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What are the Correct Installation Steps for Industrial Doors?

Let’s take a look at the installation steps of industrial doors together:


  1. After the preparations are done, measure the door opening, check the size, and find the highest point on the ground. Leave a distance of 0.5cm to 0.8cm between the lower guide wheel and the door panel, and leave a distance of 6cm from the lower opening of the hanging rail to the door panel. The buried hanging rail is firmly fixed with clamps and can ensure that it can bear the weight of the door. The pendants are determined according to the area of the door. The spacing of pendants larger than 10㎡ is between 60cm to 80cm, and the spacing of doors smaller than 10㎡ is 80cm to 100cm. Leave 15cm-20cm at both ends of the hanging rail. The pendant uses expansion screws of national standard ¢10. If the wall is hollow, use wall-piercing poles. The steel structure is welded, and 5*5 angle iron is used as the frame. Then bury the hanging rail, and the horizontal error of the hanging rail is within 5mm;


  1. Hang the door panel. Two washers and two nuts are placed on the screw on the door panel, and they are sleeved on the door panel. After the door panel is hung, adjust the verticality and balance of the industrial doorbody. The distance below is controlled between 0.5cm to 0.8cm. If it is double-opening to balance the two door panels, set the positioning according to the center distance of the door hole;


  1. Bury the guide wheels. Buried the first guide wheel 5cm outside the doorway, and then bury the second guide wheel. Buried according to 60% of the width of the door panel, the middle collar is welded to the left. Install the ground pin, protruding the edge 2mm, and the welding distance is about 50cm. The handle is installed at a height of 130cm from the ground. The height of the inner side of the iron handle is 120cm above the ground. The bolt is welded to the inner edge of the door panel of the middle collar. The buckle is installed 5cm from the lower end of the handle, and both ends of the door panel should be balanced;


  1. Check the operation of industrial doors. Brush oil on the hanging wheel, and the protruding part of the welding area needs to be smoothed and painted;


  1. Install the baffle. The shelf of the baffle is determined according to the pendant, and several pendants require several shelves. The baffle must be balanced and vertical, and the interface must be beautiful;


  1. After the installation work is completed, clean up the site and pack up the tools and bring them back.


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