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Reflow Oven D8 (Desktop)

Hangzhou TronStol Technology Co., Ltd., SMT machine manufacturers, was established in 2010 (the company name has been updated in 2019). It is a high-tech enterprise located in Hangzhou. TronStol focuses on pick & place machines and it also helps to provide machine parts like reflow oven, stencil printer, and conveyor to satisfy customer’s needs of a completed SMT production line. We are SMT One-Stop manufacturer and provider. It provide PCB assembly machine, automatic pick and place machine, automatic SMT pick and place machine, table top SMT pick and place machine,etc.


Desktop Reflow Oven

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Specification of Reflow Oven D8 (Desktop)

Model D8
Components Max Height (CM) 5.5
Conveyor Width(CM) 30
Max Speed of Conveyor (CM) 120
Peak Power(KW) 12
Working Power(KW) 5
Input Voltage(V) 380/220
8 heating zones First: Fast preheat zone,Second/Third: Drying zones,Fourth: Soldering zone,Fifth/Sixth/Seventh/Eighth: Bottom side heat zones,(Each zone adapts independent heating/cooling control ways, cooling zone belongs to strong wind refrigerating system.)
External Dimensions Machine:210*70*70CM
Net Weight 230KGS
Gross weight 220kg


Features of Reflow Oven D8 (Desktop)


D8 desktop/tabletop reflow oven worked with hot wind to solder PCB, support most normal components, LED, and kinds of IC.


Using AC motor to drive the conveyor belt, chain type transmission way. Speed adjustment is controlled by automatic electronic analog switch, which sensitivity no more than 1 degree, control accuracy ±10mm/min.


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