Nanjing Runze Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd. founded in 2014, was born a high-tech manufacturer engaged in R&D, production, marketing, and service for microfluidic components including peristaltic pump, syringe pump, piston pump, multiport valve, tubing, plastic fittings, which are key parts in environmental analysis, laboratory, medical device, bio-pharmaceuticals, petrochemical engineering, food, and beverage.

Fernando from Spain

Runze provides the plastic fittings with very good quality, certifications FDA, RoHs.. the size is very suitable for my tubing, and they also customized the black fittings for my application at a very reasonable price.

Phal from Australia

Got the Alexis peristaltic pump and started testing for a month, the pumps still work very well even though I put them in a terrible environment to test lasting a month since I forgot to make the pumps being powered off when I leave my laboratory. I like them a lot, they look stronger and super quality.

Simon from Denmark

Testing is going very well and test results are very positive. You always answer my all lots of questions patiently and timely, which speeds up our test process, I really appreciated all your help and patience. Your company will be assuredly set as a very reliable supplier in our system.

Alexis from USA

I received the pumps in perfect condition and earlier delivery. I am super impressed with you and your company’s support, It’s nice to be working with you. The relationship and the good product helps us make our decision easier.

Rahul from India

The connectors have been used in our medical instruments, the size looks strictly precision and very suitable for our tubing, the quality looks very good, thank you for your patience and help, we will order from you regularly.

David from USA

The product size is accurate and the connection is very convenient. The supplier was very helpful and provided great service. Communication was easy and straightforward. I was very glad to work with them. The product is very good and solves our needs very professionally. We will be back again.

Dennis from Germany

Hi, received timely in excellent condition. The packaging was great. Took the pump today. Checked it works. Good price, good service, and decent quality. It is easy to adjust the speed. Also included some tubing which was nice. Thanks. All perfectly.

Jason from Netherlands

Very competent and careful salesperson. Well, design pump. Motor adapter screw holes are reinforced with brass inserts (which I haven’t seen first). Plenty of room for panel mount assembly. Happily surprised that the tubes were lubricated.

Annika from Brazil

Excellent communication, approachable and professional, the product is very good, all together great company and very happy to work together in the future. Thank you! Will definitely be purchasing more!

Nguyen Thi Nhu Ngoc from Vietenam

Great customer service! They answered all my questions in time and provided all the technical help we needed for the correct product and attachments! I recommend.

Jack Tremain from Israel

The seller was very responsive to queries. Communication was easy.

The product came very quickly and of good quality.

We will repeat business with the seller in the future.

Jazzle from Philippines

I received goods, all it is ok, I have purchased many times from RUNZE, the goods always come in a very good condition packed with a very thick carton and foam. they always ship my orders so fast than I expected and providing good professional service.

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