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What are the advantages of sand making machine?

High efficiency sand making machine is a new type of sand making equipment developed by our company. Years of technological accumulation, modern processing equipment of precision production to ensure the status of a new sand making machine. The new sand making and shaping equipment designed by the shaft impact crusher is also a high performance sand shaping equipment, which has the following remarkable advantages.

Advantage 1: large processing capacity

The optimized rotor structure can increase the material throughput by more than 40%, which greatly improves the production capacity of pebble sand making machine. In addition, the discharge port of pebble sand making machine has been specially modified, which can adjust the discharge granularity in a wider range to meet the needs of customers and the market, so that the market adaptability is strong.

Advantage 2: fine shape of finished product particles

After the pebble sand making machine is finely broken, the finished product has good particle shape, good quality, less needle content and less iron pollution, which is popular with the majority of users. In addition, the equipment of pebble sand making machine is very small affected by the moisture content of materials, and can be used in the sand crushing operation of various forms of ore materials.

Advantage 3: long service life

Compared with other commonly used sand making machines, the new type of sand making machine adopts advanced sand making technology at home and abroad, and the production process is stable. At the same time, the optimum design of impact angle of the crushing chamber of sand making machine can reduce the friction between the material and the wear-resistant parts, and effectively prolong the service life of the equipment of the sand making machine.

Advantage 4: good environmental protection

The new type of pebble sand making machine cyclone chamber adopts a unique air flow self circulation device, which reduces the air volume discharged from the swirl chamber. This not only reduces dust pollution, but also improves the working efficiency of sand making machine.

Advantage 5: easy to maintain

The traditional third generation sand making machine has only a rear observation door. The difference is that the new pebble sand making machine not only opens the maintenance observation door on its side, but also adopts the hydraulic cap device, which is more conducive to the maintenance and observation of the equipment operation.

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