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1-layer Plastic Journey Lunch Box


CNCrown, plastic lunch box manufacturer, has passed ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and BSCI certification. The full range of our products are all food-grade which are qualified by test standards including EU, LFGB, FDA and so on through international authoritative testing institutions such as SGS and CTI. Our products are sold over 30 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. As a professional bento box supplier in China, we have won the recognition and appreciation of global customers. We also have best divided lunch containers, double bento box, section lunch containers, reusable lunch containers with compartments, plastic lunch containers with dividers, plastic lunch containers with compartments, compartmentalised lunch box, separated lunch containers,etc.


Parameter of 1-layer Plastic Journey Lunch Box


Item: C0201017
Size: 190x123x66mm
Capacity: 1000ml
Material: PP/ Silicone
Heating range: -20°C-120°C


Features of 1-layer Plastic Journey Lunch Box


Morandi color, full of artistic sense of fashion popular color;


The material of the divided lunch box with compartments conforms to LFGB, EU and FDA food contact level test, which is safe and assured. Good material, thick texture, strong and durable, not easy to deformation;


Movable partition design of the lunch box with containers, make food classification more convenient, prevent smell;


The multi-seal soup will not leak, High-quality silica gel strip: turn over many times, seal no leakage, easy to carry; Elastic band: stable structure, repeated stretching is not easy to deformation; Silica gel air valve: airtight at the same time, without opening the inner cover, directly into the microwave oven;


Direct microwave and freezing.


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