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IU’s Electric Scooter Will Never Be Blocked in the City

Ⅰ. Who needs a long-distance electric scooter?


IU’s long-distance electric scooters have strong endurance and can take you to easily meet your commuting needs and normal travel needs. If you have the following needs, you can consider buying:


  1. The distance between home and company is within 8km, you can try to go round-trip directly with urban electric scooter. According to estimation, IU’s long-distance electric scooter can be reached within half an hour for 8km distance (including the time to cross the road and other traffic lights);


  1. The home or company is within a short walking distance from the subway station, you can go there with an urban electric scooter, and then take the subway;


  1. The student usually thinks that it is too far from the dormitory to the study room. Ordinary bicycles are parked outside and often lost. However, the ultra-lightweight folding scootercan be placed in the dormitory or under the desk in the study room;


  1. People who are often stuck in traffic can consider switching to the electric foot scooter + subway travel mode, which is absolutely convenient and time-saving.


Ⅱ. The experience of using the long-distance electric scooter


  1. Increase the motivation to go out


After owning this long-distance electric scooter, you are more willing to go out, which can enrich your social life. Riding it to go out is also very fashionable in the crowd.


  1. High safety


You may feel a little swaying at first ride, but will be basically familiar with it after riding twice. The trick is not to put your hands on the handles with too much force when riding, just hold on. Focus on your feet.


  1. It is very convenient to fold


some long-distance electric scooters are known to be foldable, but it is too troublesome to fold it once and then open it once. But electric foldable scooter of IU is really convenient to use and fold.


  1. The speed is sufficient for use


The top speed is 25km/h, which is basically sufficient in the city.


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