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ANHUI USTC Zonkia Scientific Instruments Co., biology lab equipment suppliers, was founded on 1995, Mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of laboratory /medical instruments in China. Our main products is low speed centrifuge, high speed centrifuge, low speed refrigerated centrifuge, high speed refrigerated centrifuge, Autoclave, vibrating sputum extractor and solar freezer/Air Condition.


The new type of solar composite superconducting heating and cooling air conditioner uses solar energy and renewable biomass fuel as the main energy when heating, which is a truly green heating method. When refrigerating, a small amount of electric energy is used to utilize the low temperature of the ground source, and the superconducting energy transmission system is used for direct refrigeration to achieve the most reasonable energy-saving cooling effect.


Traditional air coolers cannot eliminate the unpleasant side effects-long-term consumption of a large amount of energy, low energy efficiency, and accelerated global warming. It would be great if people could successfully use sunlight to cool a family room or office-it would not consume a lot of hard-to-renew energy, and it would not release too much carbon dioxide during the cooling process.


We also offer industrial steam sterilizer, industrial autoclave for sale.


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