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It didnt occur in bfa – we sucked there also gameplay wise

Also enhancement: got busted at the onset of the expansionwith a tried rework(Legion), were very good for a week because of a bug and bad equipment so nobody scaled yet. Bug got repaired, and we had been in the garbage for another 3 raids, together with WOW TBC Classic Gold constant dangling of’we had no time this patchwe promise we fix it in the next one’. 9.3 came out and they said, has to wait until growth.

It didnt occur in bfa – we sucked there also gameplay wise, we had any raidtiers where we were midst of the pack rather than bottom third, but thats it. They eventually de-reworked the entire spec into a better version of the pre-legion gamestyle (gameplaywise) and then just never allow us to be aggressive in raids. I believe they just have some very committed designers for a few classes and specs, and those that are constantly forgotten and ignored just dont have somebody who wants it to succeed, so they just get looked at sparingly and get a 5 percent enthusiast here and there.

Wait wait wait wait. I ceased playing back during Cataclysm, and that had been a meme back then make it was literally in the WOTLK trailer. I’ve kept up only a tiny bit Through the Years and completely forgot about this haha

As someone who had to quit playing classic due to lack of time, it has its own flaws, because it is a very old game at this point, but it did a lot right too. It did not have a ton of throwaway pieces. Everything in classic was essentially required, so as to function somewhere else in classic. I haven’t seen a match with systems that incorporated since then.

Meanwhile, I have not gotten any new expansions since legion. Why? Since the sport keeps chugging along, but I don’t feel like it is improved. I didn’t even enjoy Legion that far. It was nice, but I wasn’t excited. Hilariously, I loved MoP, because I loved the unwanted stuff (but not a lot of those dailies).

I really don’t think any expansion since MOP actually improved on the game. It’s basically the same game it has been for a long time, but with a difficult to swallow story (I kind of lost track of exactly what happened after MoP,) fresh zones, and a few surface level stuff switched around and lost after the last growth. If anything, it keeps gaining problems and plot holes.

At the end of the day, is that worth the $15 a month plus expansion expenses? No, Especially when there are lots of fantastic PC games which aren’t only more affordable, but higher quality, have a lot of gameplay , and possess a complete experience as well as the cheap WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold one time cost? I don’t think the MMO genre is dead, but I could think of a good deal of games that I would rather play than WoW.

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