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Convenience Store Automatic Coffee Machines

Colet, automatic coffee machine manufacturer, is a registered trademark, owned by Ningbo Hawk Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd, a professional Chinese fully automatic coffee maker specialist since 2005.We also provide fully auto coffee machine, home automatic coffee machines, all in one commercial coffee machine, retail espresso machines and so on.


Colet Commercial Automatic Espresso&Americano convenience store cappuccino machine is top popular in convenience stores in South Korea, Japan and China.


Convenience Store Coffee Machine Is Widely Used

If you had a journey to Seoul in Korea, you will know what a huge quantity of convenience stores in South Korea, and most of them are equipped with a bean to cup coffee machine for sell of coffee. The sales method of coffee in Korean convenience stores is very special, guests will buy a paper cup on the counter of the convenience stores, then take the cup and go to make a cup of Americano by themselves on the fully automatic coffee machine in a convenience store, without the help of the waiters in a convenience store.

Americano is Korea’s most favorite drink, Colet engineers customized the functions and tastes of their Automatic Americano Coffee Machines especially according to Korean favorite coffee tastes. We set the Americano as 30ml to 40ml high concentration espresso, then follow with hot water quickly, it not only makes good taste Americano, but also reduces the Americano preparing time inside 1 minute to meet high-efficiency requirement for convenience stores.

The most special function is the Iced Americano, which is the best sales during summer in Korean convenience stores. Customers will buy a cup with ice cubes inside to make coffee from bean to cup coffee machines. If customers get hot Americano with espresso and hot water from coffee machine, the ice cubes will melt very fast and the final coffee will be not cold enough. Colet solution makes the machine to do Iced Americano as 30ml to 40ml high concentration espresso, then follow with cool water without heat, in order to avoid the melt of ice tube. In this way, the Iced Americano will be in perfect low temperature and bring users icy enjoyment on the Iced Americano.

Colet is a professional manufacturer of fully automatic coffee machines, with a product range to cover commercial automatic coffee machines to fit with convenience stores including convenience store One Touch Cappuccino Coffee Machine and other convenience store coffee machine. If you are interested in our products and want to buy fully automatic coffee machine for convenience store retail business, welcome to contact us!


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