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In Terms of the ping, I’m concerned. I’m getting

Sure I think you will find some weird bugs in Aion – such as being introduced 1000m to aion classic kinah the atmosphere on certain strikes, being sent flying across the map, or smashed and falling through the floor to your own death. But the trade-off is well worth it in my own view – that being fast paced battle that flows nicely with a high skill ceiling.

I was gonna say that he is probably not chasing properly, or did not have an extendable weapon. The game never gave me a lot of issues with not being in scope, unless it had been intended when I had been fighting with a ranged char with CC.

In Terms of the ping, I’m concerned. I’m getting 90 ping or so since I live on the west shore. I wish they had an east coast and west coast server. This is not Korea. NA is enormous, and we don’t have the link latency KR has.

Also slideshotting and jumpshotting barely needs skilll, literally 80 percent of rangers that may do that are literal clickers. In reality, over 50 percent of aion pvp videos are people literally clicking in their skills, I am sure that shows how tough the pvp is.

Please show me a movie of a ranger clicking his abilities while also always slideshotting. I would really like to see what you wind up finding. Additionally yes there are plenty of aion pvp movies where the participant is clicking his skills but are they GOOD? The huge majority of the playerbase lacks skill therefore of course the majority of the videos have been listed by those very same players.

Jumpshotting is easy… but slideshotting has an insane power gap… there is fundamental slideshots with aa infront and there are buffs slideshots // scroll slideshots // double tap Slide shots // slideshots with other abilities // Jumpcast to slideshots etc. to find this all easily done it actually require a lot of practice.

There is a reason why so many people state that aion is among the best tab targeting pvp games.

The flying time cd must do something with you pressing distance to euro aion classic buy kinah premature back and the wings are available for 0.01 seconds but you even watched them. It did happen to me several times but dont give it the game the error when its you.

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