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WH3002 55 Inch Swivel TV Rolling Floor Cart

iWORKHUB, tv stand supplier, was found in 2016 and specializes in designing and manufacturing audiovisual mounting solutions. Our R&D team has a strong and solid manufacturing engineering background in metal stamping and forming technologies related to products such as Wall Mounts, Mobile Carts for more than 18 years. We provide types of tv carts, types of tv mounting brackets and portable tv stand on wheels,etc.


Specification of WH3002 55 Inch Swivel TV Stand Cart

Item WH3002
Display size Fits for 55″display screen
VESA pattern range 400*400mm-400*400mm
Load capacity 55KG(121LBS)
Display height adjustment 53.6“
1361mm from the floor.
Screen Rotation 0°/+90°
Tilt +12°


dvantages of WH3002 55 Inch Swivel TV Stand Cart


This type of mobile television cart can help you move the TV easily. With this 55 tv floor stand , you can smoothly change the orientation of your TV.


As this 55 inch tv stand with swivel mount is designed for 55” display screen, you can easily manage the cables at your office.


Having premium smooth-rolling casters, which are highly lockable, this 55 inch rolling tv stand with swivel mount can easily “lock” your TV whenever and wherever you want.


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