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That is fine, distinct strokes. I felt exactly the same

I understand I am in the minority here but after about Animal Crossing Items 10 hours or so of playing Hades I was already bored because of small quantities of weapons that are available. I just liked maybe 3 of those weapons too. Didn’t care too much for the story either, as that’s not what I look for in roguelike games.

That is fine, distinct strokes. I felt exactly the same the first 5 hours or so, but I’ve come to really like it, I am now at around 30ish hours and actually addicted. I find that keeping an open mind and only trying out assembles, even if you don’t enjoy it in concept, helps spice things up. It’s always fun discovering combos that function.

That is exactly what does it for me. I’ve a few go-to builds I love to play and hope to find boons for but sometimes you simply have to pick something different that you weren’t expecting, and adapting to that new playstyle while picking different boons which synergize is what makes the game worth many hours of replay

Well, what you’re missing is that these weapons actually have different manners that totally changes how you utilize them. IMO, Hades has probably the best weapons systems there’s, every single weapon changes the game completely, then has configurations out of there to change it even farther.

The 6 weapons do offer a lot of gameplay variety especially when you factor in the various weapon types, boons, companions and keepsakes but it takes waaaaay to long to see all that as a participant. The concealed forms change all of the weapons radically, but it takes way to long to receive them. The enemies changing over time and supervisors changing when you trigger specific Heat options also adds variety but most people will not see that things until they dump many hours into the match.

Hell I just have 1 companion unlocked and I basically have nothing left to perform in the game besides grind for nectar to unlock the final story bit and warmth levels. I love the game and feel it deserves GOTY but your sense is totally reasonable.

I adore Hades but it’s also missing something that makes it super persuasive, I don’t think I will ever get Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket the 500 hours that I have in Binding of Isaac with Hades, it’s missing that drive for a few reason. Still a great and enjoyable game, although they don’t know a lot about Greek Mythology and earn a good deal of changes to suit their narrative.

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