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SRC-powered Laser SLAM Stacker Automatic Forklift SFL-CDD20

Shanghai Seer Intelligent Technology Corporation (SEER) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in intelligent manufacturing and wisdom logistics. Its business covers general-purpose AMR controllers, forklift for sale, lift trucks for sale, visual industrial system software and intelligent machine vision solutions, providing one-stop solutions & services for customers in various industries, and committed to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading to informatization, digitalization and intelligentization. We have many types of autonomous mobile robots, include mir autonomous robot, mir autonomous mobile robots, mobile collaborative robots, autonomous and mobile robotics,etc.

SRC-powered Laser SLAM Stacker Automatic Forklifts SFL-CDD20 is equipped with a built-in SRC Series Controller developed by SEER. It can pick up accurately by pallet identification sensor, deploy easily without reflectors by adopting Laser SLAM navigation and improve the safety of robotic work by 360°safety and front space protection. This product is the preferred stacking transfer robotic for customizable lifting stroke, up to 6M, and strong load capacity, up to 2000kg.


Customizable lifting stroke

Up to 6M

Heavy load

Rated loads up to 2000kg

Real Laser SLAM

No reflector, easy to deploy with laser SLAM navigation

Comprehensive protection

Obstacle avoidance laser+Bumper+Distance sensor+3D Camera – 360° protection

High precision

Pallet recognition+Accurate handling

Good applicability

Ramp, gap, elevator, transfer, stacker

Flexible dispatching

Seamless access to dispatching system

Automatic charging

Support automatic charging without staff


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