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Operation Procedure of Butt Welding by Electrofusion Welding Machine

The butt fusion welding by electric welding machine needs the connecting surface to be plane. The butt welding machine working steps consists of the joining of two suefaces of equal diameter and thickness. Two surfaces to be welded are heated until melting by contact with a heating plate and then, after its removal, are joined by pressure welding. The joining surfaces cool and solidify under this pressure value to form strong connection between these two surfaces.


Before heating, it is necessary to mill the two surfaces of the pipeline to be welded, so as to make the surface smoother and to remove the plastic oxide layer on the surface to make the molecules melt more thoroughly. The main steps of the whole welding process are adjustment, heating, switching, joint pressing and cooling.


When butt fusion welding, the materials in viscous state on the surface can flow around and diffuse. Excessive flow is not conducive to diffusion and entanglement, so it is necessary to limit the flow to a certain extent and perform “post-fusion welding” in the limited flow state. Therefore, the key of the butt joint is to adjust three parameters in the welding process, which are temperature, time and pressure. In order to perform reliable butt fusion welding, it is necessary to consider the properties, stress conditions, geometric shapes and environmental conditions of the connecting surface materials together.


It is necessary to evaluate welding quality by testing property of specific materials based on general rules. When systemic standards are reached, technological procedures should be  formulated for different materials and specifications. So that production of welding pipes and onsite installation and construction should comply with the technical specifications.




Heating plate and milling cutter are necessary for both manual butt welding machine and hydraulic butt welding machine. The difference is that the former is operated manually, while the latter is powered by hydraulic system to realize semi-automatic control. Especially for large diameter pipes, which require great pressure when milling, heating and cooling. It is generally difficult for manpower to achieve.


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