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The Specific Copper Cabling Standards

Copper cablesisthe basis of DC power supply and data transmission in traditional network systems, until now,copper cablinghas been widely favored by network administrators, which isbecause the cost ofcopper cablingis lower than that of optical cable (especially unshieldedcopper cabling), and itscabling method has also been developed very mature.


Copper cabling standards: In order to achieve the best performanceof the copper cabling system, relevant organizations have formulated ANSI/TIA-568-C standard to guide people in the deployment of communication facilities to ensure that the copper cabling installation system can adapt tovarious applications such as voice communicationas well asnetwork communicationandso on. This section will introduce in detail the relevant provisions of ANSI/TIA-568-C standard on cable length and cable termination:


  1. Cable length


The ANSI/TIA-568-C standard specifies the maximum distance of horizontal cabling, in addition, it also makes relevant regulations for the deployment of copper cables, the details are as follows:


(1) The copper cable used for horizontal cablingshould not exceed 90m;


(2) When choosing the length of the horizontal cabling products, it must be noted that the cable is not directly connected from thepatch panelto the wall socket panel, but will be routed through walls, pipes, corners, etc;


(3) Remember to reserve a certain length of copper cable on thepatch panelto prevent the cable length from being insufficient due to the movement of thepatch panelor other reasons. In fact, some professional copper cable deployment personnel will reserve several loops of copper cable on the ceiling above the rack.


2.Cable termination


The ANSI/TIA-568-C standard specifies two-wire sequence standards for the copper cable termination: T568-A and T568-B, there is no essential difference between the two,justa difference in color. In the copper cabling system, no matter which wire sequence standard is adopted, the system can work normally. It should be noted that these two standards cannot be mixed in the same copper cabling system, that is, a copper cabling system can only choose to use one wire sequence standard.


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