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The Difference between PVC Shutters and Stacking Doors

Fast rolling shutter door and fast stacking door are two special products. They have the advantages of automatic opening and closing, rapid lifting, heat preservation and dust prevention, energy-saving and consumption reduction. The similarity of appearance and performance characteristics also makes the user difficult to choose. So, what are the differences between the fast rolling shutter door and the fast stacking door? Next, Xinyi door industry will reveal the differences between the two from multiple angles.



In terms of appearance, the windbreak of the strap type stacking door is inserted into the cord fabric and integrated with the cord fabric, while the PVC fast rolling shutter door uses aluminum alloy curtain as the wind resistance rib, and the wind resistance rib is exposed outside the curtain fabric.


In the lifting mode, the industrial stacking door relies on the rotation of the shaft tube and the vertical lifting of the cord by the strap, which makes the cord overlap and accumulation effect; the fast rolling shutter door uses the rotation of the door shaft to directly achieve the purpose of rolling curtain lifting, without the aid of strap.


The wind resistance performance is also the difference between the fast stacking door and the fast rolling shutter door. Due to a large number of wind-resistant ribs, the fast stacking door has stronger wind resistance performance, which can be installed at the air outlet or outdoor. The wind resistance effect of the fast-rolling shutter door is poor, and it is more suitable for indoor use, most of which are used in the industrial production workshops.


The lifting speed of the fast stacking door and PVC fast rolling shutter door produced by Xinyi door industry is also different. The opening speed of the stacking door is mostly 0.4m/s, and the opening speed of the PVC fast rolling shutter door is 0.6-1m/s, which can be adjusted according to the needs of users.


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