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Diaphragm Dosing Metering Pump Solutions

In the water treatment industry, sterilization and disinfection are pivotal and indispensable links, among which the most representative means of disinfection is the method of adding chlorine-containing reagent through a chlorine metering pump, which has been widely used in various types of disinfection equipment in water plants.


Chlorine-containing disinfectant is a disinfectant that dissolves in water and produces hypochlorous acid, which could kill many microorganisms. Common disinfectants include inorganic chlorine compounds, such as sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, trisodium phosphate chloride, and chloramines such as sodium dichloroisocyanurate, trichloroisocyanuric acid, ammonium chloride. There are many advantages to using chlorination disinfection. It costs lower in each unit water treatment and can maintain a certain amount of residual chlorine for a long time, with the ability of continuous disinfection. Chlorine-containing disinfectant is a relatively mature disinfection method.


Chlorine Doser Pumps Used In Odium Hypochlorite


The most important way of sodium hypochlorite disinfection and sterilization is to form strong oxidizing hypochlorous acid through its hydrolysis, which is further decomposed to form new ecological oxygen [O]. The strong oxidation of new ecological oxygen causes the protein denaturation of bacteria and viruses that kill the pathogenic microorganisms. The higher the concentration of sodium hypochlorite, the stronger the bactericidal action. At the same time, chlorine ions produced by hypochlorous acid can significantly change the osmotic pressure of bacteria and virion, making their cells inactive and die. Most importantly, it is able to disinfect for a period of time that no other disinfectant can achieve.


Therefore, sodium hypochlorite generator is very popular that can integrate the components of dissolved salt, dilute saltwater, electrolysis, liquid chlorine dosing pump, adding the solution, control, and other units into an integral pry block for easy movement and installation. The equipment is equipped with an intelligent control system. The chlorine dosing system pumps can help to realize the automatic production and dosing of sodium hypochlorite disinfectant.


Chlorine Doser Pumps Used In Calcium Hypochlorite


It is also known as bleaching powder and bleaching powder essence. The effective chlorine content of bleaching powder is higher than 20% while the bleaching powder extraction could be 56%~60%. The calcium hypochlorite could be easily dissolved in water. They are added in the automatic chlorine dosing system with chlorine pump water treatment for the industrial wastewater flocculation settlement, precipitation clarification treatment, such as steel works wastewater, electroplating plant wastewater, metallurgical wastewater, coal washing wastewater and other sewage treatment, sludge dewatering, can also be used for drinking water clarification and purification treatment.


Chlorine Doser Pumps Used In Hypochlorous acid water


Hypochlorous acid water is an aqueous solution that contains stable hypochlorous acid molecules. It is a new kind of highly effective disinfectant. It is characterized by a wide sterilization spectrum, strong killing power, high safety, and good environmental protection. In the chlorine pump water treatment field, they are applied to the disinfection of medical organizations and water supply facilities.


Chlorine Doser Pumps Used In Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate


The effective chlorine content is higher than 55%, commonly used for preventive disinfection and focal disinfection, in hospitals mainly used for the disinfection of the environment and medical supplies. It is widely used as a biocide in circulating cooling water systems and in the sterilization of swimming pool water, in which liquid chlorine pump are used to dose the sodium dichloroisocyanurate water solution


NEWDOSE measurement dosing pump is currently well used in sodium hypochlorite and calcium hypochlorites solvent delivery, such as the disinfection of swimming pool and landscape water, pure water manufacturing, paper-making industry pulp non-element chlorine bleaching, etc. The working mode of NEWDOSE chlorine metering pump includes standard manual dosing and automatic dosing system signal control pump, which can cooperate with various online instruments and controllers to achieve the purpose of precise dosing.


Characteristics of Epoxy Resin Metering Pump


1: Diaphragm metering pump technology of MX series. The metering accuracy is as high as 0.1%, which reduces material waste and improves product quality and production. It can be fully customized according to customers, and easy to operate and maintain. With its high precision, under various conditions of temperature, viscosity and pressure, it can ensure stable and repeatable flow, and the measurement accuracy is as high as 0.3%.


It is stable flow and low output pulsation because its unique design makes flow output no pulsation, eliminates unnecessary valves and buffer components, simplifies the system, reduces costs and improves performance.


2: The control panel contains the communication between the electronic touch screen and the PLC operation interface. The control signal transmission and reception parts will start and stop the metering system according to the requirements of the program. The flow rate and mixing ratio can be quickly and easily changed by touch.


3: Flow range: 1 to 100 l/min)


4: Output pressure: 30 bar) max


5: Viscosity range: 1-4000 CPS centipoise


6: Operating temperature: -18~510 degrees Celsius


7: Optional accessories: automatic cleaning, heat preservation device, explosion-proof motor, etc.


8: Controlled by static mixer/gluing gun


9: With alarm signal, automatic shutdown


10: Optional full automation and manual control


11: Programmable mixing formula


12: Any mixing ratio can be controlled by pump


Application Range of Epoxy Resin Metering Pump


Silicone oil, polyurethane, adhesive, colorant, paint, coating, polymer extrusion molding, extrusion, etc.


Application case of epoxy resin metering pump:


  1. Auto surface automatic spraying equipment and automatic color changing cleaning equipment


  1. Automatic windshield squeezer robot


  1. Multi-point automatic gluing extruder for engine cover


  1. Automatic gluing and the equipment for gearbox housing robot


  1. Engine cover sealing strip


  1. Spraying of the filter sealing strip


  1. Aluminum alloy door and window heat insulation strip


  1. Dispensing of electronic originals


  1. Coated copper foil


7, and many other online precision metering, gluing, spraying production line applications


Structure of gear pump of epoxy resin metering pump:


It is composed of three finely ground plate-shaped parts, and the material is hardened, which has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and lubrication characteristics.


The saltwater dosing pump can be used for the transportation of strong corrosive media such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid.


Characteristics Of Saltwater Dosing Pump


The saltwater dosing pump has the working performance of a piston pump and the sealing characteristics of a diaphragm pump. The diaphragm is of good quality, simple in design. The operation of the entire pump is simple and easy. The flow range of the mechanical diaphragm dosing pump can be from 0-100% to the maximum. The whole process is dynamically adjusted. It has the anti-corrosion treatment parts and heavy-duty plastic cavity which can be used for heavy corrosive liquids. What’s more, the long-life metal and fabric reinforced diaphragms are used as fluid precision dosing and ideal equipment for dosing.


Application Fields Of Saltwater Dosing Pump


Saltwater dosing pumps have now been widely used in various fields including the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and petrochemical industries, and are responsible for the dosing tasks of highly corrosive, toxic, high-viscosity and high-pressure media in the process. It is suitable for the dosing of various preservatives, anticrustator, bactericidal agents, flocculants, dispersants and other water treatment agents, and also suitable for the dosing of other acid and alkali liquids. The dosing barrel is generally made of glass fiber reinforced plastic composite material. After the workshop wastewater is collected, it is lifted with a corrosion-resistant pump, and then injected into the pre-filter to filter out large suspended solids and sand particles to prevent them from being deposited in the tubular catalytic oxidation device and affecting the catalytic effect.


Development Of Saltwater Dosing Pump


After more than half a century of practical application and technological improvement, both the performance and operation of the saltwater dosing pump have been continuously improved. Now the function of the saltwater dosing pump has been in line with international standards.


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