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Food, Treats For Aquarium

Aquarium fish food

High quality fish meal, krill meal, spirulina, soy protein powder, soy lecithin, natural astaxanthin, natural carotene, high quality yeast meal, calcium dihydrogen phosphate, complex vitamins, minerals, seaweed polysaccharides immune substances, etc.


Suitable for whole goldfish species, including lanshou, lion head, dragon eye, danding, and koi and other cold water fish species.


Small granule feed is suitable for feeding 10-25 cm koi, large granule feed is suitable for feeding koi larger than 25cm. It takes about 5 minutes for each feeding, please clean the unconsumed feed after feeding.


For water temperature greater than 77℉(25℃), feeding frequency can be increased.


Reduce feeding amounts the day before and after changing the water.


If mold or degradation is discovered within the expiry date, please stop using the product and contact us immediately.


After unpacking, please run out as soon as possible to avoid degradation.


This product is only for koi use.


Aquarium Supplies

Our aquarium decorations with good appearance, durable performance, and is produced by environmental protection material, high adaptability to the natural environment, even in the sun, the wind blows the rain for a long time will not change performance, anti-aging performance is good, also can be at ease use in the outdoor, ornamental fish aquarium if plus some accessories can appear more gorgeous, richer, release healthy elements, facilitate nitrobacteria growing, filter out impurities, we have many kinds of fish tank decorations, such as Aquarium Decorated Octopus Model, Water Pump, Fish Net, Landscape, and Other Supplies


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