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Lavoli Cooperates With Band Minnutes

As a high-tech music player based on bone conduction, Lavoli is in the form of a battery powered lollipop, providing excellent experience to people to enjoy delicious and sweet lollipops while listening to wonderful music. There are many other audios just like greetings can be stored, it means Lavoli Musical Lollipop are not only lollipops that play music but also can be lollipop gifts. Lavoli is a special birthday gift and creative wedding gift, meanwhile it is a holiday candy and toy candy, as we can see Lavoli is versatile and can realize many possibilities. Therefore, when the two Founders of Thunder Blast Group heard the lyrics of I Can by Minnutes, “I can do anything, I can go anywhere, I can be anyone” thinking that this is Lavoli’s theme song! The “I” in the lyrics is Lavoli Musical Lollipop, Lavoli is just as described in the lyrics, it can do many things for consumers, as well as it can be applied on many occasions, it has recording function, so that it can be a gift sent to the recipient carrying voice greetings, the recipient would feel “It’s great to be with you today” in the lyrics.

Minnutes is Riley York, Champersand, and Doctor Broccoli, as a band, they published three albums, Pretty Baby, Sweet Tooth and Live It Up. Their style is sweet and warm, and the gentle female voice sings softly, which makes people intoxicated. It is very in line with the image of the Lavoli brand. People can feel a sense of happiness while tasting delicious lollipops. This is exactly what Lavoli’s slogan – Voice of Love, wants to convey to everyone.

From 2020, Lavoli and Minnutes began to cooperate, I Can became Lavoli’s theme song, and the sweet voice officially became the boot music in Lavoli Music Lollipop.

A few different types of lollipops with different audios and applications are carrying I can as theme songs, which suitable for kids and adults both.

Thunder Blast is a professional toy candy manufacturer. We provide Halloween Musical Lollipop, Christmas Musical Lollipop, unique wedding anniversary gift ideas, personalized candies for birthday parties, children’s day special gift ideas and so on. Want to know what lollipop played music when you ate it? Please contact us.


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