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3、Wholesale Facial Wet Wipes Supplier

Zhejiang B.I. established in 2003. Zhejiang B.I. is one of the leading company in Chinese health and hygiene products export business providing health and hygiene innovative products worldwide. We provide Sanitary Pads, Panty Liners, eco friendly sanitary products and so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.

Types of Facial Wet Wipes

Sachet wet wipes uses for face

Sachet wet wipes for oily face  are more and more popular than before, because of Covid-19, wet wipes demand increases sharply. Sachet wipes are more clean, easy to take, it is a good choice for daily life.

20pcs Facial Wet Wipes

Zhejiang BI’s facial wet wipes is an ultra-comfortable, non-alcoholic wipes that can remove dirt and oil from the skin, maintain the pH balance of the skin, and make your skin soft and clean.

25pcs Facial Wet Wipes

For wet wipes, we provide you baby wet wipes, facial wet wipes, feminine wet wipes, make-up remover wet wipes, household cleaning wet wipes, disinfection wet wipes and so on.

And now the price of wet wipes for face  is very cheap.



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