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Manastones socket full crit, chanters benefit

For your staff I suggest you buy the level 26 bronze coin weapon at 25. It’s blue and aion classic kinah has the ability to attack at a high speed (which is an important statistic) and will last you until you purchase a replacement in the 30s to mid-century. You can create one but it’s going to require an enormous amount of mats work, and cash, so it’s not clear if you’re willing to spend that much. It’s not difficult to make.

Manastones socket full crit, chanters benefit most since crits have a greater chances for knockdowns, which is extremely useful in PVP and PVE. If you keep critting, eventually , later on, you’ll get to approximately 440’ish (can’t remember the exact soft cap) with the crit mantra, and once you’re full DPS you can attack for the remaining stones. If you’re able to purchase an orange level 25 staff you may also be able to use it. This means you are not able to get atkspeed.

Save up for 30e accessories first, they are basically the best accessories you can purchase stat wise for a time and you also get PvP damage with these, which is even better.

It’s not one mill per day. Instead of selling it at stores for 70k80k you are actually making 200k300k for each additional account you take to the level of 10, which is a lot of work. I don’t know of anyone who has been particularly concerned about.

First thing I did right after the beginner-rush finished was build up my alts so that I could sell several times per day.

First character took 2 hours because I wasn’t sure which method to get to 10 was, however every character thereafter the time was cut. Mage took 59 minutes to complete the least time. That’s not a huge time investment for a yearly 300k per day.

I haven’t found bots in Beluslan or Morheim Therefore, it’s likely that they are using this method to get the kinah. It doesn’t require Siel’s Aura to be bought. It took me 59 minutes to do single-player, while spending 10 minutes for mana. Bots can do it much faster since a 6-man team requires zero downtime.

Bots aren’t in use since bots from level 4045 are no longer in use and euro aion classic buy kinah farming is less widespread in higher-level zones. That’s why you’ll find individuals selling stacks of difficult to obtain items that are hundreds of thousands, whereas a reasonable person would gain a couple of them.

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