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How Does a Outdoor Thermal Camera Work and What Are Its Advantages

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Any object with temperature will emit infrared rays. The thermal imaging camera is to receive the infrared rays emitted by the object, and display the temperature distribution on the surface of the measured object through a colored picture, and find out the abnormal point of the temperature according to the slight difference in temperature, thus performing the maintenance function. It is also generally called an infrared camera. So, how does a thermal imaging camera work? What are the advantages of thermal imaging cameras?

Ⅰ. How does the outdoor thermal camera work?

The working principle of outdoor thermal cameras is thermal infrared imaging technology. Its core is a thermal imager, which is a sensor that can detect extremely small temperature differences and convert the temperature differences into real-time video images for display. But you can only see the hot corridor of people and objects, and you can’t see the true colors of the objects.

Ⅱ. What are the advantages of outdoor thermal cameras

  1. It can be used normally during the day and night;

  1. It can be used in extreme weather;

  1. Obstacles such as fog, rain and smoke can be seen through;

  1. All heat-generating objects have nowhere to hide.

Due to well-known reasons, visible light equipment can no longer work properly. If artificial lighting is used, it is easy to expose the target.

If low-light night vision equipment is used, it also works in the visible light band and still needs external light illumination. The outdoor thermal camera passively receives the infrared heat radiation of the target itself, and can work normally during the day and night, and will not expose itself. Also under severe weather conditions such as rain and fog, because the visible light has a short wavelength and poor ability to overcome obstacles, the observation effect is poor, but the infrared wavelength is longer, especially for thermal imaging cameras that work at 8 to 14um. The penetration in the rain and fog is excellent, so the target can still be observed normally.

Therefore, at night and in severe weather conditions, outdoor thermal cameras can be used to monitor various targets such as people and vehicles.

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