needles gauge such as 24, 28, until 36 and 40 at present. Taking 30 inches in diameter and 24 needles as an example, the total number of needles has reached 2262. Due to the friction between the crochet needle and the fabric, as well as the influence of hairiness and oil stains during the processing, the crochet needle will have more than 8 types of damage such as loose pin needles, open needles, and broken needles.

Crochet needles are the most important parts of knitting circular knitting machines. The replacement of crochet needles requires high technical requirements, a long time, and high cost. For a large circular knitting machine as 24 needles, all replacements will cost 30,000 to 50,000 yuan, without loss of labor and shutdown counted.

What’s more terrible is that for the nylon 6 chip spinning knitting machine, each type of broken needle is likely to cause one or more fabric defects. For example, loose needles will lead to “flower stitches” on the cloth surface. Open needles will cause holes in the cloth surface, while upward needles and flapping needles will cause thinning of the cloth surface. Moreover, if a defect is not discovered or dealt with in time, the whole piece of cloth will be scrapped.

Therefore, if there is a way to help fabric weaving factories reduce the frequency of blank needles, that would be great. Weaving factory owners and operators will welcome it very much. Is there such a way? Highsun’s answer is definitely yes.

Like colored cotton, the in-situ polymerized nylon 6 chips are black from polymerization. Ordinary spinning machines do not need to add any equipment, do not need color masterbatches and additives to spin in-situ polymerized nylon 6-color yarn. Unlike the masterbatch spinning with thick particles protruding on the surface of the thread, the surface of the thread is very smooth to maximize the protection of the crochet hook, .

In addition to the important performance characteristics of saving investment, good spinnability, excellent dyeing performance, and environmental protection, there are also another three performance benefits beyond expectations that are not known to common people about the in-situ polymerized nylon 6 black chip introduced by Highsun:

  1. The knitting process of spun civil fine denier silk does not damage the needle. The in-situ polymerized nylon chipscolorant participates in the whole process of the polymerization reaction and is fully fused with the nylon 6 molecular chain. When spinning, the colored particles will not protrude on the surface of the thread like masterbatch spinning, which is easy to break and damage the knitting process. In comparison, the in-situ polymerized nylon 6 black silk knitting accessories cost and operating load are significantly lower, and the production efficiency is higher.
  2. Good weather resistance for spinning, injection molding and film processing. In-situ Polymerization Nylon 6 Black Chips uses special colorants and functional additives with independent intellectual property rights of the enterprise, which are fully integrated with nylon 6 molecular chains and evenly distributed. When the colorant molecules on the outer surface of the material fall off, the internal molecules will continuously migrates to the surface of the material. As a result, the processed textiles and films have no batch color difference, and the color fastness to washing can reach the gray card level above 4.5. in addition, it can resist and absorb ultraviolet radiation, with better perfermance in sunlight and oxidation resistance.
  3. Unexpected antistatic and self-cleaning performance. Pilling, generating static electricity, and absorbing dust are the shortcomings of conventional nylon 6 textiles. However, after the improvement of engineers, the in-situ polymerization of black filaments spun from nylon 6 black chips, injection-molded parts and extruded films, etc. The pearl black color of the belt has an electrical conductivity 70 times higher than that of conventional nylon 6. In addition, static electricity and pills are not generated with friction and it is not easy to attract dust with certain natural self-cleaning performance.

Highsun Holding Corporation is one of professional nylon yarn manufacturers. We provide Nylon 6, Spandex Fiber, Warping, textile yarn, nylon lycra and so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.

How does Polyamide Fiber Industry Shoulder the Responsibility of Fashion

China is a big producer of nylon fiber for civil use, and there is still a broad space for future development. However, compared with the status of a major producer of nylon, China’s Nylon industry still needs to enhance its strength in product application and development, brand development, cultural construction and other fields. The era of nylon industry relying on scale and quantity to expand has ended. The change of labor force and other industrial related factors make the industry enter a new period where development mode change, structural adjustment as well as transformation and upgrading are needed. It needs to rely on the drive of science and technology, culture, brand and innovation to improve the value of the industrial chain as a whole.

