Cat Treat

Freeze-dried technology, freezing, fresh taste locked


Fresh taste locking


The freeze-dried chinese cat treats series is made of a variety of high-quality fish, and the pure fish is frozen in the ultra-low temperature environment of minus 36 degrees Celsius. It is vacuum-dried, while water sublimes, it firmly locks in nutrients and natural flavor.


Water locking


Almost four kilograms of fresh salmon can produce one kilogram of freeze dried salmon. The essence of fish is concentrated and retained by freeze-drying technology. Pigments, preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, etc. Has not been used. It can be restored to fresh fish in water. Fresh fish is visible!


Nutrition locking


The whole production process is carried out in a low temperature environment, and various trace elements such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals are retained. Meat is rich in animal protein, amino acids and vitamins, which can promote the healthy growth of pets.


Effectively sterilize and keep pets healthy


After packaging, it can effectively kill parasites and bacteria by freezing, vacuum drying and irradiation sterilization, and pets can enjoy a feast of raw food!


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