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Characteristics of the Planetary Gear Drive

Ⅰ. Planetary gear drive VS Ordinary gear drive

When their parts materials and mechanical properties, manufacturing accuracy, working conditions, etc. are the same, the planetary gear drive has a series of outstanding advantages, so it is often used as the planetary reducer/planetary gear reducer, speed increasing gear, differential speed and reversing mechanisms and for other special purposes.

Ⅱ. The main features of the planetary gear drive

(1) The planetary reducer is small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, large in transmission power, and high in load capacity; These features are determined by internal factors such as the structure of the planetary gear drive.

  1. The planetary reducer adopts the principle of power splitting. Several identical planetary gears are evenly distributed around the center wheel to share the load, so that the load on each gear is smaller, and the corresponding gear modulus can be smaller. In the case of uniform load, with the increase of the planetary gear, its external size decreases.
  1. The planetary reducermakes full use of the high bearing capacity of the internal gearing and the space volume of the internal gear (or ring gear), thereby reducing the radial and axial dimensions, and making the structure very compact and the bearing capacity high.
  1. The planetary reducer is a coaxial drive device. Each center wheel forms a coaxial drive, and the input shaft and the output shaft are coaxial, so that the size of the drive device in the length direction is greatly reduced.

(2) The planetary reducer has a large drive ratio; As long as the type of planetary drive and the gear allocation plan are appropriately selected, a few gears can be used to obtain a large drive ratio. In a planetary mechanism that is not used as a power drive but mainly used to transmit motion, its drive ratio can reach several thousand. In addition, because the planetary gear drive can rotate its three basic components, it can realize the synthesis and decomposition of motion, as well as complex motion such as step or stepless variable speed drive.

A planetary reducer/planetary gear reducer can obtain a large drive ratio, but it must be noted that its drive efficiency will become lower.

(3) The planetary reducer has a high drive efficiency; Because the planetary gear drive adopts a symmetrical split drive structure, even if it has several evenly distributed planetary gears, the reaction forces acting on the center wheel and the rotating arm bearings are balanced with each other, which is conducive to improving drive efficiency. When the drive type is selected properly and the structure layout is reasonable, its efficiency can reach 0.97 to 0.99.

(4) The planetary reducer has stable motion, strong resistance to shock and vibration; Due to the use of several identical planetary wheels, which are evenly distributed around the center wheel, the inertial forces of the planetary wheels and the rotating arm can be balanced with each other. Besides the number of teeth involved in the meshing can be increased, so the planetary reducer/planetary gear reducer boasts smooth drive motion, strong resistance to shock and vibration, and more reliable work.

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