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What Kinds of Connection Methods Are There for Patch Panels?

  1. Brief introduction of patch panel

The patch panel is the equipmentmainly used for the office terminal modular management of the front-end information point. Itisa very important part of the integrated cabling management subsystem. Whether it is now or in the future, the network integrated cabling of the data center will always need an infrastructure that can expand and manage cables. And among all the available tools, patch panel, which possesses the functions of expansibility and management, can perfectly meet the high-density and high-efficiency requirements of the network integrated cabling.


  1. The connection methods of patch panel

No matter what the patch panel types are, there are two connection methods for it. One is a direct connection, and the other is cross-connection.


(1) Straight-line connection

Straight-line connection (also called a mutual connection) refers to connecting one end of a horizontal cable (internet LAN cable) to thepatch panelin the workshop and connectingthe other end to the patch panelin the distribution room.


(2) Cross-connection

The cross-connection method refers to installing two patch panels in the horizontal link. One end of the two patch panels in the horizontal link is connected by network cables, and the other end of the two patch panels in the horizontal link is respectively connected to the patch panel in the workshop and the patch panel in the distribution room through cabling products.


Both of the above two connection methodsofpatch panelscan locate the communication line to different locations of the building. Therefore, they are both convenient for us not only to manage the communication line but also to (un)plug the mobile terminals.


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