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What is a High-precision Harmonic Reducer? What Are Its Advantages?

Many people may have heard of the harmonic reducer, but have not seen it, or even don’t know it at all. So what is the harmonic reducer, and what are its advantages and characteristics? In view of these two problems, I will give an introduction for you today, hoping you can understand the high-precision harmonic reducer.

  1. What is the harmonic reducer

Let’s first understand what the harmonic reducer is. It is a type of speed reduction device, which is generally composed of three basic components: a flexible wheel, a rigid wheel and a wave generator. From the explanation of the definition, in simple terms, it is a new type of transmission method that relies on the elastic deformation of a flexible working component for movement or power transmission, thereby obtaining a series of special functions that are difficult to achieve by other transmissions, and breaking through the mode of rigid component mechanism adopted by the mechanical transmission.

  1. Advantages of the harmonic reducer

First, from the appearance point of view, the appearance is the most intuitive point for the user. The high-precision harmonic reducer has a relatively small appearance and volume. Although it is a high-tech product, its structure is not so complicated in public imagination. In fact, it is very simple, consisting of only three basic components: a flexible wheel, a rigid wheel and a wave generator. Compared with some other ordinary reducer products, the parts are much less, and it is not so trivial. Because the structure is relatively simple and compact, it is relatively light in weight, easy to install, and easy to carry and move.

Second, the high-precision harmonic reducer moves relatively smoothly when it is working. This is a great advantage. After all, if the equipment does not work smoothly during work, large errors will occur. Generally, there will be no sudden changes. Its noise is relatively small, and it will not produce any impact, so the service life of the equipment will be longer.

Third, the transmission speed of the high-precision harmonic reducer is relatively large, and the transmission efficiency is relatively high. The high-precision harmonic reducer is widely used. Its function is not only used for deceleration, but sometimes can also be used as a speed-increasing product. It has a very good effect and greatly reduces users’ trouble.

Fourth, strong load-bearing capacity. Although its volume is relatively small, its parts are relatively small, and its structure is relatively simple, its load-bearing capacity is indeed super powerful and completely surpasses that of other transmission equipment.

This is the high-precision harmonic reducer. The above introduces what the high-precision harmonic reducer is, and also displays its own advantages and characteristics. In fact, with the continuous development and change of social science and technology, now the transmission has also been continuously improved and perfected. There will always be better equipment to help the industry to develop better.

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