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Go inside and speak to Ioffrdin Chillingworth

Go inside and speak to Ioffrdin Chillingworth, the chief of worldwide mourners. He will be angry, because apparently somebody (you) has loathed part of the woods where they had been collecting herbs. Ask what the new mission is and he’ll say he wants large amounts of RuneScape gold coal tar. Ask why and he’ll say that’s only for himself and Lord Iorworth to understand. He will ask you to help mix up a fresh potion of weakness, because the rebel elves have somehow (again, you) discovered a remedy for it.

Look for the bookshelf to get a scientific dictionary. Report into Chillingworth and provide him your potion. With the scientific dictionary on your inventory, you will have the ability to convince him that it actually works. Chillingworth then gets a message from Iorworth, also leaves. Look for the vault to get a puzzle. The mourners, it seems, want to burn down the whole forest, and Ardoungne as well.

2. For the corrupted lamps, you’ll be told this assignment is beyond your skill since you cannot do the chanting of Seren. He indicates that you talk to Iswyln and Ilfeen (the elf who recharges your crystal bow and protect ). Speak to either , however Ilfeen is simpler, as talking to Iswyln will get you sent to locate Ilfeen.

Whichever one you choose will tell you Eluned told them about your fight with the Tracker, which because you’re so good with a halberd, you could consider a crystal pike, which they’ve remembered how to create. Ilfeen will begin a conversation about your past adventures. Of specific interest to her is the fact that during Underground Pass, you resisted the pull of Iban’s demons and remained pure. She then concludes that you may make a fantastic apprentice, and asks that you study the Chanting of Seren.

As you aren’t an elf, though, you’d only ever be in a position to do it together with an elf, or by using a crystal made specifically for whatever job you are doing. Accept, you will observe several cutscenes of yourself studying the fundamentals. You’re given a distinctive crystal, and are told to use this on several different lamps round Isafdar to determine if they’re corrupted. You know they are because if they can be, a greater hero will look. When you have buy RS gold killed the 5th demon, a Rebel Elf will look and tell you that they took good care of the rest. Now you can get crystal pikes from Ilfeen and Iswylyn.

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