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Source all solutions for your projects

Professional R&D team

Free you from worrying about the temperature transducer can’t match your products exactly.



Sample team use the shortest time to help you get the samples.



Enable you to get the most competitive price from the origin factory.


Keep your project on track with all around project service


Research & Development

Our R&D team is available to visit your construction site, communicate all details with your team, our team will offer the exactly solution for your project, we never allow any quality problem affect your project.


3D drawing and samples available

While 2D drawing is a basic requirement for thermistor sensor design, but in TOPOS, 3D drawings are available and we can offer the samples for test.


After-sale service

Our sales team regularly take a business trip to visit the job site and provide after-sale support. TOPOS rest assured you with consistent and professional service before and after order.


TOPOS is one of professional industrial sensor suppliers. We provide Home Appliance Temperature Sensor, Pellet Grill Temperature Sensor, bbq temperature probe, negative coefficient resistorsensors solutions and custom temperature sensor service and so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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