Grader Tires

Ortec is a OTR Chinese tire manufacturers and a tire solution provider for construction, surface mining, underground mining, quarries, port, and industrial handling. Based on 20 years’ expertise in OTR technology, design, manufacturing, it offers a complete line of tires in both radial and bias construction that withstand the most severe operating condition. And with the support from its distribution network, Ortec is also engaged in providing the best-in-class service covering product selection, on-site service and training, claim settling, technical support, continuous improvement on design and quality, as well as tire refurbishment. Ortec tyre company aims to become a global tire solution provider that helps its clients enhance their operational efficiency and lower their operating costs.


Ortec provides a range of grader tires for sale in both radial and bias construction to cope with different challenges from road maintenance in an open-pit mine to snow removal operation.


The UTGD pattern is designed with multi-purpose tread for exceptional traction and durabilities to satisfy the diversified needs resulting from the constant changes of applications. The NGP2 pattern is designed to withstand rough terrain. Its unique lugs and open tread design provide maximum traction in soft soils. And its casing is reinforced with a nylon cord to increase the bearing capacity and impact. The UTSN pattern of this type of OTR tires for sale is ideal for operations on the snowy or icy road surfaces, with its winter compound providing excellent traction and its zigzag tread pattern offering great skid-resistance. We also have mobile crane tyres, crane tyres for sale.

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