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Rsgoldfast – We’ve had enough of your games

Then you describe what that box didn’t Zanik. Oh. . Yeah, we need to RuneScape gold visit Goblin Village and Speak to Bentnoze and Wartface. A cutscene opens of Zanik and you running to Goblin Village (hopefully with some rock track playing in a different Slice of H.A.M). The both of you will be in the front of both generals, panting. Oh, human did it got cave goblin. Ya, if we tell him? Tell me ? The two generals will (in fractured English) describe the Red Axe discussed with the two of them again, but instead”forced” them to join them, with nothing to back them up.

The two dwarves then chased from the village. We no longer join cowards like these. So you are sticking with the good men? Well that is fantastic. An arrow will hit Zanik in the towers, along with a fire arrow will hit you, knocking you to the floor. Five H.A.M Assassins will fall into Bentnoze and Wartface’s hut, but they will be murdered immediately. The doors are secured, and they can’t save Zanik.

Then you will attempt to get up, but can not. The fire arrow has hurt you that much. Perfect, yet another captive for Glouphrie. A teleport noise will sound behind you, and Sir Tiffy Cashien will show up to save daily. He will slay both assassins, and grab Sigmund by the throat.

You hear me, Sigmund. We’ve had enough of your games, the Temple Knights are now going to destroy H.A.M. Oh, you’re so simple minded. H.A.M has merged with The Red Axe, also we have abandoned our old hideout. You will never have the ability to find us. We will just need to keep you with us then. You are going to be easier to crack than that Lord from Aprosandra.

You will be advised to escort Zanik into Dorgesh-Kahn, in which a settlement of the Temple Knights has been covertly established. Then talk to Veldaban. Fantastic work again, Zachman3334. I really don’t know how I could repay you for buy OSRS gold your efforts…

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