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How to Maintain Fiber Patch Cord?

  1. The importance offiber patch cord

Fiber patch cordis awidely used equipment connection accessoryin the field of optical communications, anditsrole in optical fiber transmission wiringshould notbe underestimated. Therefore, it is an indispensable step to understand the necessary maintenance knowledge, which is conducive to ensuring high-quality optical fiber transmission quality and improving optical fiber durability.


2.The maintenance method offiber patch cord

Although the use offiber patch cordis simple, its daily maintenance work cannot be ignored. Proper cleaning and maintenance not only ensure smooth signal transmission, but also extend the service life of the fiber patch cord to a certain extent. If you have any questions about its maintenance, you can also contact fiber patch cord suppliers.


(1) Cleanthefiber patch cordin time


Why is fiber patch cord cleaning so important? Connector contamination is the primary cause of network failures. Thus, it can be seen from this, once the fiber is contaminated by dust, oil stains and other substances, the quality of optical signal transmission will be greatly reduced. In addition, the metal particles generated by the friction of the connector body and the fiber housing may also block the fiber, causing signal loss and bringing loss to users. Therefore, it can be said that fiber patch cordis actually very “fragile”, and timely cleaning is essential.


Generally speaking, fiber patch cord cleaning is mainly for the connectors at both ends. There are two main cleaning methods, that are dry cleaning and wet cleaning, there is a slight difference between the two, which can be used together. Commonly used dry cleaning tools include cassette type fiber optic cleaning box and one-touch type cleaning pen, while wet cleaning tools include dust-free wiping paper and cleaning stick.


(2) The reasonable storage offiber patch cord


Regardless of whether thefiber patch cordis in use, the first thing to remember is:do not bend or stretchit excessively. This is a common mistake everyone makes, and the worst result is to damage the patch cord. In order to avoid further losses, when the patch cord must be replaced, the following factors should be considered:


1) Do not bend thefiber patch cordbeyond its minimum bending radius, especially in the narrow space of high-density optical fiber wiring.


2) Use appropriate tools to redesign thefiber patch cordto protect the cabling products from damage, such as horizontal wiringracks.


3) Do not collide with the optical fiber connector, otherwise the end face may be worn, and the debris will pierce the skin at the same time. Therefore, it is recommended to put a dust cap on thepatch cord at any time.


4) If equipmentis requiredto detect and identify faults, such asbreakageand full attenuation inside the fiber patch cord, an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) and fiber microscope can be used.


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