Home Appliance

TOPOS sensors solutions to meet the daily demands of home appliances.


By leveraging our established sensor solutions, we help consumer electronics manufacturers make their applications smarter and create new ones that add significant value to the end user. Our sensors enable a wide range of new applications in the areas of comfort and indoor air quality. Our expansive range of standard products is supplemented by an array of custom-designed solutions. Appliances create their own unique challenges based on the environment they are creating. Sensors in many cases are put into a position to measure in the challenging environment. Sensor technologies in household appliances are contributing to new levels of convenience and productivity for the smart home of today and tomorrow.


TOPOS is one of professional sensors suppliers. We provide types of sensors used in homes,include sensors used in refrigerator, smart home freezer sensor, sensors in home appliances, temperature sensor used in refrigerator,etc. Want to know about types of temperature sensors and their applications? Please contact us.


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