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Steps and Characteristics of Chemical Fiber Grade Titanium Dioxide Used in Textile Sizing

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  1. Steps of chemical fiber-grade titanium dioxide used in textile sizing


  1. The pulping process should maintain the original viscosity.


  1. The parameters of the sizing machine should remain stable.


  1. The chemical fiber-grade titanium dioxide should be first dispersed into a liquid of 20% concentration.


  1. The dosage of chemical fiber-grade titanium dioxide products: accounting for 1.5-3% of starch weight.


  1. Replace PVA with an equal amount of starch in pure cotton slurry, and the other components remain unchanged.


  1. When mixing, add a specified amount of water to the slurrying barrel properly, and then shake the liquid slurry auxiliary.


  1. Add a specified amount of starch and stir at a medium speed for ten minutes before pouring it into other raw materials.


  1. Heating and boiling the pulp for 30 minutes at an atmospheric pressure or 20 minutes at a high pressure.


If there is liquid polyacrylate slurry in the slurry formula, chemical fiber-grade titanium dioxide auxiliaries should be added after the slurry heats up to 50 °C.


  1. Characteristics of textile slurry containing chemical fiber-grade titanium dioxide


  1. In the sizing of medium and fine cotton varieties, PVA slurry can be greatly replaced or even completely replaced, and 1 kg nanoslurry can replace PVA slurry of about 15 kg. It can partially or completely replace PVA slurry on T/C varieties, demonstrating relatively obvious economic and social benefits.


  1. Nano-grade slurry additives have little impact on the viscosity and thermal stability of starch slurry.


  1. After adding nano-grade slurry additives, the fracture strength of starch pulp film has been significantly improved, which is similar to that of the slurry film with 20% of PVA added. According to the electron microscope photo of the fracture section of the slurry film, it can be seen that the fracture section of the pure degenerated starch pulp film is rough and uneven, and the fracture section of the slurry film after adding nano-grade slurry additives is obviously neat and smooth.


  1. The surface of pure denaturation starch pulp film is rough, which shows that the surface particles are large. After adding nano-grade slurry additives, the particles on the surface of the starch slurry film become significantly smaller. Under the action of friction, the surface of the latter film is less worn, so the wear resistance of the starch pulp film is improved after adding nano-grade slurry additives. Nanograde slurry additives reduce the abrasion and wear resistance of starch pulp film.                                                                                                  


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