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Optical Application

BRD Optical co. Ltd is one of professional optical mirror manufacturers. We provide Plano Concave Cylindrical Lens, Plano Convex Cylindrical Lens, double convex mirror, precision optical products and so on. Want to know more? Please conatct us.


Introduction Of Optical Application

Optical engineering is a long and young subject. Its theoretical basis-optics, as the backbone of physics, has experienced a long and tortuous development path, casting geometric optics, wave optics, quantum optics and nonlinear optics, revealing the law of light generation and propagation and the relationship with matter Interaction relationship. With the rise of laser technology and optoelectronic technology, optical engineering has developed to be based on precision optical products, and is integrated with disciplines such as information science, energy science, material science, life science, space science, precision machinery and manufacturing, computer science, and microelectronics technology. Closely intersecting and interpenetrating disciplines. It contains many important emerging disciplines, such as laser technology, optical communication, optical storage and recording, optical information processing, photoelectric display, holography and three-dimensional imaging, thin-film and integrated optics, optoelectronics and photonics technology, laser material processing and processing, Low light and infrared imaging technology, photoelectric measurement, fiber optics, modern optics and optoelectronic instruments and devices, optical remote sensing technology, and integrated optical engineering technology, etc. These branches not only made a qualitative leap in optical engineering but also promoted the establishment of a rapidly expanding modern optical industry and optoelectronics industry. BRD Optical takes its paces in the application of optics in daily life. Our optical applications can be seen in astronomy, biotechnology, defense science and aerospace, etc.


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