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Coffee and Milk Tea Shop Automatic Coffee Machines

Colet, , is a registered trademark, owned by Ningbo Hawk Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd, a professional Chinese fully automatic coffee maker specialist since 2005. We also provide fully auto coffee machine, home automatic coffee machines, all in one automatic coffee machine, commercial coffee machines and so on. We also provide coffee machine for small coffee shop, coffee machine online shop, coffee machines used in cafes, espresso machine for small coffee shop, coffee machine for cafe shop and so on. The  coffee machine price for shop is very reasonable.

Coffee shops need reliable coffee equipment to keep a continuously coffee supply, it requests the fully automatic coffee bar coffee maker machine used in cafes not only have good quality, but also with high performance to produce delicious espresso, Americano, cappuccino and latte, in order to satisfy guests and attract them to back to drink coffee every day.

In additional,nowadays more and more small cafe and retail shops established by young person as an entrepreneur, which raise another requirement on the coffee maker machines that to be low for them to purchase.

Colet commercial automatic coffee machines provided the perfect solution to meet all the above requirements. With extension solution from fully automatic coffee maker machine to commercial version to meet coffee shop and store use, and the price is just a little higher than home fully automatic coffee making machines, affordable by most small coffee shops, and the performance can meet the diary business of small coffee shops.

Of course, if you need a coffee maker machine for big coffee shops or bars with the need to serve for much more guests every day and need more coffee or hot beverage types, it is necessary to consider professional automatic coffee machine T100 and commercial milk steamer CLT-ZQJ01 as an additional option, they will help you to supply different coffee drinks and other hot beverages like chocolate and milk tea to your guests, and the diary output capacity is much higher.

Colet is a professional manufacturer of fully automatic coffee maker machines, the product range covers commercial coffee machines inside fit in the coffee shop and milk tea shop use such as commercial push button coffee machine and One Touch Cappuccino Coffee Machine. If you are interested in our products and want to buy a fully automatic coffee machine for the coffee shop business, welcome to contact us!


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