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What Should Be Paid Attention to when Installing Copper Cabling Installation?

In the process of copper cabling installation, special attention should be paid to the following points:


  1. Do not untie the twisted pair in the copper cable at any time unless it is necessary;


  1. No bridging is allowed;


  1. Connectors, patch panel, and wall socket panels that are compatible with copper cables should be used;


  1. If the copper cable is damaged, do not try to repair it by splicing, but replace it with a new copper cablingimmediately;


  1. When the RJ45 crystal head is terminated at both ends of a copper cable, only a small part of the outer sheath at both ends of the copper cable (generally no more than 3 inches) needs to be stripped;


  1. Do not place the copper cable directly on the ceiling, but use cable management tools such as trinkets and J-hooks. Hanging other equipment above the copper cable should also be avoided.


  1. If the wires in use in a copper cable cannot transmit data normally, do not try to replace them with other unused wires,butreplace them with a new copper cable immediately; otherwise, it will cause intermittent network problems, and the system may need to use all the wires in the copper cable in the future.


In addition, voice cables and data cables should be deployed separately. Although the voice cable and data cable can share the same patch panel, confusion will be causedif you use different types of cabling products for voice transmission and data transmission (for example, use CAT 5e LAN cable to transmit data and Cat3e copper cable to transmit voice).


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