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Design and Matching of Electric Control System for Electric Golf Cart

  1. How does the golf cart car work?


When the golf cart is working, the battery provides electric energy to drive the electric motor. The output shaft of the electric motor is connected with the drive axle through a spline connection to directly transmit the power to the drive wheels. The speed adjustment of the caddy is to adjust the speed change by transmitting acceleration and deceleration signals to the central controller through the forward pedal. The steering mechanism controls the driving direction of the golf cart, and the service brake (including mechanical brake and motor reverse charging brake) and the parking brake work together to complete the safety of the golf cart parking and parking. At the same time, there are front and rear bumpers involved in driving safety.


  1. The electric drive control system of golf cart car


Since the overall structure of the golf cart car is relatively simple, and its powerful performance lies in its drive system, the electric drive control system has of course become the focus of IU Smart golf cart design. The first thing to consider is to use a technologically advanced AC induction motor speed control system-that is an AC motor with an AC controller. The advantages of AC motors are outstanding: such as simple motor structure, brushless motor, and long service life.


Most golf carts are driven by DC-that is, DC separately excited motor + DC separately excited controller. From the original 36 volt motor to 48-volt motor development. In addition, the dynamic performance and the driving range have always been a pair of contradictions (the driving range is inversely non-linear and inversely proportional to the vehicle speed). Therefore, under the premise of not affecting the power, the use of high energy density batteries, the use of braking energy regeneration technology, the use of various light materials, the improvement of mechanical transmission efficiency, the reasonable use of regenerative current to achieve vehicle braking, and the selection of reasonable line wires and try to reduce the line contacts to reduce various power losses and other measures to effectively improve the driving range of the caddy.


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