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The Temperature Control Solution in Honda Motor

Main idea: TOPOS adopt aging glass bead thermistor to keep the sensor’s stability


Industry: Fuel vehicle engine temperature detection


Challenge: Due to the long-time work and harsh outdoor environment, there is a challenge of how to keep the temperature sensor’s stability. If the NTC resistor is damaged, the vehicle cannot drive normally.


Solution: TOPOS adopts the custom honda temperature sensor: the aging glass bead thermistor, it is more stable, and the glass sealed the chips, cut off the air, water, make sure the thermistor after 10,000 hours of work, the resistance deviation is less than or equal to 3%. Using high-temperature injection molding housing and ultrasonic welding process, physically snap to the metal housing, greatly improve the overall thermal conductivity and water resistance, adapt to long-time work and harsh outdoor environment.


Impact: After TOPOS adopts these sensor solutions, the service life and reliability of fuel vehicles have been greatly improved.


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