TOPOS sensors are well proven in wide range of Automotive applications with outstanding quality, low prices, and expert support. Using TOPOS’s proven sensor solutions, we help automotive manufacturers meet stringent emission standards in the automotive industry.Our sensors set new standards in terms of comfort, safety, and energy consumption. They ensure that cabin air is always optimally regulated inside the vehicle for the driver by means of air-conditioning.


We understand the important of selecting the correct sensor for your specific application and with 20 years’ experience in these industry sectors, coupled with our technical sales team, we can ensure the right sensor for your specific application.


TOPOS is one of professional thermistor suppliers. We provide Home Appliance Temperature Sensor, automotive coolant temperature sensor used in thermo sensor car, car coolant sensor, car ect sensor, thermostat sensor for car, car radiator temperature sensor, ambient sensor in car, car coolant temperature sensor, Pellet Grill Temperature Sensor, sensor solutions and so on. Want to know about tvoc co2? Please contact us.


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