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A Written Confession from One Box of Mask

Hello, everyone,


I am one box of mask from Winner Medical. Maybe I am the common one among my sisters and brothers, but now I am the most special one. It is so honorable for me to be the only one left away from a ward of a hospital, which makes me to be kept when the medical staff leave the frontline of epidemic, COVID-19.


On March 19, 2020, there are 137 medical workers that the first supported medical team from Qinghai, China, which take the plane to arrive at Xining. After landing, the leader, Mr. Liu Jianhua, gives me as a present to the crewmen. The 137 names are written on me, and my heart could feel the warm and value from every medical worker.


Actually, on January 29, 2020, the medical team reached Wuhan, Hubei, and they began the rescuing work for the corresponding hospitals. So until now, they have fought about 50 days.


During the new coronavirus, I witnessed their tears and sweats. It is no doubt that they are the hero of people. There are zero infection for medical staff, and zero death for patients in the epidemic area they are responsibility.


To save more lives, they choose to meet the danger and death. To protect more people’health, they are willing to give up their health. Thus, my family, Winner Medical, decides to keep me as a souvenir, so that more people can remember these great stories about the medical staff.


Thank you. You are the real winners!


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