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Office and Workplace Automatic Coffee Machines

Colet, automatic coffee machine supplier, is a registered trademark, owned by Ningbo Hawk Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd, a professional Chinese fully coffee maker specialist since 2005.We also provide fully auto coffee machine, home automatic coffee machines, all in one commercial coffee machine, commercial coffee machines and so on. If you want buy office coffee machine, office coffee machine for sale, and now the coffee maker machine for office price is very reasonable.


The office coffee system, which is also called OCS coffee, is becoming more and more necessary in most offices, no matter it is a small office with less than 10 staff, or even more necessary in big offices with more than 50 staff. A cup of aromatic coffee will bring a short rest for staff, and help them back to work full of energy, which will bring high efficiency to their work.


Automatic Coffee Machine in Office Is a Necessity

For eco friendly office coffee machines , we need to understand that it is unrealistic to ask staff to clean the office coffee maker with grinder use and maintain the milk-making system after every time use, and the clean will also waste working time for staff. But during the use of the coffee machine, the coffee from the machine will be a problem if not been cleaned frequently. Especially for the milk system during summertime, if not been cleaned after the use in the morning, and next user comes to make cappuccino during lunchtime, the morning milk inside the milk system will be bad and be stinks, which bring bad experience to the users and influence their health.

That’s why many office managers only purchase bean to bean to cup coffee machine for small office for their office desk, waiting room, and break room, which only makes espresso and Americano and without steam function for milk, and their workers can add milk by hand if needed. Colet produces bean to cup espresso or Americano coffee machines to meet this requirement, but Colet also has the solution for offices that need automatic cappuccino function with their One Touch Cappuccino Coffee Machine. Colet designed the office coffee machines not only to have a self-clean function for the espresso system but also specially develop an automatic-clean function for the milk system, the milk system will be cleaned with hot water automatically at 3 minutes since last time milk foam making, which avoided the problem from milk in office coffee machine use. In addition, Colet also supplies a fridge for cooling the milk to fit with an automatic milk system and provides a solution with a big waste container, big bean container, and water supply system to fit with a big office with more than 30 workers.

Find Sustainable Office Coffee Machines
Colet is a professional coffee machine manufacturer that offers office various commercial office coffee dispenser machines for sale. Since people spend most of their days at their workplace, hot drinks would be needed to support their days at work, which makes good coffee machines for the office very important. Colet can offer different coffee maker machines for various usages including industrial coffee machines for offices, commercial push button coffee machine, officeworks large touch screen coffee maker machine, office coffee machines with a grinder, single-serve coffee maker, coffee vending machine, office latte machine, etc. Our coffee maker machines for the office are eco-friendly and sustainable. Contact us now to check the price and buy a coffee maker machine for the office.

Colet is a professional manufacturer of fully automatic coffee machines, with office coffee machines are welcomed by OCS service providers all over the world. If you are interested in our office coffee machines and want to purchase a fully automatic coffee machine for your office, welcome to contact us!


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