Fashion is the symbol of nylon fiber

Due to the characteristics of lightweight, easy dyeing, high elasticity, wear resistance, tear resistance and water splashing resistance, nylon fiber is widely used in socks, lace underwear, corset, sports underwear, wedding dress, casual jacket, sportswear, trench coat, outdoor jacket, quick drying clothes, cold proof clothes, outdoor tents, sleeping bags, climbing bags, and other fields.

From the application performance of nylon fiber, nylon products have already possessed the basic elements of fashion products, that is to provide consumers with medium and high-grade consumer goods reflecting popular aesthetic taste and consumption concept.

How to make nylon fiber reach the consumption terminal quickly through diversified and intensive circulation channels is an urgent problem to be solved in perfecting the brand construction road of nylon products and completing the value conversion process from “product” to “commodity” and then to “consumer goods”. Highsun is a professional nylon 6 fiber manufacturer, feel free to contact us!

Technical progress supports the building of nylon fashion industry

Advanced foreign technology and equipment are widely used in spinning, knitting, jet weaving, printing and dyeing, clothing, and other links in the nylon industry chain, which lays the hardware foundation for the production of high-quality nylon series products. Secondly, international trade activities over the years have improved the production technology management level and product quality awareness of enterprises.

The Nylon Industry Technology Innovation Alliance which is being organized by the Nylon Professional Committee of China Chemical Fiber Association, uses the advantages of the member units of the industry chain alliance in the basic research of current application, engineering technology development, and industrial operation and so on to tackle key technology and generic technologies, etc. Besides, it fundamentally improves the industry’s independent innovation capability and the level of innovation in order to safeguard the sustainable development of the nylon industry.

Carry out creative cultural activities and establish the voice right of nylon fashion

Nylon fiber production enterprises have problems such as insufficient investment in creative design, application development, brand promotion, cultural construction, and industrial chain cooperation, etc. However, with the development of the industry and the continuous expansion of application fields, it has become the top priority for nylon enterprises to raise their awareness of nylon fiber, expand their brand influence, and tap the connotation of nylon fashion culture in order to improve their business philosophy.

In the future, the Nylon Professional Committee will also focus on “carrying out exchanges, guiding consumption and building brands”, and strengthen the construction of nylon fashion culture activity system through training, exhibition and docking. The Nylon Professional Committee will call on relevant nylon enterprises to participate in the pilot work of brand cultivation of industrial enterprises organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, organize relevant nylon-related enterprises to participate in exhibitions, technical exchange meetings, media conferences, and other activities from time to time every year; it will also organize member enterprises and downstream enterprises such as knitting, jet weaving, home textile, etc to carry out the technical exchange, joint development of new products and other interactive activities.

Leading industry service consciousness, superior resource integration ability

The Nylon Professional Committee of China Chemical Fiber Association makes use of its advantages in brand communication, media relations, activity organization and management, government public relations, etc. to join hands with superior enterprises in the industrial chain to jointly enhance the added value of nylon fiber brand so as to realize the support of integrated innovation system of creativity, research and development, design, manufacturing, management, marketing, logistics, service and related industries. It takes progress as a breakthrough to fully support industrial development, research and development as the focus to enhance the competitiveness of products, and cultural innovation as the core to fully build a brand appeal of nylon products. All measures mentioned above are taken to gradually maximize the brand value of nylon products.

Highsun Holding Corporation is one of professional nylon yarn manufacturers. We provide Nylon 6, Spandex Fiber, Warping, chemical fiber and so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.

Application Analysis of Polyamide 6 Filament

The product usage of the spinning workshop is reflected on the yarn label. It is mainly divided into two categories: general purpose and special purpose. The general purpose yarn is not specially marked on the label, and the special purpose yarn will be specified on the label according to its purpose. The general purpose is to make warp-knitted plain cloth, warp-knitted mesh, lace, hosiery, and POY post-spinning. For general purposes, only hosiery is weft-knitted, and the rest of the warp-knitted plain fabric, warp-knitted mesh and lace are all warp-knitted. Special purpose yarns include woven warp yarn (J), woven weft yarn (W), ply yarn (H), high-strength yarn (H), ply woven weft yarn (HW), covered yarn (K), circular knitting (Y) and narrow fabric weaving (Z).

