Dog Food

Chicken and duck meat of high-quality are selected. Meat content is higher than 70%. Natural animal protein is easy to digest. Amino acids and mineral trace elements that are beneficial to the growth of puppies are added to the puppy formula to ensure the healthy growth of puppies and adult dogs.


High calcium help to improve dogs’ bone and advance their growth.


Especially added Vitamins and omega 3&omega 6 fatty acids, which make the skin more healthy and fur bright. Scientific formula made of fresh meat and fresh vegetables to maintain a healthy immune system, reduce the risk of disease, and protect pets’ joints. Dry dog food with the taste of assorted meat. The freeze dried chicken treats are suitable for the daily feeding of adult dogs of all breeds.


Dry dog food helps you quickly feed a dog of any size and breed. Put the food in a bowl – a hearty meal is ready. The recipe uses a variety of products: cereals, vegetables, meat and fish offal, which contain the main set of indicators for the health and activity of adult dogs (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals).


Dry dog food for every day.


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