When nylon 6 filament is used for back-end processing, when used as warp knitting yarn or woven warp yarn, it needs to be warped into warp beams or weaving beams. Warping: The process of winding a certain number of warp yarns on the warp beam or weaving beam in parallel according to the specified length and width. Warping can be processed into weaving shafts required for weaving, or it can be processed into warp knitting processing into required warp beams (also called pan heads when used for warp knitting processing). In the process of warping, the package silk cake is first unwound and then wound into a warp beam. The winding tension will be adjusted and balanced during this process. Part of the tension difference between the silk cakes will be eliminated in this process. Therefore, the winding tension of nylon 6 filaments used as woven warp yarns or warp knitting yarns is not as stringent as weft knitting or woven weft yarns.

  1. Nylon 6 filament is used for knitting warp knitting

Nylon 6 filament is used for warp knitting, which is commonly referred to as warp knitting yarn, and is the most common use of nylon filament. In Changle, the biggest use of nylon 6 filament yarn is warp knitting to make lace and warp knitted fabrics. Lace is a common type of warp knitting and is mainly used as an auxiliary material in garment processing. Therefore, lace yarn is generally a kind of warp knitting yarn. The warp knitting process will also be processed into some large surface materials for clothing, such as mesh cloth and warp knitting plain cloth.

The package nylon 6 filament produced in the spinning workshop must be warped into a warp beam (pan head) before being used for warp knitting. During warping, hundreds of silk cakes are unwound at the same time, and then are wound on the same warp beam at the same time. In this way, the tension difference between the silk cakes and the silk cakes can be adjusted. Therefore, the warp knitting yarn can unwind the silk cakes. The winding tension requirement is not as strict as the weft knitting yarn. However, warp knitting yarns require relatively high network fastness. If the network fastness is not high, when the yarn is rubbed against the crochet hook, the yarn will loosen, the tension will fluctuate, and even form broken filament and fuzziness.

The biggest problem of warp knitting yarns is the fuzziness and broken filaments. The spinning production process must be strictly controlled and adjusted to reduce the filaments of the raw yarn. In terms of dyeing performance, ordinary warp knitted fabrics – lace fabrics will be more uniform in color, and there will be relatively fewer dyeing problems. However, when warp-knitted yarn is interwoven with spandex to make warp-knitted plain cloth and swimwear fabrics, or due to fabric structure, warping factors, spandex, etc., there will be relatively more dyeing abnormalities.

  1. Nylon 6 filament is used for weft knitting processing

Nylon 6 filaments are used for weft knitting, which is commonly referred to as circular knitting yarn. In the process of use, they are generally used in groups hung on the circular machine. When shipping, customers generally ask for them in groups, too. Relatively speaking, circular knitting machines have relatively high requirements for dyeing. In order to minimize possible dyeing abnormalities, workshops generally package and receive a group separately, and then deliver them group by group. And the customers hang them group by group on the circular knitthing machine for use, thus reducing the difference among the spinning positions. In addition, when the workshop performs dyeing inspection on the produced products, it uses the weft knitting process to weave the garter, and then dye it to determine whether there is any color difference. The common products of weft knitting are women’s stockings and swimwear cloth for summer.

As weft-knitted products form loops in the horizontal direction, when making some highly sensitive color products, the most likely problem is horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes refer to irregular stripes with different widths and different depths on the surface. The reasons for the horizontal stripes are many and complex. From the perspective of the raw material itself, uneven yarn thickness, uneven unwinding tension, and uneven fiber internal structure may cause horizontal cleats. Therefore, special attention will be paid to these three aspects in the spinning production process. In addition, mixing or wrong use of yarns of different batches may also cause horizontal cleats. In addition, relatively speaking, weft-knitted products have higher requirements for dyeing, and the possibility of problems is greater. The production process will also make some special adjustments to its use characteristics.

  1. Nylon 6 filament is used for weaving process as warp yarn

In the weaving process, sometimes it is subdivided according to the weft insertion method used during weaving, such as gripper-projectile loom, rapier loom, air jet loom and water jet loom. Nylon 6 filaments are often used for weaving on water jet looms.

When nylon 6 filament is used in weaving process, it can be used as warp yarn or weft yarn. When it is used as warp yarn, the problem that customers often encounter is streaky warp. The streaky warp defect is the shadow stripes formed by the difference in the color absorption of the fabric when the fabric is dyed due to factors such as the warp yarn material or tension. It shows that the whole warp yarn is regularly or irregularly bright and dark in the warp direction of the fabric. Multiple shadow stripes may produce slight bubbles, and it will be more obvious after dyeing by streaky warp defects. If it is made into clothing, it will seriously affect the appearance, and the level and style will be significantly reduced. Generally, it is not suitable for use as fabrics, and can only be used as low-grade clothing linings.

There are many reasons for the production of streaky warp. From the perspective of storage and use of raw materials: (1) The batch numbers of raw materials are different, even if the specifications are the same (such as the same denier and F number), their affinity for dyes is different. If mixed as warp yarn, streaky warp will be produced; (2) Even if it is the same batch of raw materials, due to the large difference in production time or too long storage time, subtle chemical changes occur in the yarn, which affects the degree of affinity to dyes and produces streaky warp; (3) The improper storage of raw materials. Some of the raw materials will affect their dyeing performance due to sun exposure or moisture or bad gas.

In addition, in terms of yarn processing, the reason of network processing will also cause streaky warp. Because the net distance and the strength of the dots are different, the light refraction is also different. The net wires of different net distances and strength cannot be mixed, otherwise it will also produce streaky warp;

In addition, the difference in winding tension is too large, which will cause tight and loose winding of the packaged yarn cake, even if it is not completely eliminated by warping, such as mixed use in warping will cause streaky warps in the fabric. In the warping process, different sizes of yarn cakes cannot be mixed. Small bobbins with small radius, large unwinding tension while large bobbins with large radius, low unwinding tension, so the differences in bobbin size may also produce streaky warp;

When nylon 6 filament is used as a woven warp yarn, in terms of dyeing performance, if it is dyed with ordinary colors, or for subsequent printing products, the dyeing requirements are generally not high and the possibility of problems is low. But when it is used for dyeing some sensitive colors, the possibility of abnormal dyeing is larger, and the dyeing requirements are relatively high.

  1. Nylon 6 filament is used for weaving processing as weft yarn

When used as weft yarn, because the yarn cake is used for weft insertion weaving one by one, if the winding tension is uneven, the weft yarn will be unevenly distributed on the fabric surface during the beating process, which may cause filling bar, which refers to the weft direction of the fabric presents an obvious edge, and the appearance is different from the adjacent normal fabric. Severe uneven weft insertion can even cause weft breakage and affect weaving efficiency. The cause of the filling bar is similar to that of the bar in weft knitting. From the perspective of raw materials, the focus is on the evenness of the yarn, the tension of the yarn cake winding and the uniformity of the internal fiber structure.

Relatively speaking, the dyeing requirements of weft yarns are higher than that of warp yarns, and the possibility of problems is greater. When doing some high-sensitivity dyeing, there may be a greater probability of abnormalities. The difficulty of production and processing will be relatively greater. In summary:

  1. Nylon 6 filament is used for other special products

Covered yarn: filament used for covered yarn mainly refers to single covered yarn and double covered yarn.

Single-covered yarn refers to one long fiber as the core, and the other long fiber is wound in a unidirectional spiral. Usually the core yarn is spandex, and the sheath is made of nylon, polyester, etc. Nylon filaments are not very demanding when used in single covered yarns.

Double-covered yarn refers to a long fiber as the core, and two layers of long fiber are covered on the outside. The winding direction is opposite, so the twist is small or even not. Nylon filaments are not very demanding when used in double-covered yarns.

Braid: Narrow fabrics, generally thick denier products,which don’t have high requirements of raw materials, and basically no abnormal problems will occur.

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